An exciting Jeddah jungle safari experience

The Golden Tiger is an endangered species in the wild. There are about thirty left. Jeddah Jungle has three.

A white lion is born if the mother and father have the same gene. In 1938 we crossed his path for the first time.

Liger – a breed of lion and tiger – a lion’s mane and tiger striped, the largest known catfish. There are less than one hundred left in the world.

Faisal al-Rahili, an 18-year-old Saudi, has visited Jeddah five times since the jungle was opened. The teenager, who loves animals a lot, grew up watching wildlife shows on channels like Nat Geo Wild.

“I have loved animals since I was a child. This safari experience is the realization of childhood dreams, ”he said Arab News.

Mr. Al-Rahili’s favorite area is the jungle trek because it allows him to get close and communicate with a giraffe.

“I like everything here. It’s really huge and there’s a place for every kind of creature,” he said.

Omar Kaki, a six-year-old Saudi, is an animal lover. He made a list of the big cats he had seen Arab News.

“There are some tigers, lions and white lions. We also saw a golden striped deer and a tiger, ”said Omar.

“Cheetahs and tigers are my favorite animals,” he added.

The CP student asked his parents to take him to the Jeddah forest. His mother, Doreen Akbar, said the experience had given her son much joy.

“He loves animals very much. We went there after learning there was a safari in Jeddah, “he said in an interview Arab News.

“It simply came to our notice then. You don’t have to go on safari and travel to see animals. You can take your kids here to see animals in your country, ”he added.

Indian engineer Mohammad Anish took his wife and children to the Jeddah forest for the first time.

“It’s a great place to spend quality time with your family; My kids love animals, ”he said Arab News.


“The Jeddah season festival is great and it gives a very nice experience,” he continued.

In the Jeddah jungle, visitors can wear costumes depicting their favorite animals. It is an educational and recreational initiative where children and young people compete in costume design symbolizing their favorite animals.

It encourages them to learn more about these animals and to get new information from area guides, as well as to overcome their fear of certain animals, learn to coexist with them and treat them as male friends.


The Jeddah forest is home to about 1,000 species of wildlife as well as 200 species of rare birds. It includes a reptile section, a bird section, a dog section, a farm, space for shows and other services, and an entertainment area.

Jeddah Jungle Areas are as follows: Tram Station, Elephant Enclosure, Lighting Garden, Lucaland, Aviary, Taxidermy Museum, Reptile Land, Farm, Safari Game Drive, Jungle Trek and Park.

The park includes an adventure zone, a children’s playground, an open theater, an archery area, a paintball zone, a go-kart and a workshop.


The goal of the annual Jeddah Season Festival is to showcase the city’s rich heritage and culture through 2,800 activities in nine zones throughout the event.

Organized under the slogan “Our Days of Love”, the second edition of the Jeddah Season Festival follows the success of the Riyadh season, which recorded more than fifteen million visits in five months.

The festival season offers a host of 70 interactive experiences, more than 60 recreational activities, seven Arabic and two international dramas, marine events, a circus, four international exhibitions and other activities for families.

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