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David Goodrolt

Revolutions follow each other and are almost the same. We make some of them ideal, we reject others. Although technological, demographic, and climatic developments threaten our very existence, let us take a few minutes to celebrate a small revolution that is repairing the world at the heart of intimacy: a historic emotional reunion of Quebec fathers.

To our children more than ever, more affectionate and investing, fathers learn to weave bonds through attachment. The role of the father has changed profoundly in just a few generations. For the best. All over the world, but especially here, and it is documented. Let us be proud of this strong trend in our country.

A recent Lager survey, dating from 2021, conducted for regroupment pour la valorisation de la paternité, from the perspective of journalist Louis Leduk1, Shows that the role of the provider is still predominant among Canadian fathers (43%), whereas in Quebec, they consider themselves primarily as role models (48%) and as caring and affectionate parents (45%). This observation may explain why, between 2012 and 2017, half of the fathers in our circles took paternity leave, compared to only 38% of their peers outside of Quebec.

Take a pack of cigarettes to the convenience store, and never come back, it is becoming rare.

Even in isolation, fathers are present, and shared custody is becoming more common, with significant growth over the past three decades.

Again, with a high trend in Quebec, where it is found two to three times more than in other provinces of Canada.

The statistics speak for themselves, as do the professionals. Academics, teachers, and psychologists confirm the increased attendance of fathers, an investment of time that they saw a while ago, both for support during school activities and for involvement with youth organizations and CPE boards. The quality of attendance also develops; Although still representing a certain form of authority, men learn to welcome, listen, and comfort.

I hope to be one of them. Every day, I learn to be a parent, and that is the role of my life. Writer, social worker, public figure who will be there when the performance is over. All around me, I have beautiful role models to help me be the parent I want to be, but especially my children. The nuance is significant.

My friend Martin, who stopped hanging out, used drugs, used cocaine to raise his two daughters well, virtually alone, as single parents in the bushes. Without exempting yourself. Between the factory, the housework and the meeting, for 14 years, I have seen her with love and concern for her children, with an attitude of abandonment and abandonment.

Jimmy, who was hospitalized in St.-Justin for more than a year with his little Ilium, had a mechanical heart plug. He finds strength in organizing the media about the importance of raising his daughter, loving his girlfriend, working and organ donation. Be sure to take inspiration from New Brunswick and promote a petition for Quebec to introduce implicit consent. A father who fights for his own son, and for all sick children.

Pieret, who divides the mind without batting in the blink of an eye. The boy has just emerged from adolescence, has become a man himself, and his 6-year-old daughter, he finds a place in his big heart to welcome his girlfriend and her two children, covering a wide spectrum of age and parental responsibilities. With sincerity and a wide smile.

Big Pierre, the handsome tattoo lover of poetry, who flooded my news feed with photos of her son with Down Syndrome and Bright.

These gravitational fathers around me are penned for those who live in me and are always with me. My grandfather, Roger, who adopted and loved my father. A classic providing model, who built her home with her own hands and did multiple jobs to make sure her children didn’t miss out on anything. The only time I see him cry is when he does not welcome his own family to his adopted son in the height of his own love for him.

And my dad, always there, at the time when my adolescence needed to be torn to pieces, to take me to the police station at regular intervals and now, to accompany me to Gala. The first one reads me, criticizes me, opposes me, but the last one condemns me, abandons me. Despite the stress and the knot, the bond is not broken.

I don’t love anyone like my children. I have their names tattooed on my wrists, if I should think of opening them. Engraved in the heart, their smiles and their cries. Keeping essentials in memory; In spite of our contradictions, the fatigue that will overcome me, the impatience that I will regret, is nothing more precious to me than the title of father. You have to be worthy of it.

Happy birthday, my colleagues!

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