What is your totem animal (and your child)?

What is a totem animal?

“Spiritual healers have known for centuries that energy is an exchange between all forms of life, always. When we use the word ‘soul’ to refer to spirit beings, we understand that life energy goes beyond physical form and exists in an unseen. Level. ” : These words we can discover in the introduction to the book Your Soul Animals (Eyrolles Version)Wrote Dina arbitration, Overall healer. In his book, he, a health and wellness trainer, a certified hypnotherapist, an educator and an energy expert, explores everything that can bring us into contact with our totem creatures.

The Totem animals Where Soul animals Creatures with which we feel a very strong bond and which can affect us throughout our lives: “All the vital energy is connected. As humans, we intellectually perceive this connection. Knowing that everything is made up of molecules and atoms, we have to collect. And process information about our physical energy. We can also expand this awareness to include our life force or “soul.” This element represents who we are inside, deep into our being. From this inner depth, we are around Connect with the subtle energy. Use it in our nature and to support us, “he explained.

The place of animals in different cultures

At first glance, this may seem difficult to pin down and may seem far from our concern as parents. Yet it is true that all cultures have used animals as symbols of protectors and guides. The God of ancient Egypt Represented with the head of an animal that was associated with the power that was supposed to possess the latter. Hindu mythology considers animal deities to be sacred, as well as the teachings they teach. The Buddhism Always adhere to the following concepts: All animals are sensitive animals; Enriched by a spirit, they are supposed to be treated with devotion and reverence. Celtic traditions recognize a strong connection with our four-legged companions and respect the protection they provide. Indigenous peoples around the world believed that animals appearing in dreams or being summoned by healers were symbols of deep meaning and conveyed knowledge to the person to whom they appeared.

Moreover ancient art such as KingThe So-Chi And Yoga Imitate the movements of all creatures. Even today, referring to a quality associated with an animal, how many expressions exist to qualify a human being? Cunning like foxes, real bears, cunning like links … and after all, our baby toys often look like our animal friends. In short, animals are everywhere around us.

What can you use your soul creatures for?

It is now important to understand what this identification and recognition is A totem animal Overworked parents may be interested in daily life. In Native American culture, The role of spirit creatures to guide and inspire you. These animals can have different roles:

  • Strength animals Their presence is known throughout our lives or for many years. They reflect who we are. We share habits and characteristics with them. Their recognition allows us to embrace our true nature more fully.
  • The Guardians Provide protection in times of crisis. They are present alongside us when we are short where we feel weak. We call on them if they need courage.
  • Teachers Let us understand the deeper parts of ourselves better. They are usually present when we need the insights of an experienced guide.
  • Messenger Appears transiently and, in general, unexpectedly. They connect us to the deeper meaning through the signs, symbols and signs associated with the current challenges of our lives. They help us observe our relationships with the world around us.

Successful communication with spiritual beings will allow us to embrace their positive effects. Purpose: To find more resources in yourself to deal with small and big problems, joys and sorrows. The opportunities for reunion with animal energy are endless. Sometimes just finding a feather on the beach or noticing a footprint on a hiking trail is enough to make us listen to what we want to hear. It can give you the key to solving your children’s problems. If you also identify your child’s animal connections, it can help you better understand him or her and make some decisions about who he or she is.

What is your totem animal?

We don’t have a totem animal. Throughout our lives, we may encounter different spiritual beings appearing in different energy forms at different times. Every time a guiding animal appears to us, we can reflect on its specific role in that particular moment so that we can recognize the special function that it performs.. Yes, but the question that remains is: How does your soul recognize animals? How do I call him? How do you explain its messages and use its power to improve your daily life?

There are various common forms of appearance of spiritual beings. As we have said, it depends on everyone to see a sign. If you always feel deep connection with the cat (this is a very common totem animal), you need to listen to your moments when it comes to your life. It also has practice Deliberately directed visualization To summon allied animals as you wish, to discover in our book of healing. These can be used to communicate with your peers when you want to connect with them to deal with a specific challenge, protect yourself from a specific fear, or seek long-term spiritual support. After all, listening to your dreams is very revealing.

Symbolism behind your totem creature

Here are some examples of common totem animals. Can you recognize yourself in them?

The horse is a domestic animal with which humans make the deepest connection. A powerful creature, he guides us to our passions for adventure. Its strength can be seen in naturally gifted athletes or anyone who uses its strength as a resource during physical activity. For example, these are football team stars, award winning gymnasts or permanent swimmers.

If he is a power creature for you, it means that you probably have an adventurous spirit, love travel and discovery.
As a guardian, horses rely on physical endurance for stormy weather or lead you to flee to a new place to discover.
As a lesson, horses remind you to embrace your brave soul, do not apologize for it.
Finally, when horses show up for a message, they try to point out to you that you may have to stop running to succeed in inspiring confidence in the people around you.

Clever, adaptable, this animal has been able to become the most widespread wild carnivore in the world. Those who identify him as a spiritual creature are emotionally sensitive. When they are able to express this sensitivity freely, they can find deep connection in their relationship. Foxes make great mothers, devoting the first two months of their lives to their babies. At the same time, they are independent, since they spend about half a year alone. Those who have foxes as spiritual creatures appreciate the deep promise, balanced by long-term solitude.

If he is a power creature for you, it means you are a claimant. Naturally shy, you were born to solve problems.
As a guardian, the fox calls for caution and mix to create one Feeling safe.
As a lesson, the fox teaches us that real strength comes from weakness.
Finally, the fox sends you a message to convince your intuitive conscience.

The cat is one of the most widely accepted spiritual creatures since the beginning of mankind. Lonely, preferring the night, the cat is elusive and usually cautious before trusting new partners. Anyone who has ever been attached to him knows the special selection process for this subtle entity.

If he is a strong creature for you, it means you are good at focusing on your goals and you believe in your insights.
As a parent, cats call you for introspection. You have the power to question yourself and to connect with your inner temple.
As a lesson, cats ask you to balance the time you spend alone with the people around you.
Finally, the cat sends you a message to convince your intuitive conscience.

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