Pyrénées-Orientales: Congratulations in class and humiliation in retirement, a father condemns harassment of his daughter in Cabestani

Insulted, pushed around, humiliated by two classmates, the 12-year-old, educated at Pau Castles College in Cabestani, has had the worst year of her schooling. After a year of harassment, her father condemned her, saying that no one wanted to hear from her. She has been following her child for months without a psychologist.

Congratulations on progress, insult on retirement. Faced with excellent praise from her teachers at Pau Castles de Cabestani College, 12-year-old Amina Akshay, who is about to become the first in her sixth grade, testifies to her father, a teenager, testifies to her father, endures bullying, insults and from two students in her class. Pushing. “It’s a boy and a girl who were already with my little one at Claude Simon School in Perpignan. It wasn’t a great friendship between them. Amina was brilliant, but the director confirmed that she didn’t have a word.Seeing Nasim again. Married and the father of three more children, he never imagined how much this conflict would take shape among schoolgirls at the college level.

However, since the beginning of the sixth year and all three found themselves in the same class and having lunch in the canteen, the situation would have quickly deteriorated. “They started calling my daughter ‘fat cow’, telling her ‘we eat fat’ at home, that she was wearing ‘fake clothes’, that she ‘behaved like shit’ ….”, The electrical network technologist says whom his daughter trusts. Insults are complicated by threats. “We’ll hit you on the ground, force you to eat.”. Then the gesture. “One day they grabbed her wallet and threw the money everywhere so that Amina would kneel down to pick up her pennies. Another time“They pushed him on purpose.” The teenager panicked, refusing to return to college. Nasim is shocked.

My daughter is the best sixth grader in middle school, jealousy is the root of all that bullying her

Yet he finds the strength to reassure his daughter, explaining it to her “Life is not always rosy. We have her parents with her. We will support her and protect her by legal means.”. At the same time, he calls his attending physician who advises Amina to seek the advice of a psychologist. A medical follow-up was set up immediately and the teenager is still receiving help On the way to school, Dad sent an email to the college, telephoning the academy visit before he got there. “I was taken in without the slightest respect. The woman who saw me simply explained to me that this was my child’s interpretation problem.”, He mutters, suddenly deciding to go to trial. He first filed a handrail at Bompas Gendarmerie, then a complaint, according to him, the events were, “Dramatic

Meanwhile, he requested the audience with the CPE of the organization. “My mother was the principal of the school for 40 years. I also took advice from her.”He sighed before receiving the phone call from the mother of the students in question. “She wanted to convince me that my daughter was causing the problem and even told me that she had compiled a file on me. ! “, Annoyed at the father. Finally the CPE was contacted. “She spoke to me as if Amina was the dirtiest and worst student. In fact, in this story, we were never treated like ordinary parents, we were treated as second-class people, locals.”, Condemns Nasim Sultan for suffering deep feelings of injustice. The case was dismissed without further action.

At the beginning of the next school year, Amina, described by her head teacher “A driving force for his class”Cabestani will enter fifth grade at the same college, with a general quarterly average of 19 out of 20. “We can’t afford to pay her for a private institution, and we refuse to let her drink where we live. Amina is a studious, intelligent child, always the best in her class and in any case, here or elsewhere, it incites violence and Made him a victim“, Sorry for her father “Float straight away” By national education.

Frederick Fulgens, Academic Inspector: “We are following this student file, research is underway at Cabestani College.”

Frédéric Fulgence, director of academic services at Pyrénées-Orientales, called for Amina’s case to be taken seriously. “This is a case that deserves to be followed and is followed by one of our harassment mentors as well as the college team and the CPE (Senior Education Advisor). We are not in the event of harassment, perhaps classic if we may say so, with psychological or other dangers, but the problem exists and it concerns a student who is gifted, who has not been excluded from this study as a result of the harassment. “

As always, Dasen explains, “We consider Vitim, the students who gravitate around and we try to find out why things got here. This work is going on inside Cabestani College.”Frédéric Fulgence assures that the organization will be part of a program to combat bullying in schools. “Campaigns exist every year, but they repeat themselves and as a result, they lose their intensity. We are replacing them with an awareness-raising system not only for teachers, but for all supervisory staff and all supervisory staff. The general public for more than three years, All schools, all institutions will benefit from this operation, the idea of ​​bringing out the Sentinels, to be more attentive to these events, and to be able to warn so that we do not come into situations like this teenager and her parents who feel they have not been heard.

Frederick Fulgens believes in the effectiveness of this new device. “In the case of harassment, the harasser, the harasser (ra) and the whole group around, there are witnesses. So we need to focus on those spectators.

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