What are the best 3 wheel scooters for kids in 2022?

The 3-wheeled scooter is above all a toy for children. It consists of a bar located in the front, a handlebar and a support that allows you to keep your feet. It offers excellent stability in contrast to 2-wheeled scooters.

Thanks to its multiple options, children of all ages can find their suitable model. Over time, this can become a means of transportation.

To ensure the right choice, you need to consider the age and morphology of the baby, then the dimensions of the scooter. Its use and surface type are also preferred criteria. Here is a selection of scooters to help you choose the best model of 2022

Choosing the best 3-wheel scooter for kids in 2022:

  • BremToy: 3-wheeled scooter for young and old
  • Besrey: Reliable and powerful scooter
  • NUKied: Scooters for the little ones
  • RGS-3: Scooters for the elderly
  • BOLDCUBE: Scooter with a replaceable footrest
  • Glover: Comfortable scooter in all situations
  • Paw Patrol: Scooter for fans of the animated series
  • Outcomer: Complete scooter
  • Sanoto: Environmental Scooter
  • Fascol: Scooter with a non-slip brake

BremToy: 3-wheeled scooter for young and old

Brematoy – Dr.

The BremToy 3-wheel scooter will appeal to both young and old. It can be used from the age of 2 years and can support up to 50 kg.

Used as a baby walker, stroller or scooter, it has been designed for a long time. The scooter has 3 wheels that flash when moving. The height of the handlebars is adjustable to 5 heights (63 to 83 cm). It has rear brakes. This scooter is suitable for outdoor use.


  • Maximum security
  • Handlebar adjustment at 5 different heights
  • The speed of expression


Besrey: Reliable and powerful scooter

In private
Besre – Dr.

The Besrey 3-wheel scooter can be used from 3 years old. This provides the perfect balance for its gravity steering system. Its handlebars are adjustable at 4 levels (59 to 84 cm) to suit the baby’s size. It has a folding and unfolding system very easy to use. For added safety, it has a large running board with non-slip cover and an integrated LED rear wheel.


  • Great stability
  • Perseverance
  • Integrated LED rear wheel


NUKied: Scooters for the little ones

NUKied – DR

Made with aluminum alloy, the NUKied 3-wheel scooter is especially suitable for children aged 2 to 8 years. Perfectly convenient, it can be used on any type of surface, including the most uneven. It has an LED light wheel. This scooter is comfortable for outdoor practice in the park or playground.


  • Handling
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Materials used for design


RGS-3: Scooters for the elderly

RGS-3 – DR

The RGS-3 3-wheel scooter has many advantages. Available in 6 different colors, its handlebars are foldable. For the more experienced, it is equipped with a tilting maneuvering system. It is intended for children aged 7 to 10 years. This scooter also has light-up wheels. Its height can be adjusted to the following heights: 52, 72 and 80 cm.


  • Easy to carry
  • Light wheel
  • 4 height adjustment options


BOLDCUBE: Scooter with a replaceable footrest

Boldcube – Dr.

This scooter, for girls or boys over 5 years old, has a handlebar that can be adjusted to 4 levels. It fits babies of 75 to 135 centimeters in size. It is equipped with light-up wheels that keep the scooter moving. Its footrest can be easily replaced. Another great advantage is that it is very easy to fold.


  • Footrest width
  • 3 light wheels
  • 4 height adjustment options


GLOBBER: Comfortable scooter in all situations

Glover – Dr.

With its durable and comfortable handles, this scooter is designed for children under 6 years old. Equipped with a 4-level adjustable handlebar, it guarantees great braking performance. Its folding system is designed for children. Its footrest plate is made of double-injection composite. It has 4 adjustment heights: 68.5 – 73.5 – 78.5 – 83.5 cm.


  • Unique lock button for straight line travel
  • The handlebars are adjustable to 4 heights
  • Can be used up to 50 kg


Paw Patrol: Scooter for fans of the animated series

paw patrol
Paw Patrol – DR

Cheap and equipped with a non-slip deck, this scooter will delight fans of the famous Canadian series.

It is suitable for children 3 years of age or older. Its height is adjustable from 57 to 62 cm.


  • Non-slip tray
  • Price
  • His weight


  • Lack of braking system

Outcomer: Complete scooter

Outcomer – Dr.

This scooter is suitable for children from 3 to 12 years old and supports a maximum weight of 50 kg Kids will love its colorful wheels. Its handlebars are removable and can rotate left or right at a 45 degree angle. It is equipped with 4 different adjustable heights: 68, 74, 80 and 86 cm.

To ensure an optimal stop, the rear brakes are reinforced with metal. The quality of its wheels allows it to roll silently.

It can be used in all types of terrain including the most difficult.


  • Unaltered paddle
  • LED light wheel
  • 4 Adjustable height


Sanoto: Environmental Scooter

Sanoto – Dr.

This model has a very fast removable handle, which makes it easily portable.

Its frame consists of a triangular structure. It is intended for children ages 3 to 13. Its height can be adjusted to the following dimensions: 75, 80 and 86 cm.

This scooter can ride on the most difficult terrain. Its 3 wheels are equipped with colorful LED lights.


  • No battery required
  • His weight
  • Its 3 wheels are equipped with LED


  • Only 3 adjustment heights

Fascol: Scooter with a non-slip brake

Fascall – Dr.

Blue, this scooter has all the necessary safety features: braking performance, light-up wheels, handlebars made of aluminum alloy, non-slip paddles and seats. Its wheels are illuminated when used. 3 adjustment height possible. Children 18 months to 8 years old and their parents will enjoy.


  • Optimized security
  • The strength of the materials used
  • Easy folding


How to choose the best 3-wheel scooter for kids in 2022?

There are many models of 3-wheel scooters. To be sure about making the right choice, you must first consider the age and weight of the baby. In fact, every scooter model responds to a very specific morphology.

Product scalability over many years can allow you to use the scooter for many years.

If you want to take it everywhere, you should choose an easily foldable scooter.

Ultimately, terrain type should also be a criterion that should not be overlooked, especially if the scooter is used on rough roads or in the presence of grass, for example.

Why buy a 3-wheeled scooter for kids?

The 3-wheel scooter allows your child to develop balance and fine motor skills.

In summer and winter, it offers the possibility to practice an outdoor activity.

The scooter improves his perception of space.

Practicing with family or with other children, it is an opportunity for her to communicate and improve her communication skills.

With so many models on the market, you will find a scooter specially adapted for your child.

Regardless of the age of the child, there are many benefits to using a 3-wheeled scooter.

Be sure to buy protective equipment for your child to have fun and travel safely.

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