Disney’s first dinosaur eating Jurassic World

Walt Disney was a pioneer genius. His proof is ambitious again Fantasia Sections of the 1940’s and more Spring pickle Which traces the creation of the world and the age of the dinosaurs.

Long before the resurgence of the Don Bluetooth and Steven Spielberg dinosaurs – for children Small dinosaurs and valleys of wonder Or the general public with the first Jurassic Park – Disney has already participated in the rise of saurians on the big screen Fantasia. This third animated feature from the studio was released in 1940 and beyond The lost world 1925’s and King Kong In 1933, the collective imagination began to take shape and our fascination for these invisible monsters began to burn.

“They go to the herd.”

Mickey shows teeth and claws

After the first sound animated short film and the first traditional animated feature film, Disney continued its cinematographic experimentation to exploit all the possibilities of this medium. Fantasia, The first animated classical music ballet. The studio’s third feature film and masterpiece is a combination of eight sequences depicting famous parts of classical music re-played by the Philadelphia Orchestra under the baton of Leopold Stokowski. The film thus leaves the entertaining dimension of ordinary Disney productions in the background – especially by deleting all dialogues – in favor ofA purely artistic display, moving poetry and aesthetics.

Fourth segment, title Spring pickle, Russian composer Igor Stravinsky reinterprets the titular work that evokes primitiveism through a great pagan sacred ritual and its tribal dance. To further the meaning, Disney therefore redesigned the ballet to describe the creation of the earth.

Fantasia: PicturePrehistoric planets

The percussive brass, high notes and chaotic rhythms of the first play, Worship of the earthThus lava is transformed into a flood of fire and rocks Great Impressionist Plan with Apocalyptic Air. The second table, Sacrifice, Restored the kingdom of the dinosaurs until their extinction after the planet dried up. The most memorable passage, however, remains the appearance of an iconic Tyrannosaurus: the music and editing that goes away, the dinosaurs that are frightened, and the lightning that strikes at the moment of its arrival.

One of Disney’s nine wise men marking the studio’s first golden age, Wolfgang Reiterman, after his impressive confrontation with the animated Stegosaurus. Violence, the enormity of the warriors and the wild condemnation have established something more In addition to anchoring its image in the combined imagination of the final hunter status of the T-Rex.

Fantasia: PictureThe ancestor of sharp teeth


In addition to adapting the description and animation to the music, Spring pickle There was a dual challenge. Different from intelligent and whimsical animals Alice comedy, Silly Symphony, Snow white Where Pinocchio (Released the same year), Walt Disney wanted to represent animals with more scientific truth, A realistic, even natural approach, far from the magical image of the studio. This approach allowed him to distinguish himself from the short film Dinosaur Gerti Since 1914, considered the first film with a dinosaur, the latter was portrayed in a rather sympathetic and eccentric way.

The production also seems to have been considered a documentary on wildlife. Many tracking shots decentralize the environment and sometimes give The illusion of being on a Jurassic safari to observe the life of different species : Triceratops, Diplodocus, Teranodon, Ankylosaurus or Brontosaurus. Visitors are invited to discover snippets of their daily lives, and sometimes their deaths, which are shown above the head, without advice, but not particularly shocking because of the emotional isolation of the public.

Fantasia: PictureThe Little Dinosaur and the Valley of Wonders, Deleted Scene

Although it is possible to study movement with real actors, animals or objects, it is not possible for dinosaurs to Knowledge is only theoretical and approximate (Which also applies to the beginning of a hierarchy in space). Instead of a preliminary study on the real subject, Spring pickle So despite its immunity and paleontological defects (the appearance of some species, especially the body of T-rex), a lot of documentation is required, especially from a biologist, a paleontologist and an astronaut. The planet’s green vegetation and landforms were inspired by images in scientific journals.

After taking part in its birth, Disney surfed the event again with the film Dinosaurs Since 2000, the goal has been to reproduce the most reliable animals possible, but with much more mixed success and not necessarily less powerful effects. So many reasons to review Fantasia And his Spring pickleAvailable at Disney + in France.

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