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The image of deputies wearing suits and ties, from high school, to the practice of intellectual or liberal professions, is repeatedly on the skin of the National Assembly. Sunday’s result puts (a little) lead in the wing of this shot. Occupations previously represented on the hemisphere will pave the way for their entry there. Of course, like Rachel Keke, the housekeeper at the Ibis Hotel, Val-de-Marne whose selection was very eye-catching. “We need these profiles, these workers, these employees that we never see, that we never hear. This is good news: at last, this voice will be heard, “ Manuel Bompard, Jean-Luc Melenchon’s right-hand man and elected MP in Marseille. A recent op-ed Release, Author Eric Vuillard recalls that there was only one qualified worker under the previous legislature, Caroline Fiat’s person, nursing assistant and LFI deputy for Murthe-et-Moselle. Gains nickname for him “BAC-2” From Macronist terms. A little review of the new profile.

Selected knops

Rachel Keke, Work Girl (Val-de-Marne)

The “Warrior” Rachel Keke will make a thunderous entry on the hemicicycle. 48A, Governess and Maid Want “Make noise”. And he has something to say. Spokesman for the long and courageous strike led by the chambermaids of the Ibis Batignolles Hotel in Paris, the newly elected want to represent “Invisible” At the Palais Bourbon. Born in Senegal, this CGT worker and supporter of La France insoumise is the daughter of a clothing salesman and bus driver. Yesterday I remember her first day as a cleaning lady in 2003. He says: “It simply came to our notice then. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, Back Pain … “ On Sunday night, shortly after her victory over former Sports Minister Roxana Marasinianu, Rachel Keke said: “I am the voice of the voiceless. I am a chambermaid, housemaid, security guard, nurse assistant, house helper: I follow all these invisible professions. And these professions will also be visible in the National Assembly.

Mathilde Hignet, Organic Farm Worker (Isle-at-Villain)

Mathilde Hignet, just 29 years old, elected under the Nupes label, has made a remarkable entry into the Assembly. He grew up in La Chapelle-Buয়েকsic, a town of 1,500 inhabitants southwest of the Renaissance, where his parents, “Pioneers of Organic Farming”, Head of a farm that produces cedar, apple juice, cereals and potatoes. He himself works as a farm worker on this organic farm. Mathilde Hignet has been closely associated with the Rural Christian Youth Movement (MRJC) since the age of 15. She also holds a kitchen clerk diploma that allowed her to work in a nursing home in her hometown.

Laurent Alexander, Aeronautics Worker (Averon)

Laurent Alexandre Collins, Nupes’ elected deputy at Aveyron, is a skilled worker in the Aerospace Company. He lives in the former coalfield, where Averonize de Metallurgy (SAM), a subcontractor of the Renault Automobile Group, went into liquidation in 2021. Not a total neophyte in politics, Laurent Alexander has been mayor since 2020. d’Aubin, a city of 4,000 inhabitants. It was here that Jean-Luc Mélenchon began his presidential campaign by holding a first meeting in May 2021 on the subject of employment. The village has a strong symbolic allegation: in 1869, the army fired on the crowd to disperse the striking workers. Results: 14 people were killed and 22 were injured, including a 7-year-old girl.

Marian Maximi, Specialist Academician (PUI-D-DOM)

Born in Normandy, Marian Maximi in Clermont-Ferrand was selected on Sunday under the color of Nupes. After a history course at the university, this special educator practiced her profession in the public service with foster children. She works in the departmental center for children and families.

Martin Etienne, Retired Letter Carrier (Meurthe-et-Moselle)

She began her career as a postwoman in 1977, now retired but rebellious Martin Etienne, the new deputy of Nupes. That was the time of PTT. A journey that ended at the counter. Trade unionist at CGT, Attac’s militant, he has always been left-leaning and today is the deputy mayor of Longwy. A town far from trivial: It was there that steelmakers in 1979 fought against the closure of factories in the region. A radio station was then born to support the struggle: Lauren Koure d’Assier.

Anna Peak, CPE (Channel)

Anna Peak bends outgoing LREM MP Sonia Krimi. A supervisor at a college for seven years, he decided to pass the Chief Adviser on Education (CPE) competition, which he succeeded. He is now a CPE at Lycée Victor-Grignard in Cherbourg. The birth of a mother with a doctorate and postmaster father in Spanish civilization, according to him Channel Press, He has a master’s degree in socio-anthropology “Trauma associated with cultural rift”. As a result, he had to travel to Honduras several times.

Muriel Lepvrad, Secretary (Cসtes-d’Armor)

He applied five years ago, without success. Murielle Lepvraud tried her luck again this year. And bingo. At the age of 46, this Guingamp secretary has just been elected deputy, largely thanks to the merger of leftist forces. His priority? “Public Service Defense.” She is the daughter of a doctor and a teacher and trained as a bookseller. Murielle Lepvraud therefore worked in a bookstore, a media library, before becoming a companion for students with disabilities (AESH).

The majority has been elected

Didier Lemaire, firefighter (Hout-Rin)

Let’s not make any predictions, but if the Palace-Bourbon catches fire, there is someone here who will have a good reflection. Didier Lemaire, newly elected under the banner of Presidential Majority (LREM), is a professional firefighter in Hout-Rin. She lives in Altkirch, a suburb of Mulhouse, and is married to a nurse. Five years ago, the regional newspaper Alsace Elected him “Alsatian of the Week” : Didier Lemaire saved the life of a footballer who had just had a heart attack. He was only a spectator at the match, but did not hesitate to appear on the field for a quarter cardiac massage on the victim, which was eventually taken care of by Samu.

Hubert Ott, SVT teacher (Hout-Rin)

He is a pedestrian and he is a hiker. A walker for the first hour since Emanuel Macron appeared on the political landscape in 2017, as we are accustomed to say in political terms. He is also a professor of Life and Earth Sciences (SVT) at Eisenheim College in the suburbs of Mulhouse. He founded the Roufach Institution Nature Association more than thirty years ago, which was presented as a pioneer in environmental protection in the region.

Eric Martino, Apple producer (Sarthe)

Behind black glasses and a few days of salt-pepper-beard, Eric Martino was almost not elected. In the first round, this modem candidate left the national assembly behind. He won the second round with 50.98% of the vote. Eric Martino, an apple grower in the organic garden, is 54 years old. The farmer’s son took possession of a family farm built in the late 19th century, which he says he converted. “Environmentally-responsible and organic production, including short circuits” And on the farm “Agriculture”.

RN elected officials

Joris Bowett, Delivery Driver (Alier)

His election on Sunday was a surprise. With 50.22% of the vote against the Left, Joris Bouvet won the Alier. This newly elected officer, locally unknown, is a 29-year-old delivery driver. He has kept his card with the far-right team for less than two years. “From the world of work”, As he defines himself, he claims to want “Protect” And “Strong” Its regions face extremely high rates of industrialization and poverty. “I’m in the real world. I’ve been working since I was 16. I know the lives of Sir and Madame Tout-Le-Mond. Joris Bouvet announced to the regional daily Mountain A few days ago.

Leset Polet, housekeeper (drum)

At the age of 54, Leset Polet, the first deputy in the history of the RN in Drum, originally came from a family in Portugal. After working at Eliar, where he was a staff representative with the CFDT, then at Sodexo, two well-known catering companies, Lisette Pollet recently held the position of housemaid at a private school in Valencia, according to France Blues.

Grégoire de Fournas, Wine Producer (Gironde)

A member of the RN, close to Edouard Diaz, also elected to Gironde, Gregor de Fornas will sit on the hemisphere bench. A holder of BTS viticulture-oncology, he lives with his father, Chateau Vauxhall Casan, in Saint-Germain-d’Estueville, a small town in Maddox. A staunch defender of the victim, a staunch opponent of wind turbines, the installation for which he fought fiercely, Gregoire de Fornas is a wine farmer today. In 2010 he took over the family torch.

Pierre Bartelut, Sailor (North)

Pierre Bartelut is 23 years old and a fisherman. He said: “I want to prove to people that age is just a number and maturity is a choice.” In 2013, he joined the Bulon-sur-Mer (Pass-de-Calais) professional maritime high school, where he revealed that he was a victim of it. “Harassment” Because a “Overweight” And sound “Homosexuality”. A “Accelerator” His political commitment, since he is a municipal councilor and a regional councilor. After working as a sailor in several countries, including the United States, Pierre Bertelut is now employed by a ferry company between France and England.

Angelique Rank, mother at home (Aube), elected RN

She was “Contaminated” By the idea of ​​Jean-Marie Le Pen. These are his words. Angelique Rank came into politics through her husband who watched videos of far-right patriarchs. “By watching and listening to the video of Jean-Marie Le Pen.”, He ends up being interested in it. This is the second time, “RN’s program” that persuaded this mother at home, the former customer advisor, “To surrender”.

Daniel Grenon, Retired Merchant (Yonne)

White hair, nose glasses, he is far from being regular in the media. At age 73, Daniel Grenon described himself “A free retiree” He defeated the left-wing Union candidate by 600 votes in the first district of Yoni on Sunday. Archery enthusiast, the man claims his local roots and his belongings “Always” Lepenist training. He was also on Julian O’Dell’s RN list during the last regional election. For a long time, he ran a delicatessen specializing in regional products.

Romain Baubry, Member of Police (Bouches-du-Ron)

Gendarme for two years, a prison guard for five years and now a policeman, Roman Baubry wants security above all else. The vice-president elected at the national assembly on Sunday set his priorities: “Security of the French.” This far-right-handed officer is currently practicing in the Nimes of the Guard after serving in a night brigade in Vauxhall. “As a police officer, I knew the three presidents of the republic, Sarkozy, Hollande and Macron. I know what they are capable of and above all they are incapable of doing. He said just before his victory.

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