When her three children were born, Ludovic decided to become a father at home

She is different. He jokes about it, he plays with it. He doesn’t care. In a society that categorizes people into boxes, Ludovic, 47, is not like others. He is not like anyone else.

A father of three, he decided to stop working to educate them. He asks himself: “Is this worthy of an article? I did not save any Jew.” Then he replied emphatically: “I have a message to thank for this page: we must encourage people to follow their path, instead of following the path pre-established by others”.
His path is unique. With his wife, Celine, the love of his youth, his lifelong love (for 31 years together), they saw the first triple: “When the gynecologist saw that they were three, he was lost. […] “Usually, the medical community does not know how to announce the news or how to take it.” They are offered to terminate the pregnancy or remove a fetus. They choose to “hold on forever”. Together.

“Paradise in Sweat”

Six months later, their lives are turned upside down. Forever. At three months of age, Nina, Joe and Leontine are born prematurely. Each of them weighs one kg. They will wait twelve weeks for the family to return home. Together start a new life. “It was a paradise for sweat,” Ludo abbreviated. It was amazing but it was hard because it never stopped. There was no idea of ​​time, no day, no night, no food. “

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Initially, the couple devoted themselves to it all the time. A year later, Celine returns to work. Two years later, Ludovich, a cycling fan and a good cyclist, got a chance at his life with a job offer from a manufacturer of Neverness Bicycles. He declined: “Today, I have no regrets. I had to give, I had to. I wanted to be there for my daughters. If we neglect young people, we must not expect full and responsible adults.”

Humbly, he would say nothing of his life as a stay-at-home dad. Only he will admit his weakness: “For three years I have not seen anyone. At one point I didn’t go far from the correctional facility. I was in extreme fatigue, I had lost fifteen kilograms of weight.

“She was a model dad.”

At home, he fights. Outside, he endured the mockery. “At that time, a father at home was very critical. I truly testified that his friend, Vincent, had hallucinations in the way he was perceived and ridiculed. He did not pay attention. He does not want to be happy but it has alienated him.

Gigolo for some, “lazy” for others, he nurtures his daughters with love, generosity within a well-defined structure. “In my forty years of career, I have rarely seen a father in his manner and in his attitude, Aline, an educator of young children. He was attentive without forcing himself. He always answered every problem. The retiree said briefly: “He wanted to make them as high as possible and in the end, he was an ideal father”. “I’m in a panic,” Vincent continued. He tried to give them the key so they could fly on their own, always very worried. “

Today her daughters are brilliant. Collaborative, bright, different. “Already too young, they didn’t resemble each other in character”, Alain smiled. First at the August-Renoir High School in Limoges, they are destined for a good education. “If they’re there, thank Dad that he was and Celine let him stay,” argues Allen, who has become a family friend. She allows herself to give birth to a child: “It will be difficult for lovers to arrive”.

Ludovic is aware of this: Soon, a third life awaits him. If his CV has been empty since 2005, Castelrucin is rich in other things. Which has no price. Different, of course. But probably happier than those who once laughed at him …

Organic Express
Born in Châteauroux in 1975, Ludovic Finet studied in Saint-Denis (DUT in Marketing Techniques) and then in Limoges (Masters in Management and Administration) … He began his professional career as a bank employee in Nivar. Located in Cosne-sur-Lower, he was in charge of the bicycle department at a multisport store before the arrival of his daughters. Lacking a framework to accommodate them, they were born in Dijon. In 2008, the family moved to Limoges specifically for Celine’s work.

Testimony of his three daughters, born August 25, 2005

“Being a parent at home was a bold, unusual, rare choice. He may be criticized for this decision, but he should be proud of it. He is a demanding father, kind, funny, sometimes pessimistic and very attentive, so much so that he often guesses when something goes wrong without being told. Nature lover, he has instilled in us values ​​like respect. He was very present until we were 9/10 years old, he didn’t want anyone else to make us big (laughs). He doesn’t let go while trying to be as fair as possible.

“When I was younger, I found it natural that he raised us. I realized that in elementary school we were lucky when our classmates were in day care because while their parents were working, for us, we were lucky that we were able to take the time, not just walk back to school. In fact, he wanted us to grow up and really (sic) see ourselves improved. This is reflected in its requirements. […] Although we saw her more than our mother, she did not try to take her place. “

“I’m proud of her. Few people can stay in a family unit. I don’t even know if I could do it. You have to be able to build yourself around things other than work. She achieves this, especially through sports and cycling.” […] We may think it is harsh and difficult, but it is relative. He knows how to be flexible. We also have positive feedback on education. […] We’ve done a lot in four or five. We were together all the time. There were also two times for each.

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