“I was scared when I heard his footsteps on the stairs”, originally from Parche, the father of an alleged sex offender.

The public prosecutor sought a 10-month suspended sentence against him. The court’s verdict was reserved. DR

The atmosphere of fear. This is an established Family people from Perche, Now 69, for many years. His two daughters, his wife, his sister, his niece, all of these women have been victims of this “hunter” at one time or another, as the Civil Party lawyer put it.

A. Court of Allencon (Orne), Thursday 16 JuneHe appeared between 2001 and 2005 for sexually assaulting a minor against his youngest daughter. It was not yet time-bound, which was promised against his other daughter.

Protect their mother

For a long time, for a long time, my father’s work remained silent. The two women keep looking at him, above all “seeing their mother”. “She is OK. I had to go because I was scared for him, ”the 35-year-old said at the hearing.

Whose time is until one day in September 2019 They revealed to their mother their father’s hidden activities. And decided not to see him again. To keep in touch with her, the two girls talked to her through an online video game.

After speaking, the victim knocked on the door of the police station. But, initially, she did it to expose the physical and sexual abuse as well as the non-consensual sex that was going on through her mother. “I did it to help him get out of this situation,” he added.

“At that time, at the age of 18, I didn’t see myself starting the process. I was not ready. A

Then, during questioning and discussion with the police, he revealed the punctuation marks of his childhood daily life for several years, from “12 or 13 years old”. Under the pressure of his father, he was seen caring, requesting for a felatio, watching pornographic pictures.

The list is cool. “It was an everyday fear. I paid attention to the way I dressed, I would never wear a nightgown again,” the 30-year-old introduced, her voice trembling. “It was always a secret. We passed each other in the hallway and he touched me. She was tickling me and enjoying me. It was never direct but always on the pretext of something else. A

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At the hearing, he also returns in a nightmare when, in the evening, he finds himself alone in his room. “I was shocked to hear her footsteps on the stairs. It’s horrible but I was almost happy when he went to my sister’s room and not mine, “she cried.

The two girls shared the same ordeal, and knew it, but did not discuss it. Because the weight of the secret was much higher.

Much later, when open Pandora’s box, They realized that they were not the only victims. Their two cousins ​​and their aunt, niece and defendant’s sister, respectively, were the victims of the “border” scene. To investigators, a niece admitted she was “very sensitive.” “He grabbed me by the hips and buttocks and took me away as if he were looking for a watermelon in the supermarket. A

Accused, Father of five children from three different unionsSomeone has also been described as “extremely violent”, especially towards his only son, establishing an “environment of terror with a mental education”. Her other daughter portrayed her father as a “defecator with women.”

All of these allegations, Sexgenarian set aside: “The image I sent back may be misunderstood and misinterpreted”, “there is a difference between child abuse and tenderness” or “child fantasies, you have to be careful with the interpretation “

“He built a real harem.”

“He denies everything, no question. It’s me, me, me. He has no sympathy, nothing happens when his daughter cries, “said Public Prosecutor Helen Tardiff.

If he admits half-words as a “touch” person, he denies allegations of sexual harassment or inappropriate gestures.

“I am just shocked. I was surprised and amazed at my daughter’s behavior. My guess is that we are talking about a house other than mine. A

And, according to him, there is no problem with women. “I was a duty manager. I have worked with twenty-five or thirty women in my career. I had nothing. I don’t understand what’s going on, I’ve lost everything. A

Today, he lives alone in the family home, the Theater of Horror, His wife has begun the process of divorce.

Mr. Daniel Chevroletin, the victim’s lawyer, did not fail to return. “Since the speech has been released, it is out of control. It’s a lost control that he doesn’t understand, “he pleaded. “He built a real harem with his wife, loyal, a sex toy for her, and a toy for her daughters. My client does not want this to happen again with other victims. It is very fortunate that the law of limitation makes it impossible to judge certain events. A

July 7 intentional

Mr Bruno Weber, a defense lawyer, on the other hand, condemned the “contradictory statements” from the victim. “She says she was very discreet when they were sometimes alone at home,” he questioned. “Touch does not mean sexual definition. She is a person who likes to show affection, open hugs, playful communication with children. A

The public prosecutor applied The 10-month sentence against him has been suspended As well as the obligation to care and the prohibition to come in contact with the victim.

The court reserved judgment until 9am on Thursday, July 8.

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