How does a baby react when he stops breathing? Here are the steps to take quickly

You need to respond quickly, and it’s best to start with a “back slap” between the shoulder blades. (Photo: Beam via Getty Images)

You need to respond quickly, and it’s best to start with a “back slap” between the shoulder blades. (Photo: Beam via Getty Images)

Health – A new hearing begins this Monday, June 20, between Florence and Vincent Larbe, Lillian’s parents and food group Hart. Alumni have called for clear caution in the packaging of Nike, one of the company’s flagship products.

After the death of their 2-year-old and 11-month-old child, suffocated by a cut sausage, Lillian’s parents actually want to raise awareness about the dangers of certain foods.

“In children under the age of 8, asphyxia is the leading cause of cardiac arrest,” said Dr. Emanuel Ceres. A spokesman for the Association of Emergency Physicians of France (AMUF), she told us that if a child has shortness of breath, there is a need to reflect and what to do.

First slapped on the back

For an adult such as a child over the age of one, the strategy is seen to be the same. It should be noted that the person who is choking cannot make any sound.

You need to respond quickly, and it’s best to start with a “back slap” between the shoulder blades. “Of course, you have to be careful first and not leave too many small things in the care of the kids so they can’t breathe,” he warned. In order to know what can suffocate a child, it is necessary to consider that the diameter of a child’s trachea is the same as that of his little finger. So anything bigger than their little finger can be suffocating.

As mentioned by the Red Cross website, you have to stand up and stand a little behind the person holding your breath while standing. With one hand, lean the prey forward, supporting their chest. The tilted block will prevent the object from sinking further into the airways. The suffocation is, in fact, due to obstruction of the airways. You must give “maximum 5 slaps”. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. “

Alternate slap and Heimlich techniques

If the object does not come out of the esophagus, then after 5 slaps, the stomach contraction technique, Heimlich technique should proceed. Here, you have to stand completely behind the person. You should then place your arms around the upper abdomen and always lean the victim forward. With one hand, make a fist between the sternum and the lower part of the navel and hold this fist with the other hand. Then you have to push it towards you and upwards. “This technique allows the diaphragm to be pushed back, which puts extra pressure on the lungs,” the emergency doctor explained. Like a slap on the back, it must be done a maximum of 5 times and alternate with them.

“If the person becomes unconscious and cannot breathe, it is a cardiac arrest. You have to put him on the ground and start cardiopulmonary resuscitation with 30 chest compressions and call 15 quickly, ”said Emmanuel Ceris.

This good gesture, little Lillian’s parents did it all: pushing on the back, practicing the Himlich technique. Dad grabbed her by the legs and carried her upside down. But none of this could stop the baby’s heartbeat. For this reason you should not hesitate to call Samu as soon as possible.

Ultimately, however, we must not confuse suffocation with falsehood. In the case of false street child or adult cough and coughing he breathes. So there is no vital danger explained by the site. For an emergency doctor, do not touch the victim and let him cough. “The wrong path can still lead to suffocation. If the person does not speak or cough, do not hesitate to call 15, even there. “

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