10 great games to move indoors with your child

Who hates us so much on a rainy day? Rainy days are not easy when we have one or more children who need to burn all their energy! In fact, the little ones need to move and that’s okay! However, spending their energy in a small space is not always easy. So here are our top 10 best games that can be played indoors for your kids to move! We hope this inspires you to dance in the rain!

The medium of transport card

Credit: Bougeottes

Which child does not like transportation? This is a game that your child will love! The goal is to select the right images for each game board For example, which transport goes into the water? The boards are two-way, providing two levels of difficulty. Then, each way the transport card is also associated with a movement that needs to be done. All are created by movement Isabel ChungOwner of it Bougeottes And kinesiologist by profession. Everything is designed to help children in their motor development. A real favorite! You will find this game here.

Kangaroo book in the world of dinosaurs

Credit: Bougeottes

This book is so nice because, yes, it allows you to move! This book completely innovates the story time! Each page is associated with a card that in turn is associated with a move! Ready to emulate dinosaur eggs, flying dinosaurs or even dinosaur tracks! You will find this book here. The company Les Bougeottes is definitely a favorite for us in the field of motor skills activities for children. In fact, we all love their products!

Yoganimo books

Credit: Quebec Children’s Edition

This book allows you to practice yoga while imitating animals. This is a very fun way to do yoga, we love it! You’ll find it here.


Credit: Lawrence Grandbois Bernard / Agatha Boutique / Yogaang

With this item, you will play a board game that will help you move on as a family! Joy is guaranteed! You’ll find it here.

Indoor trampoline

Credit: Walmart

A small trampoline can allow you to move indoors if your space allows. Kids will love jumping on this wonderful object in so many different ways! You’ll find it here.

* Under the supervision of parents.

Inner trapeze

Credit: Kantalo / Agatha Boutique

If your indoor space allows it, this game allows you to actually park an indoor! Kids will have a lot of fun making swings and somersault. Maybe you have a gymnast in your home in the future? Apparently, protective equipment like mattress on the floor is essential with this game Parental supervision is also desirable You will find this trapeze here.

Gymnastic beam

Credit: Bougeottes

This beam is a great idea if you have a small space that does not allow for large modules. In fact, this beam can be easily stored in a garment after use. Moreover, it allows children to improve their balance very quickly! You’ll find it here.


Credit: Bilibo / Scholart

This tiny little thing sounds pretty mysterious, but it’s amazingly funny! Children can sit on it for spinning, keep it upside down for climbing, etc. The possibilities are virtually endless! You’ll find it here.

Stone of balance

Credit: Amazon.ca

These small balance stones don’t take up too much space once stored neatly and allow you to create different paths at home while your kids work on the balance. We like them very much. You’ll find them here.

Balance board

Credit: Luna

For little kids, a balance board offers an interesting challenge! Moreover, it will allow them to work with balance, which is an important lesson! We recommend it. You’ll find it here.

While we’ve given you some shopping ideas, we’d like to add one small thing: you don’t need to empty your wallet to get a good move. To create a path around the house, you can use whatever you have on hand, such as chairs that can be turned upside down, foam mats to create an indoor hopscotch, hula hoops for jumping inside, and more. The floor of the living room can become lava which we must avoid! Cushions and pillows will help you not to touch it! Be creative! And what do you like to do on a rainy day?

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