At Châtelet d’Orleans school, children will be transferred to Segal School, parents deny

“There is an incredible casualty in the town hall section. We request that we be heard and discussed. It takes one hour to walk 2.4 kilometers with a three year old child“, Rebellion Emmeline Ballet and Laurent Behl, representatives of the parents of the students at the nursery school in Chatelant, in the old center near the garden of Sharpenteri.

What makes them so angry ?? “Parents, the education team and the leisure center, the school council representatives called an exceptional meeting of the town hall in February. Insulation work for the school in 2023-2024, with a completion period of 2 to 4 years“It simply came to our notice then.

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An online petition

On the other hand, since the school will not be occupied by children during construction, parents challenge the solution offered to them by the town hall: “They offer to transfer the class and leisure reception to Pierre. – No, there is no cycle path “, criticize the parents.

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According to them, another problem in the organization of daily family life: We decided to live in a hyper-center. Many parents have no means of transportation.“They are also thinking of all parents, such as businessmen, who have registered their children in this school, thanks for the disregard for school cards.

Faced with outrage after the meeting, they requested a meeting with the town hall in May. And recently getting one is annoying The letter indicated that work would begin this September. So they launched an online petition.

New meeting

Crystal de Filipi, education assistant, acknowledged the date error in the letter and assured: “It will be fixed in September 2023.” And say: “They say it’s 2.4km, but it’s 1.6km. We’re not doing it to annoy them. The kids are cooking, we have to do some work. Since it’s a school that isn’t very accessible, we have to study at the same time. “We offered them a bus. They argued that it would exclude them from the educational team,” lamented the assistant, noting that various possibilities had been studied.

“The Pierre-Segel school is the best solution because everything is adapted. We have an empty building and a school canteen big enough to feed all the kids, ”he said.

Parents offer to transfer classes to Ducerceau School, which is nearby. “There is not enough space for the course, Crystal de Filipi replied. It will take some time Prefabricated with uncomfortable conditions for children for two years, and will cost more than one million euros. There is not enough space in the canteen. Some kids should eat at 11 a.m., others should eat at 2 p.m. There are no small sanitary facilities for kindergarten children. We’re listening if they have a better solution. “

“We have heard about their travel problems, the bus seemed to be a good solution for us. We did it for Kergormard School in La Source, where the family doesn’t have a car, it’s been good. It is true that it changes habits, but it can take some children in the car, “he said. A new meeting between parents and City Hall services is scheduled for June 24

Cindy Roudier-Valoud

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