Montpellier: Heatstroke at school, parents’ alarm goes off

The association “Une école un avenir” and the two teachers’ union have condemned the inappropriate reception conditions for kindergarten and elementary school students in the heat wave.

Headaches, nosebleeds, vomiting, discomfort প্রাথমিক Montpellier elementary school students are having a hard time feeling the effects of the heat wave. And I don’t think they listen to their parents. “Every year, it seems, we discover that in the heat of June, Florian Liberal, vice-president of the Student Parents’ Association, regrets saying ‘a school is a future.’ -At Simon School, for example, a 4-year-old child fainted in the canteen this Thursday.

1 Back to “One School One Future”

In response to an open letter requesting an audience with the prefect, rector and elected officials of the city, “a school is a future” was organized this Friday. The aggregate began at the Ballard and Buluche schools in La Pilade and became an association representing about forty schools in Montpellier.

“Last year, we took temperature readings at the schools we sent to town halls. Then they asked us to take photos, which we did. Then they told us we had to report the hydrometric readings and a bailiff. Sorry, but the administration’s job is on us. Doesn’t depend. And here, after all, we have to move fast, because they are children! “

2 Fine working conditions

In Montpellier, many schools have not adapted to the effects of global warming. “Michelle de l’Hospital school is only fifteen years old, but when it gets too hot, it turns into a stove, it bears witness to a guardian. The worst thing is that there were trees, shrubs and grass but finally for three years They made everything concrete and gave synthetic grass. “

“Even new schools are suffering, such as Germain Riccier (in the Ovalley) where temperatures were about 30 degrees Celsius on Tuesday and where they made an appeal, following the Florian Liberal. In January, the temperature was 4 degrees Celsius due to heating failure. “

“Children are bleeding from their noses and fainting,” La Mason said.

This Friday, the mother of a dozen students came by tram from Mason to talk about the daily life of the district schools, especially Ballard, Bolivar and Heidelberg. “Right now, in the afternoon, it’s between 37 and 39 degrees Celsius in the classroom,” explains Nadia. “There are children with nosebleeds and fainting. ”

“In our school, the sun goes down all day and it sets, Naima continues. When they go out, the kids are red and sweaty. There is only one mobile air conditioner for the whole school. There is opaque film on the windows. But it is very rare. In the yard, except for three small trees, there is only bitumen. We should invent. In the meantime, the director advised us to keep the children at home between two and two in the afternoon and not to send them home. School in the afternoon. “

“The priority is kindergarten kids, underlining the other parent. We can put them to sleep at 35 degrees Celsius. And when they go to drink, the water doesn’t get too cold. Refresh the kids.”

3 “We need a big reform plan”

“We’re talking about a big school reform plan that the town hall can’t do alone. We need the help of the state. We realize we can’t do everything at once. But the problem is that we always have an urgency. There’s a lack of anticipation. And when We want a ventilator, then it’s not possible. “

Meanwhile, “We fill out the RSST (Occupational Health and Safety Register) sheet to report errors. Just this Thursday, there were a hundred at the school in Montpellier.”

4 teachers also came together

“A report from INRS (National Institute for Research and Security) estimates that above 30 degrees Celsius, heat can create a risk, recalls Priscilla Manzanares (interest education). But at our school in La Mason, we have 30 degrees Celsius at 8 a.m. The problem is that when we raise this question, we come up against the organization that should support us.

“At Diderot School (Saint-Martin), the temperature was 35 degrees Celsius on Thursday afternoon, Anthony de Souza (SNUIP-FSU, School Teachers’ Union) testified. It makes schooling very difficult. It also complicates staff work and teachers make decisions.” They are angry at the guilty inaction of the recipients. The massive investment in the school building is more than necessary. Because in ten years, from May, we will have a heat wave. “

“A school is a future” is cold with the city

Fanny Dombre-Cost, deputy mayor in charge of education, noted in Montpellier the yellow alert from Thursday evening, “Specific measures to deal with rising temperatures: every school is advised to cool down through mobile air conditioners, water games and watering courses, across the city.” Supporting an outdoor class initiative, moving children around the school’s cool rooms, insulation, sunscreen, greening the yard. “

Parents of students from “One School One Future” were expecting immediate action to “refresh the classes” this Friday, according to a city representative. But according to Citi, the question will be raised by the “School 2030” project, which will be taken up with the National Agency for Urban Renewal (ANRU) in five to ten years. Closing glazing, installing blinds and generalizing mobile air conditioners “.

Dissatisfied with the response, the association said, “Considering the use of legal and administrative measures to force the city, its deliberate refusal to respond to emergencies could be considered a deliberate danger to students. It calls on parents of students to unite. Protect their children’s health.”

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