Westfield Forum des Hales will open a new fashion space and a food court next September

Audrey L. Pictures Caroline J. Posted by Jun 17, 2022 11:45 AM

Westfield Forum des Hales is continuing its restructuring and will unveil in September 2022, a huge space dedicated to fashion and catering. A multifaceted commercial offer, and a strategic location, at the corner of the iconic Parisian monument and the flow of travelers, which puts it in the ranks of the capital’s essential shopping center.

Westfield Forum des Hales Its transformation continues and will inaugurate a reformed branch of it New forum In September 2022. So it will be possible to discover a new place at the end of summer International fashion And one Food Hall of 10 RestaurantExtended over 8000 m2.

Europe’s first shopping center With 53 million visitors each year, Forum des Hales Born in 1979 with Metro-RER station Chatlet les Halles And experienced its most extensive transformation between 2011 and 2016. Such as benefiting from an exceptional location near a symbolic place LouvreThe Pinnacle Foundation Where George Pompido CenterProjectUnibel Rodamco Westfield Aim to create new coordination between UGC CinemaOffer cultural space and food.

“After the transformation of 2011-2016, with the complete renovation of the canopy and the former Forum de Hales, we had one final architectural challenge: reconsider the 1985 Rue de la Baucal and parts of the Chemetov Forum; we have তৈরি create a new open shopping and dining area Imagine a “pop” concept to do, a “new generation”, faithful to the place’s atypical DNA and the expectations of our viewers. , A vibrant, attractive, generous and accessible place to give our visitors the best experience, in the heart of Paris! ” Hugo RayDirector of the Westfield Forum des Hales.

Results: 23 new brands such as Don’t Call me Jennyfer, Jules, Stradivarius, Bershka, Lollipops, Someone, who chose to establish their new Flagship A. Westfield Forum des Hales And an offer Fast food Premium with KFC, Nachos, Starbucks, Berliner, Lobsta, Lunicco, Twillsons, Franks and even Sushiway (restaurant times will coincide with UGC movie screenings), among others.

The Reconstruction From New forum Is developed with a viewEco-responsibility :

“Our choice to reduce our carbon footprint by limiting unnecessary and useless materials falls on frugality. The signs will not have a window for storing glass, the columns will be in their original condition, the light will be 100% LED, we have chosen to leave the ceilings raw, in an industrial spirit, leaving visible technical equipment to avoid. Adding false ceilings. In an offbeat spirit, we’ve been inspired by pop’art graphics to cover colorful and colorful surfaces on walls, columns and exposed ceilings. We chose to recycle materials in a short circuit, such as our burgundy stone floor, whose quarries were exclusively used for this project. The style and environment of this new wing, through the use of new powerful and predictable design codes and qualities, is completely different from the traditional visual aspects of other shopping centers. ” Matthew TisarandDeputy Director of Unibel-Rodamco-Westfield Concept Studio.

More emphasis on her PromiseThe Stool Already started “Second life”, A market Second hand From October 2021, and with this new conversion project, Westfield Forum des Hales Connect catering brands to the app Very good to go The fight against food waste.

Benefit of this 20 million euro project: More than 500 jobs will be created by the summer of 2022! In addition, a Work dating Scheduled for October 2022.

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