Insurer MMA launches regular web collaboration with 2000 clients analyzed by artificial intelligence

Insurer MMA is launching “”, a platform for tomorrow’s insurance co-creation with its customers. The goal of this digital collaborative platform is to bring together a community of at least 2,000 links to co-create insurance offers and services. Semantics will be analyzed by artificial intelligence.

A place for co-creation between MMA and its members

The collaborative website is a place for discussion and co-creation between the insured MMA and its members. The insurer sees this initiative as complementary to its efforts over more than 2 years with the quality of customer relationship. MMA insures 3.1 million members and customers. And similarly targets businesses, professionals and individuals. MMA is part of the Covéa Group, which includes the MAAF and GMF brands as well as specialized companies.

MMA customers are invited to share their ideas, interact with the community, and give feedback on a project or reflection.

The platform takes the form of a website where MMA customers are invited to share their ideas, interact with the community and give their opinion about a project or company’s reflection. The site is part of an argument for “gamification” to encourage and reward customer participation and commitment. “” seeks to meet the expectations and needs of policyholders through dialogue and exchange.

This is a participatory site for customers. “” will highlight projects run by MMA in the form of clickable thumbnails, encouraging the community to participate. Ten consultation topics will be submitted to customers each year around different themes: CSR, personalization, remote or in-branch services, etc. In addition to the advice, an animation system has been planned to keep the community members moving and committed over time. Internally, “” certainly makes it possible to anchor the “customer image” between employees and MMA project leaders.

Ideas, experiences, opinions, photos, etc.

The site will offer interactive “project” pages. Each thumbnail links to a page dedicated to a project. Participants can post their contributions, ideas, experiences, comments, opinions, photos, votes, etc. And answer a question. Everyone will be able to respond to posted suggestions.

The title of the first project was “How to make tomorrow’s insurance easier?” “This will encourage MMA members to share their ideas on finding solutions to make their daily lives easier. There will be additional questions to guide the members in their reflection. Questions like” How can you help you better understand your insurance? ” Can the process be simplified? “What will be the ideal relationship with your insurer?” »And কী How to make your daily life easier tomorrow?

Build and analyze long-term relationships with policy makers through artificial intelligence is an ideal tool for building long lasting relationships with our policyholders and making insurance easier, more affordable and accessible to all. Marie Michard, MMA Studies Manager and Project Manager, explained. He reminds us that co-construction is not based on closed questions or ad hoc surveys. ” For co-construction, it is necessary to establish a dialogue and encourage independent expression and produce word choices to learn from it. Continue manager.

The insurer wants to find the key to innovation in its offerings, services and customer relationships

With the help of this community platform, the insurer finds the key to innovation in its offerings, services, customer relationships, etc. ” We also see it as a valuable tool to help us understand our offers. Finally, we will share a ‘physical’ trajectory to better understand what our customers expect from remote and in-branch services. He finishes

The MMA project is managed through FanVoice. ” We are accustomed to running various insurance and community management platforms for financial players. Julia Sচেnchez, Consulting Director of FanVoice, commented: Artificial intelligence will be used to extract information from policyholder intervention. ” At the end of each project consultation, our artificial intelligence will analyze the results of the questionnaires and retrieve the lessons learned verbally by the members. He announces. The most committed members will be evaluated. ” We will interview contributors and highlight MMA project leaders to humanize this link between the insurer and the insured. He concludes

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