The increase in the number of LoRaWAN installations in Europe reflects global growth

In France alone, more than 3.5 million resources are already connected using Semtech’s LoRa® devices and the LoRaWAN® standard, and 1.5 million additional devices are being installed, thanks to the support of many national networks. This rapid increase in power indicates that LoRaWAN has become the first LPWAN technology in France.

According to the LoRa Alliance®, the global association of organizations supporting the LoRaWAN Open Standard for the Internet of Things (IoT), the number of public LoRaWAN networks available worldwide has increased by 66% in the last three years. Also, due to its flexibility, LoRaWAN offers a multi-mode solution for the end device, so experts expect its leadership to grow even more.

This conference is a testament to the popularity of the LoRaWAN standard in Europe Lorawan World Expo – A global showcase of technology and its de facto application – will be held in Paris on July 6 and 7, 2022, and will include a presentation by Alastair Fulton, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Semetech’s Wireless Products and Sensing Group, among more than 50 dignitaries.

Unlimited. LoRaWAN has even reached space

Earlier this year, Semtech announced a joint venture with UK-based Lacuna Space to ensure the availability of affordable coverage for LoRaWAN connections across Europe through satellite technology, which now allows many countries to access LoRaWAN and embrace it for a wider range. Gives. Of applications

Back in the world, several German energy and water suppliers, Internet of Things (IoT) expert Kerlink, and LoRaWAN systems integrator ZENNER IoT Solutions GmbH, recently collaborated on the largest LoRaWAN installation in Germany.

Towards the end of 2021, Semtech teamed up with Semtech’s LoRa device and the Spanish supplier metering system of utilities to use the LoRaWAN standard, to create a new smart gas metering sensor capable of detecting methane gas, capable of sending a notification. On a mobile device and, if necessary, turn off the gas supply immediately.

And back in France, Orange France was recently re-employed at LoRaWAN with its IoT Connect Anywhere service, which provides end-to-end global connectivity between smart objects and a secure data management platform across thousands of French cities.

The current success of LoRa and LoRaWAN across Europe, even technically “above” Europe, reflects the growing acceptance and recognition of multiple benefits of this technology. Due to its ability to use unlicensed bands to provide global roaming, LoRaWAN is a leading LPWAN technology that continues to grow with the widespread deployment. According to Olivier Harsent, president and executive chairman of Activity, a Paris-based LPWAN solution provider: “With LoRaWAN, entire cities or countries can be covered with a few base stations without the need for initial installation or maintenance of nodes. With traditional fake networks. A

Recognized international standards

The widespread adoption of LoRaWAN is supported by a number of key factors, including the recognition of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T) as an open international standard in 2021, which is an additional catalyst for the index increase in network coverage worldwide.

This growth now allows utilities and cities to become more connected and “smart” to improve service and sustainability through the collection, analysis and processing of Insight from Big Data. Also, the low cost of ownership of LoRaWAN, low power consumption and high level of security allow companies to reduce their carbon footprint in various ways, which is especially relevant for enterprises and organizations. Government agencies around the world.

There are currently 166 LoRaWAN network operators worldwide (according to the LoRa Alliance®), ensuring easy access through a number of highly flexible network models. These various public, private, hybrid and community network options ensure long-term viability that meets the needs of a rapidly growing and highly diversified market. This has led to a significant increase in large-scale deployments, which are jointly driving the global digital transformation of IoT, Industry 4.0 and soon Industry 5.0, where the environmental benefits associated with faster return on investment are providing visible environmental benefits.

Almost guaranteed growth

The continued success of any technology must be supported and fueled by a large and diverse ecosystem. The widespread adoption of LoRa and LoRaWAN led to the parallel development of the corresponding knowledge base. This large-scale installation and implementation not only promotes innovation and diversity, but also ensures the development of new and innovative products and services by multiple vendors. This means that economies of choice, comparison and scale are not only readily available, but also accessible to all, which suggests that LoRaWAN will long remain the undisputed market leader in the world of LPWAN options.

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