Emme Muniz, Jennifer Lopez’s child and young stage prodigy

At 14, Emme Muñiz seems to be following the same path as her mother. The teenager once again showed off her vocal talent on stage, J.Lo. Full of confidence, a future star is being born.

Two years ago, Emme Muniz was revealed to be performing Super Bowl on stage at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami with her mother. The future star was in the spotlight again with Jennifer Lopez during the Blue Diamond Gala on Thursday, June 16. The two artists performed together Thousands of years By Christina Perry. The legacy has been confirmed for the 52-year-old singer who made her debut in 2019 after a performance by her child published on social networks. “We should bring him on stage and do something on the tour. Would you like to add a small piece to this show? We’ll see, we’ll see. You don’t have to. “

In the video, on stage, Jennifer Lopez uses a neutral pronoun to refer to her child MK

Not a “normal” childhood

Born as a result of her association with singer Mark Anthony (real name Marco Antonio Muniz), Emme and her twin brother Maximilian grew up surrounded by the success of their parents, but always behind the scenes. The twins followed the correspondence courses significantly, allowing them to enjoy special privileged moments. “We do not have a normal life. My children are not normal children. I’m not normal, so neither is my life, I accept it (…). Everyone tells me that in order to educate them in general, they need to have friends. It’s the kind of thing that drives me crazy and drives anyone crazy, “Jennifer Lopez said on the 2016 television show Good Day New York. Before adding: “They are very happy, they are very balanced, loving. They care for the children and that is the most important thing. Of course we will make sure they are educated. I think homeschooling is best for them. Joined.

The birth of a star

Having been behind the scenes for a long time, Emme Muniz has been appearing in public with her mother for some time. J.Lo is happy to be with her twin children, sharing their interactions on her YouTube channel … and sharing the teenager’s successful voice on social networks. Seems like a family heirloom. In May, Emme set herself apart A video Restarting If i don’t find you Alicia Keys, in her mother’s watchful eye.

A performance that will take her to the Super Bowl stage in 2020 will sing her mother’s famous title Let’s come out loud, In front of the 65,000 spectators (and 100 million television viewers) around the stadium. For a moment, he was praised by a large number of people, including his father, who posted a picture of Emma on his Instagram account with an emotional caption: “Emma, ​​Dad is very proud of you. You are my heart and I am yours forever.”

Confidence and self-confidence

Frightened by all the hype surrounding her mother’s fame, Emme was slow to reveal her talent to the public. In a YouTube video uploaded in 2019, the teenager said, “When I was younger, I was really scared to sing in public, but not anymore.” Because every time I look different, I see who is behind me. And the one I love to see is my mom. “Her first step towards stardom came when she appeared on J.Lo’s 2018 music video for her new track. UnlimitedThe role of his mother as a little one.

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At age 14, teens gain confidence and begin to understand what kind of person they want to be. On stage at the Blue Diamond Gala, it looks like Ime has asked people close to her to use a neutral pronoun to refer to her from now on. J.Lo thus introduces his child using “they / them” in English which corresponds to the French pronoun “iel”, introduced in the 2023 edition of Petit Robert. Jennifer Lopez told the audience, “The last time we sang together was in a big stadium like this, and I always ask her to sing with me, but she doesn’t want to.” “So this is a very special occasion because they are very, very busy, in demand and expensive. It costs me a lot of money when they come, but it’s worth it because they’re my favorite duet partner of all time. “

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