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On Sunday afternoon, the boxing course that Rouen de Klignancourt, a Stone Throw from Barbes, offers at Saline Circle Boxing will begin. Only one out of fifteen registered. Everyone is wearing their undergloves, and we go for a 50 minute workout alternately between boxing and bootcamp. “ In the dark room, in front of your punching bag is you and that. We don’t see others, we don’t see what they do, there is no one to judge, just let off steam and find out what’s wrong with your week “Summary of Morgan, for which these sessions allow him to clear his head.” Dark house, maybe that’s one of the reasons girls are attracted, I think Soraya is in the locker room.Because we don’t feel any justice or look at us and it changes a lot from the sports hall. There are more women boxing, I see it all around me, but not just boxing. Here, it’s not a fight, it’s very gentle and you don’t take any risks. They don’t want to fight and beat men who weigh twice as much. The gaze of others towards them, Morgan, Soraya, Linh and Nolwen felt it in the more traditional sports halls. “ As soon as you put on your leggings you become very sexual, The circle acknowledges Nolwen behind the counter, who stopped his subscription in a classic room. I’m not saying it’s annoying for all the boys present, but it’s only 5% of the men in the room looking at you to make you very uncomfortable. You don’t dare take your weight, they’re all lifting iron, it’s a masculine environment where I can’t find my place. I was also getting very annoyed, so I stopped going. As I was going into the room I was going to take Underground, in ‘survival mode’, with a shield, I had to mentally prepare myself! In the end, the sport is a bit like being on the street, it doesn’t belong to us and it wasn’t made to make us feel comfortable. I understand that some people only take courses reserved for women পরে after a day of boredom wherever you go, you want to be able to take a breath.A

It is held every Tuesday at 7:30 pm, near Port de la Chapelle. A group of women, with helmets on their heads and boards in their hands, start an introductory skateboarding course offered by the Realaxe Association at the Espace de Glis in Paris, which encourages the practice of women’s skateboarding. Like every week, the slot is reserved for them: here, no mix. ” It is very important to forget the vision of others and your own vision, and being among women lets you do it. There is a kind of silent agreement,Lynn, a former participant in the course, explained. You also have to forget what femininity is supposed to be, because in skateboarding you have to take a position that you are not taught in society, such as squatting, working on your shoulders, a gesture called ‘masculine’ that is not your reflection. . To be a girl is to stand up straight, where in skateboarding, if you stand up straight as a post, you fall and it is dangerous, so you have to deconstruct it. The man who started skateboarding at the age of 15 admits the codes have been relaxed ever since. “Today it is less embarrassing to be a girl who skates and young people accept themselves more easily. In my time, I used to comment like ‘Ah this is a great girl that skates’ which wanted to be beautiful, but that always brought me back to my status as a woman and I heard them comment on me as if I didn’t. Couldn’t hear them. So today, I go skating like going to a party, I prepare myself psychologically, because I know I can get bored, I have to stay armed and my knees start shaking occasionally.“A few kilometers away, Stad Louis Lumiere, it’s Witch FC who are wearing their clits for women’s football. The same fight Gadji FC, a 100% female amateur team that trains every week and campaigns to reintroduce women on the football field and in public spaces.

Sports, the mirror of society

In Paris, as elsewhere, it is difficult to enter a game with a masculine meaning without this “shielding”. “The reality is that few games are not a ‘guy’ game.Linh continues, who founded Studio Zaun, an Asian-feminist complex from architecture. To meet most women, you have to go … to the yoga room. Gymnastics and horse riding is one of the only major sports for women. “Many men do not dare or even think about it because it does not have a masculine meaning.“Women get their rights back after years of hiding. Boxing, climbing, football, skateboarding … the courses reserved for them have multiplied in the capital in recent years.”If these safe spaces exist, there is a demandThat, considering Nolwen. Morgan admits he prefers to take a mixed course. “To feel like a human beingআগে Before realizing she probably wouldn’t have joined her normal boxing class if she was the only woman there. “In the end, perhaps the problem is not the room or the course, but the presence of a percentage of men.A

A gender gap that has existed since childhood. “Soccer for boys“It simply came to our notice then. “Retirement practices seem to conceive very strongly with gender stereotypes,Can we read the same Bordeaux study?So much so that the choice of one or the other activity seems to be crucial in the constitution of the sexual identity of children and their families: for boys, activities that value strength, aggression, combined, ‘physical occupation of public space; For girls, activities in favor of grace, sensitivity, removal, closure or private space.For Studio Jaun, it’s even the gender section of the space where the playground begins. “What is painted on the ground? Hopscotch and sports field. Girls hopscotch, boys football. So much so that 80% of the entertainment space is occupied by boys.The phenomenon, not only visible in sports halls, exists on a wider scale and is therefore an innate problem in today’s society. The same story in public space: “While walking down the street, the women are assumed to be on their way home. It is in the private sphere that they belong, their presence in the public sphere is being considered as transient.“Lauren Bustide Inn saidCurrent – city, media, politicsWhich place for women?. “Fortunately, the more we talk about it around us, the more involved society becomes,Linh Conclusion.For example, with initiatives such as reserved courses for women. But the city and public spaces need to be reconsidered so that it becomes more inclusive. Whatever it is, we will change things together.A

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For the future

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