Suffering from a heart defect, George becomes a ghostbuster for a day

When he was born, George only managed to breathe on his own for about 30 minutes; He had to ventilate almost immediately. Two days later, he underwent open-heart surgery. The little boy has Epstein’s dysfunction, a rare form of congenital heart disease: only half of his heart is functioning properly, leading to lack of oxygen, fatigue, muscle spasms, and headaches.

As such, he did not know the same childhood as all his friends: ” He is very different from all the other eight year old boys. His father, Matt explained. ” He has oxygen problems and cannot exercise like his friends. They all play uninterrupted football, and he can’t take part in it. A

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Georges is a big fan of movies Ghostbusters (Ghostbusters): The franchise is named after the first film made in 1984, directed by Evan Reitman and written by Dan Icroid and Harold Ramis. A group of bizarre parapsychologists in New York, the dean of the university, removed him from office, then decided to open a paranormal investigation society called “SOS Fantômes” (“Ghostbusters”). They then set off in search of a miracle on the wheel of their ectomobile, the “Ecto 1”, a white Cadillac Miller meteorite duplex decorated with their company motif.

Credit: Make a wish, Twitter

One day, George and his parents approached Make A Wish, a foundation whose goal is to provide for the well-being of sick children between the ages of two and a half and eighteen. Her dream: to be a ghost hunter for a day. ” When I saw the movie Ghostbusters For the first time, it turned my whole life upside down and made me completely happy “, He told the foundation.

His wish went worldwide and, finally, was granted. On June 7, Daniel, Wayne, Chris and Toby, professional ghost hunters from the East Midlands, visited George and were able to collect video messages from the film’s official actors Dan Icroid, Arnie Hudson, Logan Kim and Celeste O’Connor. .

But what George didn’t know was that he himself was going to become a real ghost hunter. The Leeds Central Library has offered to open its stunning, haunted Victorian building. So, on June 12, the original Ecto 1 came to pick up George, dressed in a proton pack and proudly dressed like his favorite movie characters. Its team Ghostbusters He was rescued by West Yorkshire Police, but also by an Honor Guard. Arriving at Leeds Central Library, George and his companions set out to confront the ghost of a ghostly maid in the courtyard.

George’s godmother was Ezter, who played the role of a ghost slave to reproduce an “operation”. After his capture, the ghostbusters took the trap into custody, courtesy of West Yorkshire Police. Georges was then congratulated by the mayor himself, who gave him a certificate thanking the city of Leeds for its help.

Credit: Make a wish, Twitter

Finally, George went to the Children’s Hospital in the city so they could enjoy his incredible day and had a great Ekto 1 with him. According to him, it was The best day of his life “One way, too, is to remember what he can do, even if he can’t run like his friends.

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This day has given George such confidence. Jane said, her mother. ” It really made us grateful and we felt we were not alone. Many people have come together to understand what he has done, but also what families like us are going through. It has given us something that George will carry with him for the rest of his life. A

Franchise Ghostbusters Many books have given birth to adaptations, e.g. Ghostbusters 5 – New GhostbustersPublished by Eric Burnham and Dan Schweinning (trans. Donatello de Carlo), by Flamival.

For the Make a Wish Foundation, George’s Dream Day, which was shared across the country, will help spread the word to other children. Indeed, thanks to donations, appeals to government authorities, and the willingness of volunteers, George and many other children can benefit from this kind of adventure.

Make a wish, via the Yorkshire Post

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