“I was madly in love”, Jean-Michel Tinivelli considers herself childless after her marriage and her relationship with Ingrid Chauvin.

Children are arguably one of the most beautiful things in our lives. However, Jean-Michel Tiniveli has not yet experienced this happiness.

Jean-Michel Tiniveli knew about love in the past. He had already married once in his life and later dated another woman. But none of them gave him a chance to be a father.

Divorce ends

Jean-Michel Tinyville has a great career in the show business world. Yet, his personal life is not always as rosy as one might think. And for good reason? To date, the actor in the movie “A Child for My 40th Birthday” has not yet found happiness as a couple.

However, he has already got married. She was only 23 at the time, but her marriage soon ended in divorce. The actor also returned at this time during an interview given on June 15, 2022.

“I was not hurt! At age 23, I was madly in love. I just came to Paris, I fell in love and we decided to get married. Then this story is cut like the others. “

He confirmed before continuing:

“It simply came to our notice then. No doubt I was a little too young. “

In fact, after her divorce, Jean-Michel Tiniveli never married again. And now 55 years old, she is surprised to see her love situation.

“Apparently I’m not alone (…) I wonder how it’s possible when there weren’t so many ways to meet (…) maybe we don’t take the time anymore, that we withdraw too much from ourselves”,

What he has announced.

The actor of “Après moi le bonheur” has no regrets, though he still has no children due to his age. On the contrary, he is as happy as he is. But if one day he meets someone with children, a local resident of Strasbourg announces that he will accept them out of love.

Jean-Michel Tiniveli and Ingrid Chauvin’s adventurous love

Jean-Michel Tiniveli has introduced women to his life, among whom we can count Ingrid Chauvin.

And yes! The actor of Italian descent was already in a relationship with his co-star in “Alice Nevers: The Judge is a Woman”, a few years ago. They even dated for several years, including 2004 to 2006.

The former couple also covered the cover of Gala Magazine, during a 2005 “TV Lovers” file. However, during an interview with Télé Star, TF1’s flagship series actress “Tomorrow belongs to us” admitted one. Their meeting on a train.

“The day I got on the train to Brest, he called the SNCF and that day first (…) asked for a seat next to me, so I saw him sitting next to me, giving me a box of chocolates and whiskey cream, my beautiful sin. She simply told me: ‘I’ll take you to the breast and I’m leaving!’ I didn’t let him go. And the worst part was that he really had his return ticket, this guy is great! “,

She is confident

Note that the two actors met in the evening, then fell in love with each other, before starting the discussion via SMS.

Unfortunately, after a two year relationship, they ended up breaking up.

“Life separates us, that’s all. I think when I meet the right person, I don’t ask myself any more questions.”

Ingrid Chauvin announced on Télé Star that, if later, he was confident in Gala:

“It’s the men I decided to leave. But I have a very good relationship with him (…). We don’t have to go to war when we’re separated.”

Today, the actor of “Murder in Tahiti” takes care of her when love knocks on her door again.

For his part, Ingrid Chauvin has already found love in the arms of Thierry Pathiu. Moreover, together, the two lovebirds welcome two children, including a young girl, Jade, who unfortunately died of a heart defect, and a young boy, Tom, who is doing amazing things.

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Alone without children

Since severing ties with Ingrid Chauvin, Jean-Michel Tiniveli has focused much of her professional career.

So, after the finale of “Alice Nevers: A Woman Judge”, the actor made her appearance especially in the detective fiction “Simon Coleman”. Subsequently, she significantly embodied the role of a policeman in forcing her to raise her sister’s children.

Moreover, it is clear that the actor shares a common theme with his character, in this series he is unmarried as well as does not know paternity.

“Like Simon, I’m unmarried and I have no children. And I think if I become a father, I’ll be lost like him.”

He made the announcement in a column for Ici Paris Magazine.

Despite his circumstances, it must be said that Simon’s interpreter still handled well, although for the success of his role, he had to indulge in the sweets of his imaginary sister’s children.

After all, he is not so clumsy with children.

“(…) I have a lot of friends’ kids and I have a great bond with them. I’m the best old friend they can talk to, the one who takes them to the movies or the zoo. The unmarried are no longer ‘old boys’ like they are. And if we’re so popular with kids, it’s because we’re out of parental authority. “

He made his debut in an interview.

So did he find the ideal role in the fictional “Simon Coleman”? Very possible!

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