This product is suspected to be contaminated by a bacterium, it is Aldi minced meat

Problems in the food industry follow each other and look the same! In fact, recently, a tray of minced meat, pure beef, marketed by the Aldi brand across France, has been recalled due to E. coli bacteria. For information, this is the same bacterium found in buitone pizza that made several children sick after eating and one of them died …

Product withdrawal: A new problem that causes your spine to tremble.

If you bought minced meat from Aldi, be sure to check that it is not part of the product withdrawal for this Thursday, June 16th. In fact, the company returned a product that was all hexagonal. This is because the flesh of this soil may contain E. coli bacteria. According to the official site, this minced meat is sold in pure beef, butcher style, limousine breed 20% 600 g tray. The product was on the shelves of the brand from 25/05/2022 to 02/06/2022 and has the following numbers, GTIN 2006050052554 and Lot 22130813. In addition, the expiration date is specified as 02/06/2022 That way, if you have this reference in your refrigerator, you must not cook it and return it to your nearest selling point for a refund.

A bacterium is dangerous to your health

If you eat food contaminated with E.coli bacteria, you may have various problems. In fact, you may have bloody diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and fever. But this is not the end. In 5 to 8% of cases, these symptoms can be accompanied by other more serious renal complications. Especially among the youngest and most fragile people. So, if you have eaten this product which is subject to withdrawal of this product, be careful. In fact, if you have similar symptoms, don’t wait a second and see your doctor. On the other hand, after ten days, if you have no symptoms, you can be reassured and need no more advice.

Do not give raw milk to children under 5 years of age

In addition, to protect your children, there is no need to avoid certain foods. For example, health authorities recommend avoiding raw milk and cheese made from raw milk for children under 5 years of age. In fact, it is better to buy cooked cheeses such as Emmental, Comté, Processed Cheese Spread or Pasteurized Milk Cheese. The same rule applies to pregnant women, fragile, immunocompromised or older people.

Withdrawal of products for the summer period

At the moment, several products have been singled out before the summer. Indeed, from a walnut oil Achan There has been a product withdrawal issue. However, the target food for the summer time is the brand of duck marguage Thomasins Who were likely to have Salmonella presence. Here is what the appropriate authority announced on the Internet: “Sudden onset gastrointestinal disorders (diarrhea, vomiting) caused by food poisoning caused by Salmonella often lead to fever and headache which usually occurs 6 to 72 hours after eating contaminated products.”

Murgue sausages were present on the shelves of the largest distributors, viz Auchan, Carrefour Market, Hyper U, Intermarché, Leclerc And Super U. However, these are not the only sausages that have become the subject of a product recall. We can also mention the beef mortgage for which you have the information below. So be careful with your purchase for your barbecue!

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