History of Occitania (ies). Caunes-Minervois (Aude), a child abused by an inhuman mother-in-law

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History of Occitania (ies) with Frederick Juliet

Every Sunday, Frédéric Juillet publishes a column on Actu.fr devoting himself to the work and gestures of our ancestors in Occitania.
A professor of history and genealogist in Toulouse, he feeds on documents compiled at various departmental archive centers in Occitania and pulls them out of the deepest drawers in history. For the most part, these stories are untold.

The The legend of the wicked honest mother Will it not be the kernel of truth? “Maratre” comes from the Old French “Marastre”, derived from the lower Latin “Matrastra” which nominates the father’s second wife. Very quickly, she acquires an image of a strict woman towards the children of the first marriage in the collective mind. In 1345, Mistress Buivon de Komarchis had already written this verse:

“Love is too small to be bad. Meaning: mother-in-law’s love is very low.

Make your life hell

The following story could Appears in a fairy tale If it weren’t real. Here is the information:

Married to Ann Beck, Raymond Moliniar, Master Locksmith Counts Finds himself Widow after 4 years. From this first marriage she has an only son: Philip. But a man alone, with a small child, was not sustainable at that time. So she has to get married quickly. What he did with Jean Blanc in 1753.

However, She cannot stand the child that has become her step-son. He will make his life hell. The goal seems clear: To be released. And more so when she gives birth to her own child.

We know some details of this unfortunate story Thanks for a complaint The unfortunate little Philip is in front of their eyes and the neighbors accumulate annoyance at the abuse he does every day for many years. Complaints too late: We do not interfere in the affairs of others! But today the cup is full!

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She wanted to get rid of him.

Here are the complaints:

“Since the second marriage nearly 21 years ago, through known hostility and unparalleled cruelty, Raymond Molinier and his second wife, Philip Molinier’s stepmother, the only son of the first marriage, The hardest and most
ViolentFrom both his so-called stepmother and his so-called father who imagined gradatim (a little slowly). A new kind of torture Undoubtedly, in order to subdue all the excesses that an inhuman honest mother goes to get a salvation.
She is not the mother of the child.

It started when he was 4 or 5 years old Denies him the necessary food and replaces the harshest punishment, blaming him for exposing young children abandoned by their parents and those who refuse their necessities. Moreover, the aforesaid honest mother continued and persecuted her husband with the most horrible cruelty towards her son.

Today he is about 24 years old (so he is still a minor). It is all fake with blows and wounds That they, improperly, without legitimate reason, from time to time succeeded him in the body of this unfortunate prey until he had to spend the night in the meadow to keep the horses there, both winter and summer. In the summer. Note that it also happened that one of the molniir horses mentioned in this exercise (from the cold) died.

For the height of cruelty.

Still deprived of food and unable to bear all this cruelty anymore, this abused child, starving for the last few days, was going to a stove, daring to take a small cake from some private person who kept baking it. Maintenance, which the cake was still immediately returned to its owner by one of the neighbors.

Residents of the district are constantly tired of feeding Raymond Molinier’s son, which is very good materially, which gave birth to the latter, for the height of cruelty, to keep his son tied to the yoke for the second time in three days. And where he is abused by both his father and his stepmother Or by the children in the second bedSo they were told, in an apartment at the back of the house, that it bothered not only the plaintiffs, but almost all the residents of the county. “

Broken childhood.

Source: AD Aude, Court Record, Series B, The Monastery of Caunes-Minervois.
Modern spelling.

Frederick February

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