Death of Jean-Louis Trinitarian: The man who loved the woman … began with himself

The comedian, who went missing this Friday, June 17, at the age of 91, has been told by the woman he met and loved.

Trintignant, who has loved women all his life, had a bizarre start in his life as a tester seducer. Little Jean-Louis’s mother started, in fact, rejecting him as a son. Her father was reluctant but mother Claire, who already had a son in the family, had chosen from the beginning, frustrated, to sort out the newcomer as a girl. So she wore it on her back, in her childhood, only cut clothes for little girls to wear.

The kid with blonde curly hair was very pretty, a little weak. His mother, who took part in the organization of the local parade Pont-Saint-Esprit (Including his father, Raul, the mayor) so he was placed in a row, in a place of honor, in a floating flower, in the guise of a shepherd. Which did not bother the child unnecessarily.

Then in the pictures taken at the Trintigant Home, wearing Marquis’ clothes, or, in municipal school, like a little sailor or in a beige blouse, Jean-Lewis is a young boy with a sad look, a vague demeanor and a sad look. Luckily he received a religious teaching, which did not convince him.

An intern in Avignon and half-border of Aix-en-Provence, then enrolled in law school, she finds her parents over the weekend who have now settled Nimes, Took over the management of Café de l’Univers. And he discovers, pail-mail, poker and girls. He strokes it all with the tip of his finger. Recklessly.

He also loves theater. When he sees Charles Dulin playing Stingy At Ax-en-Provence’s neighboring casino, he decided to move to Paris because he dreamed of studying at Idec and becoming a director. Autumn 1950. He is 20 years old. A beautiful face. Not to die, but very tempting and very dear.

Of all his fiancs, Trintignant was the only one with whom Brigitte Bardot saw herself grow old.

Brigitte Bardot fell in love with the Trinity. Here, in 1959, with her first husband, Jack Charrier.
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While taking part in Tania Balashova’s course, he noticed a polite and attentive girl there. They will cut the scene, in between Albigensian Crusade At the Festival de Nimes, then a few moments together. Although not ready for life as a couple, she married Colette Dacheville on November 18, 1954, who later became Stephen Adran.

But, very quickly and little by little, their path becomes different. They part for good. Less than a year later, the little trinity, who did almost nothing but go through two films, was invited to give a test for the first work of a stranger named Roger Vadim and to act opposite the wife of the next. , A beautiful light brown animal whose breasts are blowing near the stars. She thinks he’s a bit dumb. She thinks he is very beautiful.

But his awkward bearing, his borrowed air, his depressing speech and his introverted behavior appeal to the producer and director. This is Jean-Lewis’s brand image and it will remain so. He is thus hired to play Michelle, the son and brother of the fisherman, who marries on a secluded beach in Saint-Tropez, in La Ponce, at the foot of a small hotel of the same name, and on the wall, court and Heidi. Brigitte Bardot, who has become blonde, gives Juliet life and hugs her with all her might. Movies And God created the woman.

The lady is gorgeous. He plays in his small village, wears clothes bought at the port, speaks for himself, expresses his personal feelings. Shining with truth and scattering in the sunlight, it is beautiful, fair and above all natural. For good, in reality, she follows the orders of her four-year-old husband Vadim, who orders her to love this mate in whose arms she discovers dizziness and a new love disorder.

On a wonderful summer evening in 1956, the young actress left the set and embarked on an adventure with Jean-Lewis, who took her on her convertible blue simka. They live anywhere, loot their belongings in the trunk, and return to the set every morning without swallowing each other with their eyes or touching their hands. Vadim, intelligent, realizes that his marriage is coming to an end, lets the film roll, records this insane emotion, and shows himself to be benevolent by letting his wife live what she wants to live to the end.

The same intense romance is experienced off-screen as in the film Jean-Louis and Romy.

Romy Schneider made four films with Trintignant, with whom he also fell in love.  Here, with Michelle Piccoli in 1974.

Romy Schneider made four films with Trintignant, with whom he also fell in love. Here, with Michelle Piccoli in 1974.
MAXPPP – Keystone Pictures USA

Brigitte is mad for that sweet and quiet Jean-Lewis who cracks her every second and discovers her the song of Brassens and the adagios of Albinoni, the silence of the sea and the vertigo of longing. A pacifist and military opponent at any cost, a Gaucho before his time, he tried not to do his military service, refusing to be killed and killed in Algeria.

Brigitte gets involved, tries to intervene but her Jules has to go under the flag. He knows hell there, everyone just talks to him about Bardot. He is Mr. Brigitte. Returning home on vacation one day, he found his place occupied by Gilbert Baked. It’s just a passing fancy. Bibi is crying. Tell him to stay.

But Jean-Louis gets angry and refuses to start his love life again. Many years later, Brigitte would say that of all her fiancs, Jean-Louis was the only one with whom, over time, she had seen herself grow old. In peace and wisdom.

Trintignant turning more and more, better and better. He reunited with Romy Snyder for four films. Island War, First, in 1961, where they formed a romantic friendship. But without tomorrow. Jean-Louis, more stupid than ever, meets Nadine Markund, a film editor whose two brothers, Christian and Serge, are friends and businessmen. He will say later, it must be an insanity, at first sight it did not seem terrible. In front of her clumsy wind and her inner soul, yet like everyone else she catches the crack and marries him.

They film together and have three children: Mary with whom he has a close relationship, then Pauline, who dies, a nine-month-old baby, in Rome. And Vincent. Jean-Louis works with his wife who becomes a director. She instructs her husband boyfriend and their eldest daughter My love, my love Then in 1967 Crime thief In 1969, Defense of knowledge In 1973, Honeymoon In 1975 and Next summer In 1985.

Marie was a very brilliant actress but above all she was the real woman of her life

Jean-Louis Trintigant and his beloved daughter, Marie, who died in 2003.

Jean-Louis Trintigant and his beloved daughter, Marie, who died in 2003.

In 1973, Jean-Louis and Romy returned together The trainWhere they became lovers. On the eve of the first turn of the crank, in the middle of the night, Romy comes to his hotel room to look for Jean-Louis. He told me this because he felt sick after dinner after dinner one evening. He portrays his concubine in the film and wants to be her in life to own her role with more passion. They feel the same intense romance off screen as in the movie.

Perfectionist, finished film, he left it on the last day of shooting, without looking back. But given the bite, it still doesn’t take long for him to regret the break he wanted. After a while he doesn’t agree, Rabid ShipDespite the role of a small participant, naked in a black raincoat, only to find it better. She’s crazy about him. She claims him as a partner Love the rain But Trintignant by Jean-Claude Brialy, this time, refuses. He decided to stay with his wife.

With Jean-Louis, Romeo still wanders, in 1980, Banker, Where he proves difficult to manage, their characters fall into conflict, and he even refuses, angry and panicked, refusing to appear on the set opposite Jean-Louis so as not to have to act in their reunion scene. Jean-Claude Braille, their partner and friend, had to struggle to calm things down.

Years later, Jack Dutrank, who became close to Romeo, met his partner and his girlfriend. The important thing is loveSaid that it is Trinitarian who will have the greatest love of his life forever.

Jean-Louis goes through great decades, touring the most beautiful women in the world and falling in love with some of them. Not all of them, but many, it is said, have been turned around by his reserve, his charisma, his modesty, his culture, his love of poetry. He holds in his arms, Pell-Mail, Jacqueline Bisset, Michelle Mercier, Nimes Bernadette Lafonte, Catherine Deneuve, Carol Baker, Francois Fabian, Leah Masari, Gina Lolobrigida, Marie-Jose Knott, Claudine Augener, Anne , Marie-Christine Barrett, Stefania Sandrelli (for) Conformist, With his most impressive film My night at Mauds Where he must have played the role of a Protestant engineer). He sees Stephen Adran Hinds And Without the apparent mobile. Meetings spark, only on screen.

He slowly leaves the movie and then the theater, away from the crowd, getting on the board just not wanting to recite poetry there.

Trintignant does a lot of work. Silently, silently, with many classes, a mysterious and secretive boy, he separates from his wife Nadine, who will then share the existence of director Alain Corneau, whom he will marry in 1998, and who, with full contract, Trintigant, the couple’s two children, Mary. And adopt Vincent. Jean-Louis and Nadine become two ex-husbands who have immense respect for each other, and Ruis des Franks-Bourgeois of Marais lives in separate apartments in the same building.

Divorced, Jean-Louis chose to live with motor racing champion Marianne Hopfner, who was fifteen years younger than him and with whom he settled in a house in the center of Scrabland, a small village in Gard, near Uges. Marianne has competed in and won many of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Paris-Dakar, Women’s Rally.

Along with Jean-Louis, they even competed together at the Monte-Carlo Rally. Over time, becoming a little distorted and eager to isolate himself from a part of the world, he knows the horrors of losing in 2003, his daughter Mary, who died of his partner’s injuries, who beat him.

He did not recover from this misfortune and touched the depths of despair by slowly leaving the movie and then the theater, away from the crowd, not wanting to get on stage without reciting poetry as he had a habit there, and passion, to do it with Mary.

Nothing else interests him, this activity just seems to immerse him in it better to take him away from his pain. Unhappy for years, Jean-Louis Trintigant, as much as he was preserved, said that he had already died with his beloved daughter, because, he added, Marie must have been a very brilliant actress, and above all, the real woman of his life.

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