Emirates News Agency – DOH launches region’s first personalized precision medicine program for oncology

Abu Dhabi, June 16, 2022 (WAM) – The Abu Dhabi Department of Health (DoH) in collaboration with Mubadala Health and its flagship, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, NYU, has launched the first personalized precision medicine program for oncology in the region, Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence and G42 Health Care.

The first phase of the new program will focus on breast cancer patients in the UAE. It will target oncological diseases using the latest research and care models to identify, diagnose and treat patients with breast cancer or reduce the risk of disease recurrence.

Jamal Mohammad Al Kabi, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Health, said: “Abu Dhabi continues to strengthen its position as a leading destination for improved healthcare, as well as an incubator for innovation in life sciences. We can take the whole process of diagnosis, drug treatment and prevention and adapt it to the needs of the individual. “

The goal of the program is to discover the genomic balance and develop the research infrastructure needed to position the UAE as a world leader in clinical research, he added.

Dr. Al-Kaby noted that Mohammed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence, in collaboration with New York University Abu Dhabi, is leading research efforts to support the application of genome science in oncology in line with the Ministry of Health’s innovation and research strategy. .

With a well-planned IT architecture and a dynamic health information management model, a world-class research infrastructure will be established.

Hassan Jassem Al Nawais, Managing Director of Mubadala Health, said: “As Abu Dhabi’s leading healthcare network, Mubadala Health is pleased to be a major partner in the Department of Health’s oncology program, a regional first. Together. Our partner, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, we We look forward to playing a key role in advancing clinical trials and breast cancer screening to improve the quality of life of our patients using risk assessments and appropriate preventive care plans. “

Dr Stephen Grobmeyer, president of the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Institute of Oncology, a partner at Mubadala Health, said the first phase of the program specifically targets the most common form of cancer in the UAE, breast cancer. Enables breast, personalized cancer. Prevention plans for high-risk patients and treatment plans for specific breast cancer patients.

As part of the agreement, G42 Healthcare Cleveland Clinic will provide gene sequencing and a clinical genetic report within two weeks of receiving patient information from Abu Dhabi. He will work with Mubadala Health’s National Reference Laboratory to ensure that the final genetic report meets the required care standards at the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

G42 Healthcare COO Dr. Fahed Al Marzuki said, “The initiative will be led by G42 Healthcare Biogenics Labs, the largest and most advanced Omix Center in the region. By providing genetic testing and sequencing technology for accurate oncology therapy, we hope that the tests are easily accessible and available to oncology patients. As the program grows, it will facilitate early detection and treatment, be able to save money and ensure better prognosis, prevention and treatment of genetic and chronic diseases for patients. “

Translator: Jihane Fawzi.


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