233 euros to close a dead child’s bank account: it’s “closing the coffin a second time”

The cost can climb more than 300 euros. (ল Illustration Adobe Stock)

“Adding pain to pain”. Corinne Devern, president of the “Eva Por La Vie” Association for Child Cancer, defines the phenomenon through these words. Distribute money to close a dead child’s account.

Because today, some banks are applying. ” The cost of inheritance When a parent has to close their dead child’s account. And sometimes, the amount of this fee can climb more than 300 euros. Unacceptable, according to the President, communication by news.fr.

This is like closing the baby coffin for the second time (…) We want to make sure that these fees have been removed from all banks.

Karin DevrenPresident of the “Eva for Life” Association

In this sense, A petition has been launched To demand ban on these bank charges.

Two and a half thousand families will be affected

It all started in mid-May, when Corinne heard from Elody, a mother who lost her 8-year-old son to cancer. When he wanted to close a booklet of his dead child, Bank Postal demanded 136 euros from him For the cost of inheritance, as explained Bordeaux news.

“We have had an association for ten years and this problem has never come to our notice,” the president said. “When my daughter died, I closed her bank account. Editor’s comment) “, Says the president of” Eva for Life “.

A survey was then started with the bereaved families. Of the 200 people surveyed, 60% said they had to pay for inheritance.

That is the belief of the association Every year 2,500 families are affected In France.

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The average inheritance costs 233 euros

In most banks, these fees are common. They cover All necessary interventions to process the estate (Conversion of goods as decided by the heirs, resorting to a notary if necessary, closing of accounts (s), checks, etc.).

Understand that to close an account, you have to pay. The amount of this closure then depends on the assets available in the account.

According to ‘UFC key to select, Based on the Observatory of Banking Tariff 2021 annual report, the average of these costs is 233 euros. A substantial amount is not always easy to find (and understand) in a bank’s tariff brochure.

The shoe pinch where this fee applies to parents who have just lost their child. These are “immoral costs, especially since a booklet symbolizes future excellence that projects for one’s child”, emphasizes Corinne Vedren, the voice of the grieving and angry family.

Exemption from this fee for minors

Elody’s story seems to have returned to the bank postal, which decides to cancel the inheritance costs for the bereaved young mother.

Contacted, Postal Bank mentions:

Simplified in 2022, the cost of inheritance varies from € 0 to € 500 depending on the size of the property. We apply free inheritance costs for assets under 500 and we decided to remove them in June 2022 for minors’ accounts.

Postal Bank

The same thing happens next to the LCL where the parents are Exemption from inheritance tax For its account Dead miner. “It simply came to our notice then. An update of the Tariff Guide is planned, usually in early July, “explains the banking institutionnews.fr

In the end

“As long as all banks continue to apply these fees to minors, we will not stop,” the association’s president speculated.

And to be supported by the Ministry of Economy, which has confirmed to us: If the banks do not come together and make the necessary efforts, we will definitely pass the law. The cost of inheritance is a matter of great concern to the French. A

These are even more unreasonable in the case of the death of a child.

Ministry of Economy

As of June 21, the petition, which began a week earlier, had been collected 43,928 signatures.

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