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Orgasm – Enjoy as we live. A little, a lot, with passion, like crazy, not at all … The mystery of orgasm is revealed and the encounter and the season unfold. In its definition, orgasm already raises questions.

Etymologically, medically, sexually, juiciness offers a thousand and one ways that make it a mystery, like a happy emergency when it arises. One only has to look at the number of ongoing revolutions to discover how sexuality still exists Unknown.

Exit Dual and Monophocal, Welcome to Global Orgasm!

With the divided view of female pleasure, dual orgasm (split between vaginal and clitoris orgasm) has been her day. There are also days of male sex-centered, monofocal orgasm (phallic orgasm). From now on, take place in the global orgasm: the body restores all its sexual potential.

Global orgasm allows people to come out of all genitals. Revolution in orgasm. Female orgasm is no longer split (vaginal / clitoral) and male orgasm becomes multi-orgasmic!

The whole body again becomes a land of pleasure in a combination of different states which employ the five senses (taste, hearing, touch, sight, smell), but only if one tries to stimulate them through real or virtual means.

Virtual, distance, cyber sex … there’s something new here! It is also important to remember that orgasm is not innate, it is sought, tested and learned. Sometimes even for a long time. But once known, it marks the experience and punctuates it. It transcends gender and gender.

Reflection of society

Beyond the so-called “male” and “feminine” orgasms, there is the same psycho-physical and linguistic approach that transforms the human body into a region, a world, a sexual and universal universe, the name I have proposed: l cosmopolitanism. Draws a new map of the deterioration of relationships and the enjoyment of the experience of multiple erogenous regions for each sex.

Happiness multiplies. Mutatis MutandisThe study of the “functions of orgasm” undoubtedly involves a universal and multifaceted approach that finds its application in the medical, humanities, and social sciences.

Being interested in orgasm means the history of humanity and civilization (Freud, Reich, Marcus, Foucault) but also in the economic economy of individuals as well as in the market economy (world market and monuments do x) to prove it).

As an intimate mirror of a society, sexuality relentlessly reflects more of an era. Whatever is related to the century, it is enough to look at erotic literature or observe art to understand the power, gender representation, and codes of an entire society. This is why orgasm is always-already a hot topic. It touches the human body, the social body and the body politically.

Orgasm, what a story!

Moreover, knows the history of orgasm and still knows complex and unexpected adventures. If the first thinkers set the psychological milestone of sex (Freud, the chief of the line), the following inventors created the science of sexuality (Kinsey, Masters and Johnson, Hit) thanks to the underlying techniques and clinical practice of this advancement.

And not to surpass the current industries, the distortions of statistics and enjoyment say a lot about the habits of our civilization. The history of cinema, for example, represents one of the strongest manifestations of human sexuality. For decades, the treatment given to orgasm in avant-garde or science fiction has been intertwined with mechanization, robotization, or even the destruction of all pleasure.

“As an intimate mirror of a society, sexuality relentlessly reflects the imposition of an age.”

After romanticism, censorship and then the pornographic wave that is part of the modern history of sex in cinema, Sex 2.0 and 3D – which are connected, cybernetic and artificially “artificially” – embody the great upheavals of the late twentieth century. And the beginning of the 21st century.

After the golden age of love and free sex, after the pornographic waves of the 1970s and 80s, the sex of the 2000s stopped the unrestrained orgasm. Sick, abused, sanitized, dangerous or beneficial, prophylactic sexuality of the 2000s gave way to new patterns.

Towards a cyber orgasm?

Currently, the digital force of robotics and combined orgasm is being born in the 2020s. After the metaphorical era, the era of erotic, obscene, bizarre, nihilistic, prophylactic, cybernetic distances has erupted.

Undoubtedly, the history of orgasm still has much to tell us. And teach us. Will the advent of cyborg-ego, its incarnation and cybersexuality create a new intimate disorder in the established order? Because it is clear that our personal spheres are being conceived by increasingly artificial intelligence and robotics. One of the two couples has a sex toy at home …

Also, after the medico-psychological concepts of the 19th century, and the sexual revolution of the 20th and 21st centuries, future orgasms promise to be more electronic than ever before. Nowhere else in the world can there be publishers of people like alcohol and bedding … curtains and attached objects invite themselves into the intimacy of home, they create high tension between individuals. People’s boundaries have changed.

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