A child in Anne Frank D’Argentan Kindergarten is poisoned with lead

Parents of students at a school in Argentina have just learned that a child was poisoned with lead in March 2022. The lead paint present in the metallic components of the organization may be questionable. After investigation, ARS does not recommend combined screening of children.

“We’re still a little worried because it’s not normal. My daughter has asthma, she’s anemic, she has a lot of minor problems that come up and I’m wondering if it’s not related to that. I went to my doctor because I saw her. That’s why I’m a little worried. “ A mother says her daughter is educated in Anne Frank Kindergarten in Argentina (Orne). “Too bad we were only warned yesterday.”, Regrets another mother whose two children are students of this institution. These questions come from parents when an information letter was sent to them from the town hall, Monday, June 20, 2022. A student at their institution was poisoned with lead in March 2022. However, upon investigation, Normandy’s ARS indicated that lead was present in metal elements such as school grids or pipes while indicating that nothing confirmed that the child was not contaminated elsewhere.

This Tuesday morning, Argentine Mayor Frederick Levelle indicated that the relevant metal components have been protected so that they are not accessible to children. “A company will come to the site this summer to intervene to ensure the safety of the poles and pipes. He further said. In 2024, this room is no longer intended to be a school. There will be a new school tomorrow. ”

We want to provide parents with complete transparency, informing them that if they have any fears, they can legally consult their doctor. But ARS did not ask us to set up a systematization of potential screening.

Frederick Leville, mayor of Argentina

France 3 Normandy.

Lead poisoning The body has abnormal levels of lead. Caution threshold is set at 25 micrograms per liter of blood. Reporting rate is 50 micrograms per liter of blood. “In Normandy we decided to work from the precautionary threshold. The baby weighed between 25 and 50 micrograms.”, Explained Dr. Benoit Cottrell, responsible for monitoring and health protection at ARS. Explain this triggeringARS Environmental Survey last April.

Lead poisoning is a pathology associated with lead poisoning. It is measured by Blood lead (Or blood lead levels). In children or adolescents under the age of 18, we refer to lead poisoning when the level of lead in the blood is equal to or greater than 50 micrograms per liter of blood. This requires prolonged exposure to lead, says Dr. Benoit Cottrell. The child was in a situation where he had not yet reached this stage of pathology but in “A situation that requires intervention”The doctor said.

Lead poisoning can affect the body, the nervous system, the bone marrow, and the kidneys. A young student at Anne Frank’s school, No consequences at this stage are directly visible in the baby. The most important risk is a developmental learning disorder, a small developmental delay. It is a much higher rate of around 250 that requires the establishment of a treatment aimed at eliminating lead from these children. “Dr. Benoit Cottrell believes that there is no need for treatment without a healthy lifestyle and observation.

In the case of the Argentine school, a question remains: Why was lead paint, banned since 1949, present in this school built in 1950? “It’s hard to understandMonitoring and health safety at ARS is the main answer. In the case of another school, it’s the same situation (…) I think we’ve lost our memory from successive layers of paint accumulating on certain elements. “ Even the mayor of Argentina cannot explain it. “Perhaps the stock needed to be sold at that time?”, She thinks.

Didn’t believe that Reasons to think other children may be infected “ARS does not recommend screening for other children in the school.

At the request of a certain number of parents, Town Hall and ARS will organize a special visit to the school to answer their questions.

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