This artificial intelligence software can convert words into pictures and the result is incredible!

The DALL-E software is capable of creating images based on text descriptions and will be made available to all.

We have seen for some time Social media Text that describes perfectly Illustrative pictures. It is now possible to create images from descriptive text using DALL-EArtificial intelligence (I am a). For the time being, the use of this software is still not accessible to everyone.

An AI model can convert text to illustration images

Online imagery can be a result Image conversion from text. Able to convert descriptions under a new AI model Text format, In the picture. The same is true of software DALL-E 2: An OpenAI productThat’s a startup Microsoft This type of support comes from AI model software Google Images. Engineers have designed from these models Collection of words and images Photos published on the Internet Flickr.

Find out how it works and Example of an image created by DALL · E 2 In the video below:

DALL-E 2 is ” A new AI system that can create realistic images and art from natural language descriptions

It is enough to insert the word, the image is a text description which one wants. DALL-E takes care of the rest Text image conversionThanks to AI models.

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DALL-E is not yet accessible to everyone

Google And OpenAI has yet to bring this technology into mainstream use. For now, OpenAI is a select community of employees, including friends and family First user. First use invites people who will share photos and create active participation.

Google Image vs. Slab 2

Like service Gmail from Google In 2004, a waiting list was created for those who want to use the software. To be on the waiting list the user must specify whether they are a developer, professional artist, university researcher, journalist or online creator. Note that software publishers fear the flow of requests. Thus, when there are many usage requests, a dialog box appears with the message “Excessive traffic, please try again”. However, handling web requests is expensive to handle.

We’re working hard to speed up access, but it will take some time to reach everyone; As of June 15, we have invited 10,217 people to use DALL-E A

Joan Zhang of OpenAI on the company’s website.

DALL-E software is constantly improving

There is DALL-ESimple interfaceA Text areaA Button to start the process And one The area where the picture is displayed. Watermarks in the lower right corner of the images indicate DALL-E 2 and its source. Image. While browsing the web, there may be potential damage to this image creation model. So, to mitigate the risk, employeesOpenAi Violent content has been removed from the training data and filters have been applied. In addition, politics has policies against nudity, violence, conspiracy and content.

DALL.E 2, latest version

There is an ongoing process to improve the security of these systems. A

Prafulla Dhariwal, OpenAI researcher.

AI models are still incomplete and can produce results that do not accurately represent the world. The developers have worked on the DALL-E Mini and explained a wide range of problems for AI. The Photo model An academic paper has similar errors according to Google.

How to test DALL.E 2?

For more information, visit the official website:

To test and test DALL.E 2, fill out this form and be on the waiting list to be part of the beta testers:

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