During the AI ​​Summit in Lyon, Pascal addressed Montagon business leaders: “You can’t do without artificial intelligence.”

The third edition of the Artificial Intelligence Summit, organized by Omnes Education Group, was held on June 14 in Lyon. The market for artificial intelligence is booming. This market, which represented 200 200 million in 2015, should reach 90 90 billion by 2025.

The birth of a partnership between OMNES Education Group, and CEGID and ESKER Group, was created in the INSEEC Business School to perform a reflection aimed at highlighting digital innovation, data science and the Artificial Intelligence Chair in Art and Intelligence.

OMNES Education is a multidisciplinary research group in private higher education and management, engineering sciences, communications and political science.

Through this show, 12 “speakers” offer a 360 AI vision of AI and its impact on the evolution of companies. During the summit, various themes such as artificial intelligence, cyber security and even metavers were discussed.

The creator of the event, Pascal Montagnon (Director of Data Science and chair of the Artificial Intelligence Research Group of the Omnes Education Group), explained that the Artificial Intelligence Summit has become a key element in their school.

It is an opportunity to bring together the economic world, the scientific world and the academic world

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is an algorithmic suite that allows you to make predictions. The more data we have, the more reliable the predictions from these analyzes will be

Why did you choose Leon for this AI Summit?

It’s the OMNES Education Leone that hosts the event, the digital innovation research chair I run is based in Leone, so it’s only natural that we organized the event here.

It is also much easier to hold events in Lyon than in Paris because the ecosystem is much smaller, which means we know more people.

Is the city of Lyon a major player in AI?

We’re in a good position, and so is Paris. Leon has skills that are relatively well-federated and an ecosystem that is very conducive to the development of artificial intelligence in everything.

I would like to thank the experts for bringing this event which we are not accustomed to seeing in Lyon. This event allows us to expand the level of reflection, so it is very exciting for us to welcome people like Lawrence de Villiers (CNRS research director), Albert Maize, Nicholas Arpagian (former Orange Group cybersecurity director).

What powerful message do you want to convey through this summit?

The strong message for business leaders is that you can’t do without artificial intelligence. Whether you like it or not, at some point you will come to it. So it is better to assume that it is too late and so suddenly now and slowly to be able to perform this transformation.

In the second stage, it is necessary to make a very good initial diagnosis. Today we see that some business leaders are looking for a very high level of AI when they don’t really need it. It is better to go step by step.

Is there a rumor about opening an AI university in Lyon?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. There is a real reflection in the process of building this university but we are still far from implementing this project.

Do you want to be a part of creating such a project?

We are a private school, so if you ask us, we will be happy to cooperate. However, we are not waiting for this school to be built because we also have an engineering school in OMNES Education for which I created a “Data Engineering and Artificial Intelligence” program which we created last year in Paris. And which will be offered at the beginning of the 2022 school year in Lyon.

The primary purpose of this summit?

Science must be out of the laboratory! We must popularize our discourse so that everyone understands, even if they do not have all the skills needed to understand technical problems. It’s just a question of trying to convince everyone about the benefits of artificial intelligence betting.

What do you think about the presence of this version?

Everywhere we look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. Which I understand because we have not yet resumed the completely normal rhythm of life. However, I firmly believe in the virtue of face-to-face events. Our event is on a voluntary human scale, it really allows us to interact with the speaker. So the number of registrations was limited to 400, this number reached fast, but not many people came yet so we are shooting about 300 people. We wanted to make this event as open to as many people as possible, to register for this year’s summit for free.

Are you satisfied with this third edition of AI Summit?

I am really happy with the level and quality of the speakers and the interaction with the public. Questions are coming from everywhere, especially during Albert Maze’s intervention in Metavers, which has been bombarded with questions. People really wanted to understand what the interests of the business world were. They have been able to get their answers.

Are you planning an event next year?

Yes and of course always in Leon. We already have our headliners for next year. I can’t give you a name for now, just a set of business leaders from our many large groups …

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