A woman finds a hidden door in her home and discovers a secret room filled with long lost letters.

While cleaning her house in the spring, a woman noticed something very unusual. He discovered a secret door that he thought led to the hidden treasure, but in fact it contained something more valuable.

Many people like the possibility of taking on new challenges and embarking on exciting adventures. You may be familiar with the classic “Treasure Island” of childhood, where a young boy, Jim, searches for hidden treasures after finding a treasure map.

Despite the obstacles, Jim persevered, and the only thing that kept him going was his determination and adventurous spirit to achieve his goals. As was the case with Virginia residents, we may have a gym hidden somewhere deep inside us.

Anna Prilaman. | Source: youtube.com/WTVR CBS 6

A charming house

Anna Prilman lived on Monument Avenue in Henrico County, Virginia. Her definition of happiness was relaxing at her Near West End home with her adorable dog Alfie. Mrs. Prelmon’s sweet home occupied a special place in her heart. He revealed:

“It’s like my passion project. When I first saw it, I fell in love with it. I care about the house and the people I love. I love this place.”

Although he loved the place, he rarely knew that it contained a huge mystery – a mystery that would change Prilaman’s life in a very unexpected way.

Bring home to Henrique Monument Avenue. | Source: youtube.com/WTVR CBS 6

A hidden passage

One day in January 2022, the woman decided to clean the house some spring, hoping to see a clean place as a last resort. During the first round of cleaning, he came across a hidden panel that led to part of the attic.

After breaking through the wall, Sarah revealed that she was sure there was a house behind it but decided to wait for her husband to return after finishing work.

Upon closer inspection, Sarah Prelman realized that it was a door that had no key but was locked at the top. Out of sheer curiosity, he decided to walk through the door, and then he found a fortune, probably left by the previous owner.

An interesting discovery

Introducing herself as ’80s kids watching Guinness’, Mrs Prelaman said she searched the attic for hidden treasure, a map, a gold coin or even a bag of silver. But instead, he came across two boxes containing gems from a bygone era.

Hundreds of handwritten letters addressed to a young woman named Betty Sue of Richmond were found in the box. Letters of curse were a huge throwback to the way people communicated in ancient times. Prilman explained:

“No SMH, OMG, or LOL. These are complete sentences. Grammatically correct sentences. How does the funny thing work, doesn’t it?”

A cozy love story

A young man, Vance, wrote the letters, and Prillaman said he could not help reading them. According to the conversation, Vance fell in love with Betty, whom he met at John Marshall High School. One of the letters said:

“Hi Honey. How’s my baby? When we’re not together, I know I want to tell you everything using the right words. But when we’re together, I can think ‘I love you’.”

Prillaman, who stumbled upon a love letter seventy years later, revealed that he felt he was invading Betty and Vance’s privacy. He added:

“I think the reason I feel intrusive is that a letter was written between two people and only two people. I didn’t want to read it. “

However, Virginia’s wife admits she cannot ignore the letters or simply discard them because the moment she finds them she feels they must be in the right hands. So the only thing left for Mrs. Prelaman was to find their rightful owner.

Share the story on social media

After careful consideration, he turned to a modern way of interacting: social media. Surprisingly, he was overwhelmed by the response to his message. He says:

“People like this story. Everywhere I go in town, people stop me and say, ‘You wrote that post with letters, did you find the family?’

Several days later, Prelaman said he had leadership and he contacted a certain Dalton Long, who lives 5,000 kilometers away in Portland, Oregon. Long told him that he knew Betty and Vance and revealed to them that they had moved on from writing to each other to getting married.

Dalton Long. | Source: youtube.com/WTVR CBS 6

Find the couple’s family

According to Long, the couple’s marriage lasted 50 years. He also introduces himself as their grandson. Then he remembered:

“To me they were ‘B’ and ‘Pop.’ But for the rest of the world they were Betty McGee Long and Vance Herschel Long. Adding words to this time in their lives is going to be amazing.”

The 30-year-old videographer says he is delighted to learn of the existence of love letters and will preserve them forever, as do many memories and some memories of his grandparents.

Find a solution

Mrs. Prelaman shared Mrs. Long’s feelings and said that if she ever received any letters from her grandparents, she would weep with all her heart as she read them. He hopes Mrs. Long’s family will find the same relief after reading the love letter.

The woman admits that the discovery of this romantic letter reminds her of a time when handwritten letters were considered an art and the only means of communication.

Dalton expressed his deep gratitude to Prillman for going the extra mile to find the letters and communicate with him. He further added that he is looking forward to reading them.

A strange discovery

Like Prilaman, a couple from Brighton, England, made a strange discovery in 2021 while painting their house. Sarah and her husband, Toby King, said they came across an obscure door and knew it had led to something more. According to Sarah:

“We were making and sanding the walls of the dining room, ready to draw. We removed some liner paper and sanded it, revealing a very vague outline of a door. Once we saw the outline, we didn’t know.”

While Toby was working as a technical support engineer, Sarah decided to dig deeper and unravel the mystery. She says she started scratching the surface to find out more and shared the photos with her husband.

A secret room

The woman, then 32, said that when she discovered the lintel she realized it was not resting on the cinder blocks attached to the door. The interior designer says she keeps friends and family updated and encouraged as she works.

After breaking through the wall, Sarah revealed that she was sure there was a house behind it, but she decided to wait for her husband to finish his work and return. Upon Toby’s return, the couple witnessed the final discovery together. Sarah added:

“It was a very small house with only a shelf / desk, knee pads and a car battery. There was electricity and believe me or almost no spider webs and fortunately no spiders.”

Make it an elegant bar

After finding the room, the kings decided to turn it into a bar, as it was located next to the dining room and breakfast bar. The couple hoped the new setting would serve as a special place to receive guests.

They did the project for only £ 45 (about $ 55) using most of the materials they already had. The kings have also converted their dining room and breakfast bar to make the place more comfortable and spacious. Sarah also revealed:

“We love it! We love it and love the story behind the discovery of space.”

In fact, the remarkable stories of the Prelaman and Brighton couple show that sometimes a little wandering can take us to the most terrifying place, which is full of endless mysteries and endless adventures waiting to be unveiled.

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