Doctors’ outrage: “Vaccination of children against Kovid-19 is a crime” Children

Throughout his career, Dr. Renee Moon has been a champion of the vaccine. As a pediatrician, he advised thousands of families and always encouraged them to get vaccinated.

“I trust government agencies to carry out the necessary studies and rigorous testing to ensure safe injections for our children.”He explains.

To this day.

Instead of following the CDC’s recommendations without question, Dr. Moon himself verified data on the safety of the mRNA vaccine because he was concerned about what he saw in children.

According to him, it is dangerous for young people to be vaccinated against Kovid-19: ” [C’est] The most horrible thing I’ve ever heard of in medicine. Lack of consideration for security is highly unethical. Personally, I place [cet acte médical] On the grounds of crimes against humanity “.

Children are more at risk

Children’s bodies and brains are more at risk for environmental toxins than adults. [1]

Because they are younger, children are exposed to more toxic substances.

Given their particular vulnerability, the safety threshold for administering any medication, intervening in any medicine or recommending any treatment for children must be high. More than adults.

Children are the future of humanity. It is the duty of society to protect them.

Light for kids

The SARS-CoV-2 virus poses a threat to adults and adults with underlying health conditions, but younger, healthier individuals are less at risk and children are virtually sicker.

In fact, children are dying from Kovid-19 “Incredibly rare”According to an article published in the scientific journal Nature. [2]

“All the kids I know here, in my organization, were having sex.”, A retired doctor in Colorado, professor of ophthalmology and pediatrics, and a master’s degree in epidemiology, working for the largest children’s hospital in the state. Asked not to introduce himself for fear of revenge in the profession.

Dr. Kirk Milhowan, MD, Ph.D., is a pediatric cardiologist who has a long career helping children with heart disease in the United States and around the world, he says.

Dr. Milhowan is the Medical Director of the NGO for Hearts and Souls, dedicated to helping children with heart disease around the world. Based on Maui, an island in the Hawaiian Islands, she works one week a month at the Texas Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio.

Dr. Milhoen noted that the Covid-19 itself is light for most children.

He cited a recently published Turkish study examining the number of children admitted [à l’hôpital] Because of Covid-19 compared to flu. (3)

” [Les chercheurs] It has been found that children admitted to influenza are more often admitted to intensive care and more often than children admitted to Covid-19 require respiratory care. “Dr. Milhoyan insisted.

Like other doctors we’ve talked to, Dr. Milhowan fears a delay in reporting the truth, but he believes there is a moral obligation to speak publicly about the safety, effectiveness, and lack of necessity of the Covid-19 vaccine given to children.

According to him, it is unethical as a doctor to remain silent in the face of the harmful effects of these vaccines.

Vaccinating children does not slow down the spread of the virus

“Let’s be honest”Dr. Milhoyan says. “It simply came to our notice then. Amicron infects vaccinators more than vaccinators. Five months later [de vaccination des enfants], The vaccine has a negative efficacy. It will do more harm than good. What we see is that people who have been vaccinated are more likely to become infected if they do nothing. A

Despite concerted efforts to match the data with an orthodox narrative, high vaccination rates have failed to reduce the number or severity of Covid-19 cases.

According to Dr. Milhoen, vaccinating children actually has the opposite effect: it encourages rather than prevents the spread of the virus.

Nevertheless, many countries around the world are pushing for immunization of children, even the youngest. Vaccines are not required and do not provide any protection, yet parents are encouraged to vaccinate children of all ages.

At the same time, however, the country is full of viruses, which are rapidly becoming localized. Screening tests show that Covid-19 is ubiquitous, and most Westerners have already been exposed to it.

Vaccination rates are higher among adults. The virus continues to behave like other local coronaviruses, changing over time and causing mild illness and re-infection, as very few people are immunologically immune to covid.

Governments must reverse their initial claims that the vaccine prevents the spread of the virus, as the data disproves it. However, vaccinations for children are still supported on this pretext.

The Covid-19 vaccine harms children

We interviewed more than 25 doctors. Everyone claims that the side effects of Covid vaccine on children are real and very serious.

Their clinical experience is supported by a growing number of studies that show that vaccines can cause myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) or pericarditis (inflammation of the tissues around the heart) in people of all ages, but especially in adolescents. There is also evidence that vaccines can cause bleeding disorders, oral paralysis, tinnitus and other serious side effects. [4] [5] [6]

But what about the long term? Children have more years to survive than adults. Thus, early exposure to contaminants, endocrine disruptors or dangerous vaccines can lead to long-term adverse effects.

Dr. Milhoun has written his doctoral thesis on cardiac inflammation. “Vaccines are dangerous for adolescent men. Absolutely and without a doubt, you are more likely to go to the hospital for an adverse reaction to the vaccine than Kovid-19.. For many children, these are risky without any benefits. What are we doing? A

The race to vaccinate children is not driven by their need for protection. It is imposed on parents to vaccinate everyone. Parents are bombarded with messages aimed at intimidating them. Many rush to vaccinate in the hope of protecting their children, knowing that the cure is far more dangerous than the disease.

This crime against children must end

We cannot declare a product safe for children without concrete evidence. We are calling for a precautionary policy here, meaning that we cannot consider a new product (such as the covid vaccine) safe in the absence of conclusive evidence. The precautionary principle is a modern reaffirmation of the Hippocratic oath that all physicians must adhere to: “I will protect them from evil and injustice. A

Under the precautionary principle, the burden of proof falls on the makers of the Covid-19 vaccine. These companies have a moral obligation to prove that they are safe. However, in violation of this ethical principle, vaccines have been given to the public without adequate study. Now we have enough evidence of harmful effects in children and it is time to stop managing them.

Just this week, Dr. Milhowan treated a 14-year-old boy who was completely healthy until he received a second dose of the Covid vaccine. Now this young teenager has a significant scar on the left ventricle of her heart. According to Dr. Milhoyan, such spots can cause sudden death at any time.

“I was in the army. I’ve got all the vaccines. “Dr. Milhoyan says. “I had a second dose of smallpox, a whole series of anthrax. I am a scientist and a doctor. I have seen the benefits of vaccines for children. It has no advantages and only includes risk. A


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