Cicat-Occitanie: The first day of the network

In 2022, caregivers for the management of chronic and complex wounds are called upon to integrate modern solutions into their daily practice and to facilitate their practice.

The Cicat Occitanie Network is the emergence of a number of pre-existing regional organizations that have been able to establish an innovative joint medical project for the grouping of LR and Mipy regions. Cicat-Occitanie is a free counseling network for caregivers. Article 51 Domoplays, issued by the Ministry of Health and Solidarity in June 2019 in support of the Occitan Regional Health Organization, is being deployed throughout the Occitan region and should be generalized within a few years. Across the entire national territory.

Lots of innovation

Many organizational and financial innovations have already been tried and presented in days, such as flat-rate payments for a complex wound episode, use of a regional call center, follow-up assistance for complex wounds, wound collection. – Patient data in general software, unblocking beds held by injured patients for a long time, etc …

New occupations are being invented around patient trajectories according to emergencies, path coordination by expert nurse coordinators, telemedicine learning, primary care teams and DACs (coordination support devices), network-related triangular coordination of wound care solutions. There will be specific workshops for them. Practical workshops on venous compression, resistance materials, and interactive videos with hospital services at Toulouse and Montpellier University Hospitals are offered.

Organized exchange

Therapeutic decision support solutions using various computerized wound data collection and artificial intelligence are already on the market and under development, as well as the development of new dressings. The commission in charge of the development network of the Domoplace Therapeutic e-Education project will provide detailed information to the experts teaching therapeutic education in three university hospitals in the region. In future years (Corsica, দেle de France, Brittany, Normandy, etc.) exchanges are also organized with the regions that will receive domoplay.

A true telemedicine Trojan horse that is little known to the general public, wound and healing, Domoplace is building a network of more than 60 players specialists spread across 13 divisions and integrated by a regional call center and wound software. France.


The Cicat-Occitanie Network has been hosting the annual Cicatusud Congress in Montpellier for several years. In this day of regional opportunity, this congress has been transformed and is being held in the city of Carcassonne for its first edition.

Organizing committee

Dr. Luke Tiot, Plastic Surgeon, President of the SKAT-Occitan Network, Dr. Julie Malloise-Delana, Medical Director of the Domoplaze Project, Vascular Doctor, Mrs. Marion Morges, Practitioner at Toulouse University Hospital Hospital, Project Manager, SKAT-Ax

Scientific committee

Dr. Antoine Piau, Geriatrician, Hospital Practitioner at Toulouse University Hospital. Ms Aurélie Baffie, Nurse Coordinator, Cicat-Occitanie Network Ms Aurore Tournon-Carabaca, Nurse Coordinator, Cicat-Occitanie Network Dr Chloé Géri, Physician Coordinator, Cicat-Occitanie Network Dr Jack Martini, Practice University Hospital, Dr Pastor Clinic in Toulouse Dr. Sylvie Mayum, Dermatologist, Head of the Department of Geriatrics, Wound and Healing, Rothschild Hospital in Paris.


This day’s program revolves around the care and treatment of chronic or complex wounds, the core business of the Cicat-Occitanie Network. Two plenary sessions, seven workshops and three art symposiums are dedicated to the subject. The Cicat-Occitanie Network sought to integrate a reflection on complex care pathways as well as telemedicine integration. The coordination will be addressed in a plenary session and two workshops, while telemedicine, an emerging topic following the Covid 19 epidemic, will be the subject of three plenary and two workshops. In these two days, a total of 44 regional and national speakers will follow each other.

In parallel with these sessions, 24 industries will be present to present their innovations in terms of stand dressing, medical devices and decision support software for wound and healing.

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