Top 14 (semifinals). UBB: Matthew Jalibert, Terrible Terrible

“What people think of me, I don’t curse” (M. Jalibert)

“Matthew, he’s proud, he’s a champion”, Christoph Urios doesn’t underestimate his number 10 after every XXL performance. The UBB manager knows his player and steals his “nugget” after the defeat at Perpignan (22-15). Matthew Jalibert reacted to the playoffs against Racing 92 (36-16) the following week. Everyone laughs because sure about the functioning of his lever, the manager contacts him as soon as his opener leaves the field. The latter remained dull, still somewhat annoying. And could not help but criticize the now-famous “We’re not playing for Christoph” which has been looped on social networks.

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“What people think of me, I don’t curse,” he said in an interview with “Sud West” last year, when the Six Nations Tournament first started in Blue. “A lot is being said কাছে to me, what the people around me really mean to me. My teammates know how I feel. I’m like a match in practice. I’ve never played to prove to anyone that I have a level but I think it closes some people’s mouths.

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Top 14 (Semi-Final): On UBB, Maxime Luku and Louis Picamols take control

Top 14 (Semi-Final): On UBB, Maxime Luku and Louis Picamols take control

At the Union Bordeaux-Bègles, Maxime Luku, 29, and Louis Picamouls, 36, are not part of the “Council of Wise Men.” However, the weight of the first has increased in the group and the second is still the same as where he went in his long career. The Girondin club can rely on them in the Nice semifinals this Saturday (9:05 pm) against Montpellier.


France has developed against international critics. Talent failed from the optimistic center because he was not considered sufficiently “spiritual”, he worked tirelessly to prove to those who did not give him the opportunity at the time. The Blues were persuaded a few weeks after their debut in the Top 14, but the opener, then 19, who suffered a ligament rupture in his first term in Ireland, heard at the time that he was “not ready”. After his successful return with France’s XV, he said, “Those who criticized me at the time praised me today.”

Number 10 Walk with your head held high. Wayne Farrell, who seems arrogant with the air of his idol (the name he gave his dog), is very sure of himself. He made his debut at the Midi Olympics in October, “Some of my friends tell me, too, ‘This is an image I leave on the pitch and sometimes in everyday life. “I don’t open my mouth easily to others, it makes me look arrogant, but I don’t believe in disrespecting people. And I don’t really think I’m disrespectful.”


During UBB’s victory after blowing the siren on Castres ground last year, Matthew Jalibert picked up his weapon and ran off the bench, pushing Julien Dumora back as chambering. In front of the camera, a small smile on the corner of his lips, he explained that he had not done it on purpose. No one believed it and the “anti-jalibert” machine started again.

“This environment loves to hate. He is the only player who is able to get a follower in the event of an injury. “

After the episode, French international communications consultant Caroline Thiabout was called in to smooth out her image. “This environment loves to hate Matthew Jalibert,” he explains.

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Match, Matthew Jalibert has missed a lot this season. Interrupted by a quadriceps injury and multiple relapses, the opener has once again ignited critics during his recovery. He moved to Guadeloupe for treatment, served as a doctor in Paris Saint-Germain, and in an interview with “L’Équipe” introduced a “scud” on the instructions of the UBB doctor: “He failed at his job. I am upset. He admits. , Apologized, but lost. “Cash” comment that created a new controversy

Image of “football player”

His poignant phrases, along with pictures of his vacation in Dubai, his product placement on Instagram, contain images of Matthew Jalibert’s “footballer” sticking to his skin. “He’s usually the one who gets Rugby out of its niche, Judge Caroline Thiabout. He has a face, he has an arrogance, which as far as we can tell, he already has an image … he has a soccer aspect even though all the values ​​of rugby are firmly rooted in him. “

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