Connected vehicles, new business keys for Renault thanks to their data

Renault will market new services for connected cars. In the meantime, the advent of the attached car will make it possible for car manufacturers to develop after-sales activity to keep cars in Renault’s system longer. Renault Group CEO Luca de Mio delighted on stage at the Viva Tech Show.

Security and comfort services based on connected data

At the same time, Mobilize, a Renault entity, is officially launching three services based on the use of data from vehicles connected to the Viva Tech show and artificial intelligence. These services predict the optimal location of charging stations for electric vehicles, to improve road safety, optimize road maintenance. Also at the Viva Tech show, we noticed the presence of a Renault Mégane E-Tech and its on-board Google interface in the Google stand with services like Google Maps, Google Assistant and Google Play.

Renault presents a Mégane with Google on board during Viva Tech at Google Stand

Thanks to the connected vehicles, Renault will maintain a permanent connection with its vehicles.

In detail, thanks to the connected vehicles, Renault will maintain a permanent connection with its vehicles, even when the owner and his car are no longer serviced on the Renault network, and this is a unique opportunity for the car manufacturer. ” One area where we usually make money in the automotive industry is after sales. Usually after the warranty period people get out of it and choose an independent operator because it is cheap or for convenience. Viva Tech remembers Luca de Mio on stage.

The attached vehicle is a game-changer. ” With an attached vehicle, and a company permanently attached to the product, for the first time in the automotive industry, this means that technically the customer will be in the after-sales system for the life of the vehicle. And every day he’s there, it’s our chance to make money He announces.

Renault uses data and artificial intelligence

At Viva Tech, Renault has also introduced three services that it will market based on connected vehicle data. “ Mobilize uses data and artificial intelligence to better serve its customers Nathalie Andre, director of data business and new service activities at Renault’s mobile company Mobilize, has announced.

The brand collects data from connected vehicles for new services with the consent of the drivers

Mobilize has launched three services for government authorities. Mobilize develops these data-based services. To this end, the brand aggregates data on infrastructure and partners, as well as connected vehicles, with the consent of the drivers. The first three services introduced raised concerns about the location of electric charging stations in the terrain, the road condition diagnostics to optimize maintenance costs, and the safety of roads in the event of an automobile accident.

The location of electric charging stations will be calculated based on user demand. ” This service is based on information from vehicles. We analyze the behavior of drivers of electric vehicles Shabnam Khasravi is the product manager of Mobilize. ” We put that data together, we put artificial intelligence, on top of machine learning, overlay the infrastructure. [NDLR : routière]. We can guide you on the optimal location of the electric charging point He explains

Nathali Andre and Shabnam Khosravi, from Mobilize during Viva Tech

Pavement error predictions will be corrected as a priority

Another service offered for road maintenance optimization. ” Mobilize’s offer is to help local authorities optimize road works, prioritize and predict errors. Shabnam Khosravi is continuing. ” This service comes from vehicle data cross-analysis to identify road faults, and images for fault analysis, and finally artificial intelligence to predict the evolution of faults over time, according to importance. He says. ” This will help optimize and reduce the road maintenance budget “She says.” This will reduce noise pollution, CO2 emissions pollution for more comfortable and safe roads. He adds

A sensor detects road errors, and a camera attaches a picture to each error

More specifically, Smart Road Monitoring is a road quality assessment service to ensure improved management in both the optimization and forecasting of the renovation works being implemented. This service is based on a combination of data and images from connected vehicles. In fact, the service uses a sensor made by Renault that detects road errors and a camera that attaches an image to each error identified by the sensor.

A classification is used to prioritize work and estimate the corresponding budget. For local authorities, this should translate into lower maintenance costs, but lower noise pollution and lower CO2 emissions. ” In the data group, we like the data and we like the information Underline Nathalie Andre. “ In France, 2,000 kilometers of roads have been severely damaged and 40% of our speed bumps do not agree. We spend 15 billion euros a year in France on road maintenance She remembers

Luca de Mio lectured at Viva Tech 2022

Inadequate signboards cause many accidents

Finally, the goal of the last service is to improve road safety. ” There are 30% road errors. In other words, it can be called an inappropriate signboard and this leads to many accidents. Also, the car park is poorly planned. Continue manager. ” The purpose of the Safe Roads Service is to significantly reduce and significantly reduce the number of accidents caused by road networks. Presented by Shabnam Khasravi.

“We are going to use machine learning to capture dangerous behavior from drivers.

Thanks to vehicle data, we will use machine learning to capture dangerous behaviors of drivers. The road network will project it to the region to determine the source of this dangerous driving. We will tell government authorities where to intervene to reduce these dangerous behaviors He describes

The important thing is that it is a predictive service whose effectiveness can be measured. ” Our service is predictable. You have to make predictions to save people’s lives. For government authorities, they will be able to measure with our service on driving after the road works are completed. There is no need to recruit a specific fleet for a few months He concludes

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