FAIT DU SOIR Superhero in the hospital bed of children admitted to Nimes Hospital

Deadpool, Spiderman, Batman and Captain America removed the front of the pediatric ward at Nimes University Hospital this Wednesday. Their mission is to neutralize Thanos and Harley Quinn but above all to give a moment of joy to the hospitalized children.

Four superheroes and two villains did a show on the CHU de Nimes site this Wednesday afternoon. (Photo: SM / Objective Guard)

You had to think, People of Nims It was created in August 2019, this association helps sick, disabled or disadvantaged children by allowing them to realize their dreams. For these volunteers whose only latemotif is to make kids and teenagers smile, nothing too big, nothing impossible.

The daily life of the children in the hospital is bright

Not even for the removal of superheroes from the University Hospital site of Nimes. As much as children, parents and caregivers, the eyes of Francois Arnal, its president Nimes, They became brighter when they saw Deadpool, Spiderman, Batman and Captain America rappelling in front of the pediatric ward. ” It is a small moment that we offer to brighten up their daily lives in their hospital.“One comment we nicknamed Raspberry.

Volunteers from the Les Nimois Association with superheroes. (Photo: SM / Objective Guard)

This operation was jointly organized Renaissance space Whose president is Joel Fernandez. As People of Nims, This Montpellier association works on behalf of children, victims of abuse, illness, disability or disadvantage. Already in mid-May, the same operation took place at Arnaud-de-Villeneuve Hospital because under these superhero costumes, former agents of the elite unit of the National Police, who are now their partners, were hiding.Renaissance space. ” I saw them coming down from the roof. I found that crazy!Lucas, 11, said. Aimal, Operation Yesterday, had the opportunity to wear the Captain America shield. Even if an honor Spiderman is my favorite!

Superheroes and gifts

All the superheroes took time to chat and pose with the children gathered on the roof of the cafeteria, but not only because they could not attend the show but also went to their homes. And they didn’t come empty handed, lots of gifts – clothes, soccer balls, styling heads, etc. – Offered by the Montpellier Association, thanks to its partners IMC Toussaint, Rubis and Oxyboules.

Lucas and Aimal were able to chat with their superheroes. (Photo: SM / Objective Guard)

We can only accept requests from Nimes. To make children happy, to show them their dreams, this is the mission we have given ourselvesSaid Joel Fernandez. Renaissance space Conducts numerous activities throughout the year in hospitals but in disadvantaged neighborhoods and conducts a large project to build houses for the parents of hospitalized children.

“What do you need?”

The children were robbed this Wednesday, but not just them. Like Santa Claus, Joel Fernandez approached Tu-An Tran, head professor of pediatrics at Nimes University Hospital, and asked him this simple question: ” What do you need We offered an Accuvein at Montpellier Hospital in May. And Professor Tran answers very loudly: ” It’s Providence, it’s awesome! A

Professor Tu-an Tran, head of the pediatrics department, and Jean-Franোয়াois Avril, deputy director of Nimes University Hospital, learned that the Space Renaissance Association had offered them an Aquinas worth € 4,000. (Photo: SM / Objective Guard)

Because for years now, the pediatric team has been trying to get an infrared vein detector, “he said. But we don’t have a budget“This device costs about ,000 4,000.” We are obliged to make a list of priority tools for financing and each time Aquivin comes in second or third place. This is really good news. We would like to thank Espace Renaissance and Les Nîmois’esThe head of the pediatric department responded. Joel Fernandez immediately placed an order.

Stephanie Marin

Superhero at Nimes University Hospital, pictured

Beyond the memories engraved on children’s heads, a shield given by the Espace Renaissance reminds everyone of the superheroes’ passage at CHU de Nîmes this Wednesday, June 15th. (Photo: SM / Objective Guard)
Face Thanos, a slightly annoying Spiderman. (S.Ma/Objective Gard)
Facing Captain America and Thanos, we can only be fascinated. (Photo: SM / Objective Guard)
A short photo with Harley Quinn … (Photo: S.Ma/Objectif Gard)
It’s not just kids who have posed with superheroes. (Photo: SM / Objective Guard)
Superheroes lowered the front of the pediatric ward at CHU de Nimes on Wednesday. (Photo: SM / Objective Guard)

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