Who is the husband of Apollo de Malherb

In the middle of the French press, Apollein de Malharbe is a person who needs no identity. This television journalist has made a rich career out of his travels and his involvement in various television channels. Despite his fame, little is known about his personal life. If the public knows that he has built a house, then no one knows at this moment who the people of his life are. Visitors, customers and supporters, discover more about Apolline de Malherbe’s personal life.

Which man shared the life of Apollo de Malharb?

Apolline de Malherbe is a French journalist who was born on March 21, 1980 in Paris. She is the daughter of Guy de Malharbe and Marie-Helen de la Forrest-Devon. Apollo enjoyed a great deal of notoriety in the world of the French press. We can quote his presence at the time of the great event.

On a sensitive level, we know about this journalist that she is a home-stay mother. She had four children, including two sons. Many wonder about the husband of this famous journalist who manages to hide his personal life. Various information gathered from various sites may have revealed the names of the fathers of the children of Apollo de Malharb. Famous journalists are actually its companionsHarold Housey, A close friend of Manuel Valls. He held the position of communication consultant. This journalist had a child with this political personality. Their relationship has existed for fourteen years.

All you need to know about Harold Housey

Harold Hausi, Apolline de Malherbe’s companion, was born in 1975, five years before the birth of the famous journalist. He is a professional in the world of communication. He owns a communication agency “Object H”, whose activities are based on the development of consulting and communication strategies. In addition to his corporate responsibilities, Harold also holds public office. First, he occupied the communications side of the town of Essonne Avery. Next, Who shares the life of Apolloine de Malharb Manuel Valls has played a big role in the communication team.

It must be said that Harold Howie has confirmed what has been said about communication professionals. They like to be discreet and anonymous. Harold really embodied this personality. He stays away from television cameras. So did he steal the show from his wife? Or a strategy to save their lives as a couple? One thing is for sure, The couple lives happily with their children and is not the victim of any rumors about their personal life. He kept secrets around his career, his political views and his home.

Apolline de Malherbe: A good career manager

Apolline de Malherbe is a successful female model. They showed the courage and determination to hold on to journalism despite a turbulent life as a couple. He did not give up even after having children. She wanted to build her career while playing the role of a stay-at-home mom. He is the secret of the newspaper colleagues Current wife That she has left her children to travel as part of her work. Even when he is at home with his children, it is not always easy for a journalist to live a quiet life: ” Sometimes I was making dinner and the phone rang because there was an emergency and I would drop the spoon to run …

Despite these difficulties, Apollo de Malharbe has confirmed that her children are happy with her husband. She admits that if she could hold on, it would also be thanks to her husband Harold Housey. He is a man who manages his time well and understands his wife’s business. He understands his absence or errors. Apolline de Malherbe is a woman of conviction. She takes her work to heart and does her best not to reveal her reality to the world during her practice.

Alexis Morel: First husband of Apollo de Malharb

If Harold Housey is known to the public as the official companion of Apoline de Malharb, it must be said that the journalist had a previous life before she met her current husband. The young journalist maintained a relationship with Alexis Morel. Two sons were born from this union. Alexis Morrell is a business executive. He held the position of Strategy Director at his current company Thales. His Skills and know-how Enables him to be promoted to a position of greater responsibility. It should also be noted that Alexis Morrell is indebted to her for her professional success in the various training courses she has followed. Among other things, he attended the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS), the National School of Administration (NA) and the Sciences Po. A beautiful career!

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