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Signing of 1st Divisional Agreement for Prevention and Protection of Children

Updated on 06/20/2022

Jean-Pierre Barbier, President of the Department, Prefect Laurent Provost of Isère, and Ann-Mel Cantinat, Representative of the ARS, signed the 1st Divisional Agreement on the Prevention and Protection of Children on June 20 (g. To r.)

Mr. Laurent Prevost, Prefect of Iser, Mrs. Ann-Mel Cantinat, Head of the Care Offer Center for the Regional Health Organization Regional Delegation of the Avargen Rhone-Alps Region, and Mr. Jean-Pierre Barbier, President of Isère Division, for this Monday, June 20, 2022-2024. Has signed the first departmental agreement for the prevention and protection of children.

The goal of the National Child Prevention and Protection Strategy is to protect and release children who are not primarily entitled to the same privileges as others. Its objectives are to give children their rights (health, right to education, mental security, right to autonomy after 18 years), to give them a voice and to better consider their views and to ensure that they survive. It is based on four promises:

– Children and their families (health, maternal and child protection, antenatal and postnatal support) as soon as possible;

– Protect the paths of protected children and prevent obstacles (development of reception areas, strengthening controls and inspection of structures);

– Give children a way to work and ensure their rights;

– Prepare their future and protect their adult life (global support, rights access, adult youth agreement).

The departmental agreement extends for more than three years and the state seals the mutual commitment of the ARS.Regional Health Agency And categories, including measurable purposes.
Isère adopts thirteen objectives (listed in the appendix), six mandatory objectives that directly contribute to the improvement of practice by its mission department in terms of maternal and child protection and social support for children, and seven objectives chosen following a territory. Diagnosis among 26 national objectives.

Specifically, it is designed to:

– Transforming the existing maternity center into a parenting center that allows both parents to stay, evolving into outpatient care for the family, creating reception areas (28 spaces) and a special structure for reception. Children with disabilities (10 places);

– Strengthening support for young people over the age of 18 to enable them to access their homes and prioritize their professional integration;

– Increase the number of home interventions by social and family intervention technicians in the early stages before any child welfare measurement. The number of families observed should increase from 231 in 2021 to 390 in 2024.

Isère the role of the state

For 2022, the state is providing financial support to the Isère department with a temporary amount of 3,386,000 euros, including:

– 2,914,500 under the Money Act;

– স্বাস্থ্য 211,500 under the Regional Health Agency’s Regional Intervention Fund (FIR);

– € 260,000 to support human disability in child welfare for the medico-social sector under the National Health Insurance Expenditure Objective (ONDAM).

These resources will be renewed in 2023 and 2024, subject to action implementation, and bring the total allocation to about € 9 million.

The role of ARSRegional Health Agency

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Health Agency provides € 1,045,000 long-term support for children with disabilities under ONDAM:

– € 600,000 for a medical-educational institute to open in 2023 out of ten locations for children with widespread behavioral problems who may not have access to a disability or traditional child protection structure due to their problems. ARS co-financingRegional Health Agency / The department will temporarily allow assistance in case of need for a higher stuffing rate than a Medical-Educational Institute (IME) and a child protection structure,

– € 445,000 to form a mobile team to assist family assistants caring for children with complex and unresolved issues in the medico-social sector.

Department commitment

The department is responsible for preparing an annual performance report and maintaining the financial resources currently allocated to child welfare and maternal and child protection. It also promises to dedicate at least the equivalent financing objectives of the agreement given by the state. He will present the agreement at the Departmental Observatory for Child Protection.

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