Young Miami and DD’s ‘Keresha Please’ Interview: The Biggest Moment

For its premiere “Keresha please”‘, DD Was its guest Young Miami. As she embarks on her journey into the world of podcasting, she embraces the person with whom she constantly makes headlines. On many occasions the intimacy between the two has grown; Which fuels Rumors of a possible relationship between Puff Daddy and City Girl.

Last month, Young Miami Has fought against on the internet Gina HuinAnother accused adventurer Shawn Combs, To post a picture with 52 year old. However, he has denied any involvement with the rapper. Young Miami fans expected to get a loaddown on the subject during this interview. “Keresha please” A “real, raw and uncut” show.

Therefore, it is an ideal place to unveil. Thus, the podcast was a rather intimate address Paternity, the new R&B label Love Records, the story behind ‘Rap Freaks’, the truth of their relationship, the toxicity and much more..

A rather comfortable environment

The interview was conducted in a rather friendly atmosphere. Before getting to the heart of the matter, a bartender came up with a round of drinks to make their toast. Whether Young Miami At first trying to be serious, she couldn’t help but smile. It is clear that the two have excellent chemistry and the current is going well.

From the beginning, Young Miami Contact with DDRather a set of loose subjects. They have discussed exclusively R&B and new label profit records. Kerala He even laughed at it and said that his singing skills were like signing.

They took a moment to promote their next title: “Bad work”. Puff Daddy admits that he enjoyed this collaboration because “City Girl” This is the ability to do exactly what the song title says. That’s when they fall into the more juicy subject.

PDD’s life after Kim Porter

Young Miami She wanted to talk to him about her life since her partner died. Kim Porter, Shawn’s ex-wife Died suddenly two years ago, plunging the latter into a certain grief.

The host asked the five-year-old father about his paternity experience since he left Kim Porter In 2018. “Fatherhood was really, really real because I was like a part-time father.”He has revealed.

“Kim seemed lost and now I am a full time father and my life is going really crazy now. Being a father of three daughters from life on tour. I have never been in this situation before, I think God gave me some action, he hit me three times! There are three girls who are going to be 16 years old.

Although his world was turned upside down by such devastating losses, DD Says he is “proud” of his daughters. “They are beautiful and strong, they have their own opinions, they have their own opinions, they have their own dreams. It’s really nice to see. We understand why women rule the world. “

Young Miami then shared her experience on the subject. She felt that she could not follow the process of true mourning when her children’s father was lost. According to him, work prevents it. “I never got a chance to express how I felt, so when it hit me, I was shocked.” Also, she revealed that she had to go through therapy to be able to deal with her emotions. However, the test was not so final.

For Porter’s mourning, DD He said he spent about three months. “I was just fine, not moving. I have isolated myself, you know? It was hard. I couldn’t control my crying, I was all over the place and any memory was holding me and really breaking me. “

During her struggles, she turned to God, who helped her realize the wonderful times she had spent with Kim.

What is “F * CK IT FRIDAY”?

You’ve probably heard the trend “Friday fuck it.”. You may have seen on social media, celebrities hanging out on weekends to celebrate what they call “f * ck it Friday”.

So Shawn has tried to explain this tradition. “It simply came to our notice then. There’s a lot of pressure, a lot going on in the world right now, and self-love is important. “ What he has announced.

“I went through this healing journey, and I had to start giving up things. I was really protecting my mind. I think at the end of the week it’s important for everyone – there’s a lot going on right now. Friday is when you finish work, and it’s just your time. “

Do you like to make love or fuck? DD responds.

Without hesitation, “Love”, That, he said, has undoubtedly given rise to Kerala’s laughter. He then continued: “I don’t like fights and all this. I’m definitely more sensual. “ When asked if he was having fast sex, Puff Daddy: “I like marathon sex.”

Is Shawn Toxic? Is he unfaithful?

Young Miami To ask P DD He wondered what his verses were on the track “Rap Freaks” Where he put his name. As a reminder, the singer said in the verse: ” I’m so beautiful and so feminine, I flew to a private island for a date with DD. I like bad guys, no worries, Daddy let me put it in your mouth like a cockroach. “

Harlem revealed to the locals that he was puffing while waiting for the pass. He also admitted to having a toxic tendency. As a result, Keresha wanted to know if the man was unfaithful. “I used to be a cheater.”He said.

“I am no longer a cheater. I am a truthful person now. Honest. I’m not trying to lie, to cheat, to hurt anyone’s feelings, it’s nothing. “

Young Miami and Kerala: Two different people

The podcast host looked back on his life. That has created clear boundaries between her life as a star and her mother at home. If you think Miami and Kerala are one and the same, you are wrong. “Karisha is still at home with the kids, Benny on her head, ugly as hell, big T-shirt, under pressure, my kids are screaming, cocommelon, I’m excited.” He told Didi.

The host then talked about his personality Young Miami. “Young Miami, I’m abusive, I’m sitting on the couch, taking pictures, my kids are gone, I’m out! “ He continues to explain the differences between his two personalities.

If the City Girl is in Miami mode, she feels more like herself, in part “This or that” A few minutes later, DD Her life as a housewife has taken precedence over her personality as an artist. “I really know you as a person. I used to know you as Young Miami, but when you introduced me, you said Kerala.” What he has announced.

Still in the same order, DD has chosen between the two proposals on several issues. Thus, he liked the evangelist Doggy style, tighter than panties, more American than Chinese food and more naughty than class.

Young Miami couple or as single?

“I’m dating someone”She answered when Combs asked her about her love life. “I’m just kidding, I’m living my best life. I do what I want. “After a while, he added,” I have a tangle, I’m on my shit. [Pinkett Smith]”

When he was pressured to explain the nature of their time together, he replied: “We are dating. We go out together. We go on dates, we are friends, we go abroad, we have a good time. “ However, when Miami asked DD to really define their relationship, he said he was an unmarried man who was just enjoying his love life.

Despite the fact that the two seem to have a friendly and peaceful relationship, Young Miami He was not afraid to hint at a more serious future between them when he claimed he wanted twins. He told Didi: “The twins are in your family.” DD, for his part, has confirmed his interest in having more children.

Why didn’t Shan get married?

About this question, DD Explained himself. In fact, he cites two main reasons. At first he said he was not ready and then he said he didn’t want to. “When I was growing up, my dad was killed when I was two years old.”He shared. “My mother never wanted men around her. I haven’t seen one [mariage] Like that, I’ve just been raised around women. I never had that desire. “

Miami let it be known DD That they are at the same wavelength in this regard. “I don’t want to get married because when I have time to go to F *, I want to go. “, What did he say? “I leave with my belongings, I don’t want to be anyone’s wife or ex-wife. I don’t even know you, bye. “

Although she does not need a ring on her finger, a mother of two would love to give birth to twins in the future. He indicated that they were present at his co-host’s family. Clearly suggesting that he can help her achieve her dream even more.

When is a new City Girls project?

In addition to their cooperation DD On “Bad work”, Kerala Its fans say City girls Can expect a new album at the end of July. “City Girl Coming Summer”He confirmed.

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