The real housewife of Beverly Hills’ most dramatic journey, has found a place

The real housewives of Beverly Hills are entertaining whether the women are at home or on vacation. Some of their journeys are more dramatic than others.

The women of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may be known for being both claimants and dramatists, but each season brings nothing more conflicting than group vacations. With every woman’s role tagline, confessional look, and a luxury girl’s travel choice, Bravo’s viewers look forward to much more in each new season of Real Housewives. Whether RHOBH’s women travel halfway around the world or just fly to another part of California, fans of the franchise know that there will always be drama.

In fact, some of the most frequent conflicts in the RHOBH cast’s travels have been across the entire Real Housewives franchise. Whether viewers see RHOBH, The Real Housewives of New York, or The Real Housewives of Orange County, to name a few, women of all seasons are often seen arguing among themselves over assignments. Even when the women enjoy the luxurious shopping trips or their every need is met by the staff, the visitors will find the housewives ready to quarrel over something. However, not all arguments are equally stupid.

Much like their over-the-top stay and activities, each RHOBH holiday has some sort of conflict that somehow finds its way through the whole group. Whether the two women involved in the conflict that began in Beverly Hills are still at loggerheads, or whether there is unresolved excitement to talk about the party, some trips provide more dramatic entertainment than others. Either way, their first-class trips always include a lot of dramatic explosions.

5. Fazardo, Puerto Rico (Season 4)

Although the RHOBH Season 4 cast’s Fajardo trip got off to a bad start before the plane took off (former housewife Carlton Gabia was not even present), the women concentrated their time on relaxing and touring Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for Yolanda Hadid, Kyle Richards and Kyle’s sister Kim Richards, tabloid rumors and Kyle’s husband Mauricio Umansky to team up with Lisa Vanderpump. When Brandi Glanville set foot on her own complaint, LVP and her husband, Ken Todd, quickly left the holiday. While this trip to RHOBH Season 4 is different for its gorgeous location and gorgeous accommodations, it will also be remembered as unnecessarily dramatic.

4. Beer Creek, Colorado (Season 2)

Although that infamous moment of Taylor Armstrong’s breakup in Colorado later gave way to a “woman screaming at a cat” meme, the trip to Camille Grammar’s vacation villa on the RHOBH Season 2 cast was nothing more than fun. Even before the women landed in Colorado, viewers wondered if Kyle’s sister was okay with Kim’s crazy behavior, especially because of their bombshell limo fight in the season finale. Taylor’s marital problems with the late Russell Armstrong nurtured their ugly heads. As Taylor’s private life unfolded behind the scenes, the other housewives could simply sit idly by and look awkwardly at Taylor’s erratic and emotional outbursts. Although the women enjoyed some activities in Colorado, RHOBH Season 2’s mountain tour was a dramatic failure from the start.

3. Rome, Italy (Season 10)

The RHOBH Season 10 cast’s trip to Rome, which took place just before the COVID-19 epidemic, is one of the unique real housewife situations where women need history and context to fully understand what happened during this trip. Her first season was quite successful when Dennis Richards joined RHOBH Season 9, the women quickly became tired of the fact that Dennis did not want to discuss or engage in specific topics. Things got worse when Brandi Kyle, Kim and Teddy told Melankamp Arroyo that he was close to Dennis, which Teddy finally repeated in front of everyone when the group enjoyed an Italian dinner at the top of the line. The next drama runs for the rest of the season. Dennis vehemently denied Brandy’s admission and even threatened to shut down Bravo’s producers and order a break to prevent the footage from being aired. Dennis had problems with all the women, especially his longtime friend Lisa Rinna. The filming of this trip ended with extreme consequences in the real world.

2. Hong Kong (Season 7)

One of the most interesting things about the RHOBH Season 7 cast’s second trip, which was in Hong Kong, was that the women had relatively drama-free time until last night. Although tensions between Erica Jane and Dorit Kemsley escalated throughout the season, Hong Kong’s luxurious atmosphere, combined with the group’s constant outings, prevented the two from arguing most of the time on the trip until all the women had boarded the “junk boat”. Last night, where Erica and Dorit fought back with harsh words from both sides. The situation gets worse when women go to dinner. Lisa first asked Dorit if people were taking drugs in her bathroom. Then, Erica scolds Aileen Davidson when Aileen unquestionably mentions Erica’s child, a 28-year-old police officer. What started out as a fun vacation ended up being one of the most spectacular outings of all RHOBH seasons.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands (Season 5)

This ranking would be incomplete without the RHOBH Season 5 cast paying tribute to the trip to Amsterdam. Yolanda, who was born and raised in a small Dutch town, invited all the women to visit her family and explore the unique culture of the Netherlands. From touring the Red Light District to biking in the countryside, this infamous Amsterdam vacation at RHOBH Season 5 not only showed an abundance of activity, but also a line of memorable stories that characterized the real housewife story of Beverly Hills. In addition to Kim fighting with everyone except Brandy at the table, Brandi also had several conflicts, mainly with Kyle. Although there have been many rock casting trips since the women traveled to Amsterdam in 2014, it would be difficult for RHOBH’s current cast to take a more dramatic break.

Real Housewives Bravo in Beverly Hills airs Wednesday at 8pm EDT.

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