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Friends, friends, hello.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Hello and welcome to Goran Spaceline Company, Discover Unusual Destinations … In short, Tour Operator! I suggest you board the Lisieux spaceport. Yes, yes you are not dreaming, Lisieux is not only known for its basilica and its famous rue Marie Besneray. What, you don’t know good old Marie? Neither do I! However, we’re going to take off, arm the slides, check the opposite door, and apply chewing gum!

The captain of the specials took a ch’tite interview to tell us about his unusual habitat. If Moss Essey Cantina was a themed accommodation, here is the most complete and “uncompromising” place of immersion, as Pierre-Antoine told me. But before going to the heart of the matter, let’s take a look at the captain!

I’m 48 years old, I’m from a geek generation, I grew up reading a computer, an Amsterdam console and various science fiction books (I recommend Dan Simmons’ Hyperion, a space opera real and weird) and heroic fantasy. I have been transformed into several real estate projects, including the creation of an original “short-term” residence. The idea is to offer treehouse and other night options in a trailer

An idea that is actually fresh and enticing for Star Wars fans. Can you tell us more about your space lodge:

This space lodge is a place to stay for one or even two nights. The apartment was completely redesigned, and I didn’t want to give up on its decor. Of course, there is a kitchen, living room, bathroom, WC and bedroom, but that’s where it ends. The windows are locked, the screens have replaced them (with an 86 ” screen in the living room), projecting a thirty minute film, taking you from an asteroid field to an undiscovered planet, going through the sun! The room can accommodate 4 people (ideally a couple with children): two beds, one type of capsule, inspired by hotel capsules in Japan. [ou de Coruscant mais c’est plus loin !]. The idea is to spend an evening and a night sinking in a spaceship. The layout was assigned to two companies working on the design of Escape Games and Escape Game Mechanics.

In fact accommodation rendering is close to what you see in Tantive IV or even Camino

Yes, of course, I was inspired by the Star Wars ship, but also by aliens. But without the scary side, because everything is innocent. I also used what I could see from the ISS: a limited but very clean environment where the light is soothing. And then, as a science fiction fan, I can’t put up sliding doors!

Excellent! Really once through the door, we are no longer on Earth but in space!

That is the goal, yes! And even if it means living an experience, you can go for it too! Guests are offered a puzzle game that lasts one hour / one and a half hours. Trainee navigators need to solve 6 puzzles. These are based on housing observations and allow you to find and place 6 discs in a column to solve ship mysteries! The puzzle is accessible to everyone, but for adults it is not easy, if you do not solve the puzzle do not panic, you can still get out of the ship alive!

Do you have a piece that you like the most?

This is probably the bedroom, because there is this narrow side here, as you can see in Alien, but don’t worry, it’s very clean, so that there is no feeling of claustrophobia again. That said, the room we worked on the most was the main room, where the dome lights and gribbles with colorful LEDs were added. I can tell you that certain rooms, including the living room, will be developed in the future.

Since when have you been proposing this unusual night?

It is available from mid-April and is booked once a week on average. I’m relatively happy, because it’s a “very temporary” accommodation, we won’t be there for a week. And the response I’ve received so far has been very good, with parents even being torn apart by their kids who were adopted by the environment and giving the game a * laugh *.

Let us now focus on the environment, as I have said, the ship has its home port in Lisieux on a common road, using the words of Pierre Antoine, originally known for the basilica of St. Theresa. About thirty minutes away you will find Deauville or Honfleur. If you go a little further, find out that you are one hour away from the landing beach. And in practical terms, this space lodge is 1 hour away from Rouen, Le Havre … but I will not forget our friends in Ile-de-France who will be glad to know that it will take them 1 hour 40 minutes by train to connect the capital to the space port, Or 2 hours by car or 10 hours by Velib!

So I thank Pierre Antoine for his availability and his generosity. It’s always nice to chat with enthusiasts to create our live experience again! They are accessible on Air BnB, Booking, or Gite de France sites for storage.

Energy waiting to be your favor!

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