Strategic monitoring, it must be systematic and automatic

There is a well-known paradox among decision makers: although additional information is provided, they risk losing information nuggets (filing a patent, inviting tenders, announcing takeovers, raising funds, etc.) which can significantly affect the functioning of their business unit or Their 3-year development plan. In fact, there are many companies whose employees find themselves immersed in a constant stream of data. Among the newsletters, social networks, specialized publications, calls for projects, it is impossible to follow the sector of your activity in the best possible way, unless you have a force of experts working 24 hours a day, each mastering a dozen foreign languages. And, even in this way, the founder of Sindup, Mikel Riolt – an expert in economic intelligence and a provider of monitoring solutions – does not believe: ” You will not have any specific guarantee for any particular sector. A In 2022, according to experts, there is an urgent need for automated monitoring, whether regulatory, sectoral, technical, reputable or commercial.

Artificial intelligence monitoring services

In Sindup, what do we mean by observation more precisely? Mickaël Réault likes to summarize this complex issue as follows: “The day before, the right information, the right time for the right person. That being said, it may seem easy but in reality, achieving it alone is very time consuming and impossible. “Especially since demand is never the same. A commercial director of an export region, a legal manager, a business department, a project team will not have the same definition of observation. But, Mickael Réault says, “Everyone will agree that monitoring is strategic and they don’t have enough time to devote to it.”

For decades, intelligence tools have been quite primitive. But when the web exploded in the early 2000’s, the news followed. Tools have been introduced that allow users to filter, sort and analyze data using algorithms. The real-time trading room sector is iconic: for the convenience of traders, a lot of financial information is available every day under the radar. It questions Mickaël Réault who then decided to create a monitoring tool to get started in the field of economic intelligence. “In 2005, finance was a real major start. It was a click. The young multi-entrepreneur is sure that whatever works with the help of statistics, must be able to do for any kind of knowledge and therefore for the content of the text.. “Then I embarked on a 5 year R&D journey with my team at the end of which we launched our platform. It is now a powerful monitoring tool that relies on artificial intelligence and especially machine learning. From the beginning, we used AI to automate. But with AI our goal was to create a hyper-customizable system. This approach has proven to be accurate because, from the very beginning of marketing, our customers had very specific requests. A

Towards more employee empowerment

When the company was formed, the monitoring method developed by Mickaël Réault was contrary to traditional practice. For the entrepreneur, monitoring in an organization is absolutely everyone’s concern. Since then, this model has fortunately spread widely. This is the philosophy he and his team share with 2,000 students in business and engineering schools, whose company raises free awareness every year.. “We must not preserve observations for regulatory or technical, expert visitors. A common mistake in this view of the last century can have serious consequences. A

From the design of the tool, the start-up has specifically worked on ergonomics and ease of platform management. The very intuitive platform allows employees to take ownership of it on a daily basis and work independently for the power of AI. People are never far away: There is super-responsive customer service to support users. “Ten years ago, our interlocutors still had a hard time understanding our approach. We spent a lot of time preaching the gospel. But, today, we mainly have incoming calls. Won’t you answer? Companies of all sizes, associations, local authorities rush to find a compass in the face of information, often with very mature demand expressions. A

Divided between the risk of lack of information and the real risk equivalent to additional information, more and more managers are calling Sindhup. Start-ups offer prices that are tailored to each organization’s needs, and all sources include a support service. ” Companies that are already customers are our best ambassadors “, Mickaël can recognize Réault “Not only are they getting a head start on information, they are seeing a net gain in productivity through empowering the project team. Running clocks in the traditional way is extremely costly and quite inefficient in terms of human resources. The leaders who elected Sindup share the same conviction: whatever the subject of observation, there is a need to enhance the efficiency of the team. A

Predict future changes

Agro-food manufacturers, insurance giants, relocated or international logistics players, more than 300 – or 125,000 users – use Sindup for their monitoring, with a record satisfaction rate of 99.9%. ; Explained very simply by the founder and president of the company: ” We were able to find the right balance between automation, training and support. A

When asked about his project, Mickaël Réault indicated that he is very interested in CSR, Sustainable Development Objectives (SDGs), Sustainable Finance (ESG criteria). ” With the climate crisis, we are witnessing a paradigm shift with more complexity and data for companies. A In an uncertain world, where economic and organizational models are called for radical change, an observation tool is essential to support ongoing change. Sindup’s boss confirms: ” Any organization will gradually streamline and automate its monitoring. Similarly today, working without a CRM or digital workplace for a company is set to become the rarest, automated “push” monitoring and collaborative management approach. A

The entrepreneur, who is also highly committed to economic and environmental change, is convinced: ” It was not necessary to report quickly and well. Whether in business or to build the world of the future, the right decision must be made without delay. However, we must avoid haste and, above all, move forward without orthodoxy and in a repetitive manner. A

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