The best night light for children


Comfortable, soothing and relaxing, the night light is the ideal companion to help the baby fall asleep in peace and complete peace of mind. Discover our selection of the best night lights for kids.

When your child has trouble falling asleep or is afraid of the dark, it is difficult for you to monitor their sleep. Pilot light to adopt! Some only project light, and others are able to play soft, soothing music. Discover our best night lights

The most practical: Beba portable wireless children’s night light

This beautiful night light spreads a soft and pleasant light, which is ideal for calming the baby. It turns into a torch in a moment, ideal for the child’s entertainment if he wants to play in the dark.

Our opinion:

This beautiful 2-in-1 night light turns into a torch for baby play. Practically, its hook lets it hang on a handle or headboard. It has a long battery life of 90 hours so you don’t have to recharge it often. It has two brightness: a soft light for night light mode and a bright light for torch mode. A single button is enough to switch from one mode to another.

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The most original: musical instruments and bright night lights for the children of Moredig

This elegant illuminated and musical night light recreates the jungle environment by projecting its adorable little animal on the roof. 8 colors soothing, and timer adjustable.

Our opinion:

This bright and musical night light is very complete and gives children peace of mind during sleep. It contains 12 beautiful music to rock the baby: it is possible to change the volume of sound and change the practical music, using small buttons in the night light or by remote control! The night light spreads a beautiful light on the roof with 8 soothing colors including animal shapes. Built-in timer allows night light to set for 5 minutes, 1 hour or 3 hours.

The most beautiful: Musical instruments and illuminated star-shaped night light Pabobo – Kid Slip

This adorable illuminated and musical night light in the shape of a star spreads a soft marine atmosphere. Music is divided into three stages to follow the child’s sleep in a progressive and subtle way.

Our opinion:

This gorgeous bright and musical night light spreads a marine atmosphere on the roof, ideal for calming the baby. Very soft lullabies and sea music are developed according to the stage of sleep, to help the baby sleep better. In fact, the music is divided into three parts: the first episode draws the child’s attention (exuberant music), the second episode calms the child (soft animation) and the third episode takes the child to sleep (very soft animation, without music). Intelligent, the night light flashes again if the baby cries with the function of “reactivation from crying”. The star-shaped plus surrounded by night light can be machine washed.

The most classic: LED Baby Night Light from Surite

This beautiful Surite Baby Night Light has 5 adjustable light intensities to adjust the brightness according to baby’s wishes and needs.

Our opinion:

This Surite Baby Night Light has 5 bike adjustable brightness level. The smart sensor lets the lamp light up automatically when it gets dark. It’s simple and elegant, everything you expect from a night light!

What is a night light?

As the name implies, a night light puts a “clock” on the baby during sleep and / or at night. It is a small device that emits a soft and covered light, intended to calm the child and reassure him if he is ever afraid of the dark. Some devices emit a single static light, while others are designed to emit varying colors or varying intensities of brightness. Finally, some night lights have a projector function and spread beautiful light and / or pattern on the ceiling. You can even find night lights that emit lullabies!

Before choosing a night light over another, a number of criteria should be examined:

  • Shape of night light: Basic models are usually round and soft, but other models are more efficient and have an animal or star shape.
  • Night light levels: These are usually small devices, but be sure to check if you have enough space on the bedside table.
  • Light type: Basic models emit only one type of light, but the most modern diffused variable light in the period chosen by children or adults.
  • Additional functions: Some nightlights have a projector function that emits patterns and lights on the ceiling. Other devices have the ability to emit soft music or lullabies, which will be suitable for the baby to relax before going to sleep.
  • Cry reactivation function: Some night lights have a smart sensor that detects the baby’s crying. It is turned on automatically to calm the baby.

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