A child at Anne-Frank School in Argentina, lead poisoning

The An-Frank school in Argentina will be demolished in the summer of 2022. © Le Journal de l’Orne

A lawsuit Lead poisoningWhere Lead poisoningA baby was diagnosed in April 2022Anne Frank School OfArgentina (Gets decorated) Town Hall sent an informative letter to families, this Monday, June 20, and received Preventive measures Prevent school children from accessing many items identified as risky.

Backyard grids, radiator ducts, plinths, interior railings … these metallic elements of primary and kindergarten were once identified Environmental investigation Of ‘Regional Health Agency (ARS), Trigger the following a Blood lead (Measurement of Lead rate Present in the blood) carried in the student in question, shows that the warning threshold has been exceeded (25 µg / L).

Risk of poisoning through paint

The Mayor, Frederick LevelSpecific:

“The survey was conducted in all the places that are frequently visited by children Nothing was found in his house. On the other hand, the investigation proved positive, on May 2, during the school inspection. On May 18, the risk of poisoning by paints was highlighted. A

However, he notes: “Investigations have revealed a risk in a place that is usually frequent by the child, but there is no evidence that he or she was infected elsewhere. A

Its use Lead color Banned in 1948, but some still exist in older buildings. The ARS website specifies: “These coatings, often covered by others, may deteriorate over time, due to moisture (condensation due to puffiness, poor insulation and ventilation defects) or during work (for example sand): fibers and dust are then released. The source of intoxication. A

No joint screening is recommended

Preventive measures taken:

Damaged components are potentially inaccessible to children by holding paint, and all caregivers and interco staff are made aware of the need to be extra vigilant.

For its part, ARS informs health professionals in Orne about the situation, “in order to increase their alert for possible cases of cesarean poisoning.”

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The agency considers that, in light of the High Council’s recommendations for public health, joint screening of all children is not necessary. He recommends washing your hands thoroughly after the holidays and before meals.

Consequences on health

The president of the Argentine Intercom, however, invited parents to approach him Participating physicians.

Lead poisoning may occur Consequences of serious health, As ARS describes: “Lead ingestion or inhalation is toxic. It causes reversible (anemia, digestive disorders) or reversible (damage to the nervous system). Once in the body, lead is stored, especially in the bones, from where it can be excreted in the blood, years or even decades later. A

In addition to paints, lead is found in some make-up products (Kohl pencils) and in some traditional dishes (tagin dishes). Some professional activities can also put you at risk: DIY work (sanding, welding, etc.), stained glass and pottery making or even shooting.

The school was destroyed this summer

A company will have to come this week to observe to propose an estimate aimed at an intervention this summer.

“To intervene, the place should not be occupied,” said Aurelie Filion, director of the town hall cabinet. “The school will run until July 7. A

The facility will be demolished as planned as part of the renovation of the Saint-Michel / Valley-d’Oz district.


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