Luxury: Startup Toshi, which brings home store services, wins LVMH trophy

On June 16, Toshi Startup won the LVMH Startup Trophy at the Viva Tech Show. Toshi provides home store services To meet the needs of their customers omni-channel to luxury brands. Toshi offers a delivery option, during checkout, for online customers who can choose a 30-minute delivery window, use multiple sizes and so-called “Inspire me” items without any advance payment. Returns are processed immediately.

Six more startups have been rewarded with digital, manufacturing and staff experience

Six other startups have been awarded in the categories of 3D, Virtual and Metaverse Experience, Employee Experience, Media and Brand Knowledge, Retail and Omni-Channel, Operational Excellence, Manufacturing and Sustainable Development. Another startup has also received a special award for data related work. Artificial intelligence. As part of this 2022 edition, more than 950 applications were received from 75 countries.

Details are known, London startup Toshi Founded in 2017, Luxury products raise the standard of delivery while humanizing them. Customers can benefit from the quality of service available in the store, at a time and place that suits them best. On the delivery side, the startup uses public transport to reduce traffic congestion in the city and uses electric vehicles for its delivery. All employees are salaried. Berlusconi, Christian Dior Couture and Remova are among his clients. For six months, TOSHI startups will be supported in the “La Maison des Startups LVMH” accelerator located at Station F.

Fake product detection on e-commerce sites

In terms of data and artificial intelligence, MarqVision is rewarding. Made in Los Angeles in 2019, Markvision Detects counterfeit products to remove them from online sales sites. The startup uses image recognition and semantic analysis. Bulgari and Tiffany & Co are already collaborating with MarqVision.

In the case of 3D, virtual experience and metavar, the prize goes Bitsky. Located in San Francisco, Bitsky was founded in 2018. Brands can use Bitsky as a management system to create, sell and integrate NFT into their Metaverse websites, games or apps. For NFT users, they can store them in a compliant wallet and have interoperability between metavers.

Awareness of the disabled

For employee experience, Gamino Provides digital training to raise employee awareness about disability-related issues. Gamino was created in 2020 in Nanterre. Awareness campaigns are based on the principle of raising awareness through digital and analogy. Workers, who take part in the training, are then confronted with a concrete situation of disability during the week-long event.

About media and brand knowledge, I saw it Provides streaming technology for its part, which accelerates the display of video content and advertisements. Ads load instantly, adapt to user connections, and are environmentally friendly. Born in Stockholm in 2017, SeenThis is reviewing digital advertising, providing HD video and content, without any file size restrictions.

Jewelry remote video presentation

Towards retail and public-channel, Showcase Thanks to live video, watches and jewelry improve product presentation. The startup counts Chaumet, Louis Vuitton and TAG Heuer among its clients. Created in 2021 and based in Geneva, The ShowCase offers a hardware device that can be used in stores, allowing vendors to personalize, quality and enhance remote presentation of products, while maintaining close contact with their customers.

Finally, the winner in the sustainable category is Weturn. Founded in 2020 in Paris, We turned around Transforms unsold products and textiles into new recycled yarns and quality fabrics. This 100% closed-loop operation is traceable, European and has no impact on the environment. The start-up counts Christian Dior Kutcher among its clients, for whom it has recycled its Towel de Jui fabric in a new collection of yarn.

Startup winners of the LVMH Innovation Trophy near Bernard Arnold, CEO of LVMH; Viva Tech 2022

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