Heatstroke and Leaving a Child in a Car: Dosage, Danger, Advice … 3 Things to Know About This Danger

Every summer, in the heat of the moment, children are left alone in overheated vehicles. La Dépêche du Midi goes back to the details of the incident and gives advice on how to avoid tragedy.

It is an event that repeats itself. With each heat wave, different data describes fate The kids are left inside the overheated car to protect themselves. This Thursday, June 16 again, Rethel (Ardennes), a mother left a four-month-old baby in a car in a supermarket parking lot at a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius: “The car was locked, the key was inside”, even the Ardennes department fire and rescue service Explanation. The car window had to be broken to help the child, who eventually escaped safely and securely.

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Incidence levels, hazards, practical advice … Midi Dispatch Dot

A widespread phenomenon

In France, The phenomenon is difficult to measure. When questioned, the Home Ministry confirmed that it had no information on the matter. Per United StatesWhile these tragedies are commonplace, the statistics are more precise: a study published two years ago by the Canadian Pediatric Society states that “37 children die of hyperthermia 7 vehicles parked in the United States each year In this country, in hot weather, one child dies every ten days from this incident In most cases, the child is forgotten inside the car (55% of cases)

Such behavior is so widespread that in 2009, “Forgotten Baby Syndrome” Following the example of Franোois Petitot, the scientific community has theorized: “Truth be told, we do not know very well whether this” syndrome “is the child who is the victim of such a tragedy, or the parent. , Or jumping in with an unconscious desire to give up “, wrote the researcher.

Indicative temperature in the cabin

In hot weather, the temperature inside the car rises very fast. If it is “just” outside 26 degrees Celsius, Mercury can rise up to 50 degrees Celsius Inside the car in just over an hour. And contrary to popular belief, leaving a window slightly open does not slow down the phenomenon.

Children are extremely vulnerable to this constant rise in temperature. Their body temperature rises 3 to 5 times faster than in adults. In an overheated car, a child can suffer severely Injury to the brain and kidneys In just 15 minutes. When the body temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius, the organs no longer function. 41.6 C, Death is almost inevitable For a baby

General knowledge advice

Obviously it is Leaving a child unreasonable in a car has been completely canceledEven A short periodAnd Whatever the weather, But especially if the outside temperature is high. On the tour in 2021, a couple got a Six months suspended sentence and 1,000 fine To leave their 3 and 5 year old kids parked in the sun in their car while they were working. Police officers alerting pedestrians left them in the heat for two hours, they were lucky to survive but were in critical condition. West France.

This is also recommended Lock your car door constantly When you park it, stop the baby from entering the passenger carriage in your absence and holding yourself back. Also, do not keep the key inside the car.

Seeing a child alone in an overheated car, “instructedCall for help immediately : Firefighters 18A or Samu 15A, Ministry of Home Affairs indicates. “Get him out of the car as soon as possible. You can A car window is broken If the situation requires it and you think the child left alone in the car shows signs of heatstroke “, the internal site continues.” The law protects you “.

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