Cemetery project. Voisins-le-Bretonneux’s 40 Arpent square will once again become a protected area

Square of 40 Arpants located in Voisins-le-Bretonneux. (ManonVaraldo)

The court gave its verdict. After a fascinating appeal, several local residents and the Aadhave (local association for the protection of the rights of the residents of Voisin) decided to confiscate the sum of 40 arpants. Administrative Court of Versailles. The rendered decision cancels the March 5, 2020, meeting of the Community Council of Saint-Quentin-en-Evelyn, considering the downgrade of the PLUi (Inter-Municipal Local Urban Planning Plan) to the protected landscape area of ​​Square Des 40 Arpants. “Stigmatized by obvious error of evaluation”, specifies the method.

The “relieved” sum

“We are relieved and satisfied but we are waiting for the initial return of PLUi. Thirty people participated in raising funds for lawyers. Our work is completed, in April 2022.”

Jack-Richard40 Arpents Combined Leader

“It’s a waste of time and money for everyone. It was planned and included in the PLUi modification that if the cemetery did not occur, it would again become a protected landscape area. This return follows the upcoming, current change. I was committed to it, “he said Mayor Alexandra Rosetti.

Four years of struggle

This discovery is the result of four years of struggle and method. This In November 2018 The municipality that voted to establish a new cemetery on the site of Square Des 40 Arpants then relates to the amendment of the PLUI to preserve the reserved space of Square Des 40 Arpants as a cemetery.

A petition Was launched. More than 1,000 people signed up online, more than 200 at home. “It represents 95% of all residents of Park de Port-Royal and Rui Ox Flavors,” points out to Jack Richard.

Refuse to see the mass cemetery set up 40 Arpents per square For various reasons. “It was especially a green space removal and more than 70 trees were cut down. Also, we mentioned the risk of bacterial contamination of the water table and contamination of the basements of adjacent houses where water penetrates. Owners right in front of the square would then lose 25% of their home if converted into a cemetery “, said Jack Richard,” happy to be able to save a green space in a “very dense town”.

Soil studies

A soil study conducted by the city’s technical services concluded that the cemetery project was possible in a square of 40 arpants. Then, In July 2020The findings of a hydrogeologist commissioned by the municipality contradicted the first study and a report confirmed the presence of a shallow water table in this location.

“In his studies, we never knew if the cemetery would honor 35 meters from the dwelling,” underlined an active member of the 40 Arpants group. “I am here to uphold the law, not to break it. 35 meters was well respected, ”the elected official replied.

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“Although the commissioner of inquiry in charge of public investigations at the end of 2019 drew the attention of the administrative authorities and in his report indicated that the square of 40 arpants does not seem to be the best place for a cemetery and to investigate whether other land in the city could conveniently replace this location.” It was necessary, ”explained the joint member.

“Justice has done its job. In 2018, I expressed doubts about the validity of the negotiations and my uncertainty about the project. Opposition municipal councilor Olivier Afanso has thus foolishly lost four years due to the mayor’s attitude led by his stubbornness rather than common sense. I feel that today, nothing really has changed. Thinking about managing the mayor’s projects after the cemetery. A

“All terrain has limitations, no ideal terrain. The cemetery should be built in 2023, to be released from another cemetery that will reach saturation in 2024, “he testified. Alexandra Rosetti.

It is located on the Champ-du-Loop, behind the Champlurry residence, instead of on the rugby field. New cemetery Will be created. “It’s more than 50 meters from the locals, they won’t be affected. Tourists often settle here. Work will start later this year or early next year,” the mayor concluded.

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