Video Game Test: We’re back in Saddle with the new Tour de France 2022

Tour de France 2022: We are about to end at Champs-Elyses. (© Nacon – cyanide)

Like every year now, in June, we return to Saddle for the experience Tour de France Before long, on our favorite consoles.

New Tour de France 2022 Just came out, on PlayStation and Xbox. We take the same and we start again, however with some welcome innovations.

Ride like a champion

Released June 9 Tour de France 2022, Made by Nacon Company and Cyanide Studios, allows players to see and paddle across the country The greatest cyclist in the worldNumerous events including a major one: Tour of France.

For the regulars of the game, there are no real surprises this year. Not more than another year for that matter. The formula is the same and the results are the same.

TDF (For friends) is very enjoyable to play and has enough to satisfy cycling enthusiasts, thanks to a very good racing simulation, which has seen this year’s artificial intelligence become even stronger. The result: Competitors’ behavior in this 2022 edition is more realistic, both in terms of separation and especially in terms of attack.

Once in the saddle, it is possible to feel the different scenes, including the look of your choice. For us, of course, it’s the “first-person view” mode, like an on-board camera, that provides the best feeling. Which really provides the best immersion with this feeling On the bike In Peloton

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Rich and varied content

The game still provides a lot of content. The most famous runners, e.g. Tadej Pogakar, Matthew van der Powell, Wout van Aert, Primoz Roglic Or David Gaudু, In addition to the 21 official Tour de France in 2022, there are 92 stages available in the game to support players.

Tour de France 2022.
The Tour de France 2022 is again showing very rich content. (© Nacon – cyanide)

If the most prestigious runners are there, we’re sorry, however, they’re not the best model in the game. Indeed, what a frustration to discover the faces of the little queen stars on the podiums, the unrecognized real runners beside her.

Another downside, in any case, is the real downside: the graphics that persist year after year. The game is beautiful and the scenery works. But consoles continue to progress and we can expect a new generation of machines to get better today. Buildings and cities in particular do more with reality. With, at least, a little more similarity in any case.

On the controller side, precisely, we expected better with the PS5’s dualsense in hand. This is especially true of the mature part Paris-Rubaix That we are starting to feel some good.

The image vibrates on the screen and the controller vibrates on the stone pavement. We can even feel the difference in vibration depending on whether we are driving on a cobblestone or a slightly smooth strip of dirt on the side of the road. No sign of us falling on the side of the road, fuff!

Tour de France, Paris-Rubaix and much more

We talked about Tour de France, Including its official route. From Paris-Rubaix Too much but we are far from covering the game, as there is still much to be covered, especially Dowfine criteriaThe Paris-NiceEuro-tour, open-tour, three days in Provence, Bridge CupLiège-Bastogne-Liège, The Tour of Flanders নয় Not to be forgotten Prima ClassicaTo understand Milan San RemoOne of the novelties of this year.

Tour de France 2022.
Tour de France 2022: First-person perspectives contribute to a very good immersion in the race. (© Nacon – cyanide)

New product under magnifying glass

A new game mode. “Course Do Moment” allows players to compare their results online during a weekly ranking challenge with a specially designed interface. Notice, here we do not play online against other players, the game records your time and displays on a table with other runners participating in the competition. With a forced team, setting the best possible time is up to you. An additional challenge in the game, a real plus, a good idea!

Official phase of TDF 2022. Riding on you Official route of Tour de France 2022With 21 new official stages.

Part of the racing event program. Another novelty that makes the game a bit more complicated and brings more realism. Players can now choose to activate and customize racing events from crash to illness. It’s done quite well, it brings an extra challenge, though not recommended for hateful and bad players!

New team running. New playable teams have been added to the already existing long list. We can mention Eolo-Kometa Cycling Team, Caja Rural-Seguros RGA and Uno-X Pro Cycling.

Better AI. Artificial intelligence has been improved, for better racing rendering. And the results are very final.

Preparing for the race. A new race preparation system randomly assigns five well-prepared riders and five others who, conversely, may perform potentially less.

Immersion and vibration. Thanks to a more immersive cobblestone sector thanks to a user interface that starts to vibrate depending on the difficulty of crossing. It’s icing on the cake and it’s done well.

Primavera as a bonus. Discover the Primavera Classic, a new classic inspired by a famous Italian nation.

Tour de France 2022.
Tour de France 2022: Vibrations on rocks, screens and controllers give good extra sensation. (© Nacon – cyanide)

We love:

  • A very good bike racing simulation
  • Hours ago to discover the official route of the Tour de France
  • Rich content outside of the official Tour de France
  • New “Race of the Moment” mode, to compete with other players
  • Roadside environment
  • The cobbled sector and the vibrations that bring more reality
  • Artificial intelligence has been better dosed in this 2022 version
  • You like a runner, he’s bound to be there!
  • Different camera modes, we like the first one
  • Ability to speed up race and save when desired
  • Hour after hour of play, when we get up in the game
  • Finally a little too easy when you start to master
  • Runners are likely to change statistics, sometimes to do something!
Tour de France 2022.
Tour de France 2022: The sets are correct, but a graphic overhaul has been waiting for years. (© Nacon – cyanide)

We prefer less:

  • A necessary graphic overhaul, especially with the advent of next generation consoles
  • Some new features, but the game is struggling to renew itself
  • Sensitive joysticks still do not have enough sensitivity
  • Unnecessary comments (“Loss of separation ground!”)
  • Runners are not modeled, even the stars are not recognized on the podium!
  • The sets are anecdotal, unrelated to the reality of the city

In conclusion. Every year, at least in June, we wait for the release of the Tour de France on consoles, to experience almost real life before the time of the Grande Baucal. Every year, we enjoy this moment with our first lap, but every year we also tell ourselves that the game needs a graphic improvement. It is still and always expected in 2022. With all the possibilities offered by next generation consoles, this is a real bad side for this reference title.

Despite all that, the fun is not enough to waste because TDF 2022 remains a great simulation of cycling racing. It offers a great reality that will delight competition enthusiasts and offers rich content, including many events that go beyond the “ordinary” Tour de France. When you love cycling, you will definitely enjoy playing it. Bought a new version every year from there, it is not necessary in our opinion. Except for the purists, who want to ride on the official circuit and of course with the current team.

Practice. Tour de France 2022 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC from June 9, 2022. Prices found: between 50 and 60 euros depending on the version.

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