This tribe is the victim of tragedy, the child was hit by a car!

Big family A show that continues to talk throughout the season. The latter has recently faced a tragedy for one of the family members present on the show. Their children are actually the victims of the accident!

Big Family, a popular and recognized program!

It’s a program that allows people to talk about it through its powerful success for Internet users and viewers.

In fact, the latter is known to present a variety of aspects that Internet users are unaware of. This aspect is none other than the aspect of daily life of a large family.

It allows you to immerse yourself in this universe which is very unknown to many people. This allows us to get an idea of ​​what this might represent in everyday life. Big family A program that lets you project yourself into other people’s lives by emphasizing different aspects.

But some families have more attractive popularity with some people. And sometimes, moments of joy, but unhappy moments are shared. For this family, which faced a terrible tragedy for her son. He was the victim of an accident!

Look back at the drama that shook the whole family and that shocked Internet users and fans in particular!

Many family members were shocked at the ceremony!

This is something that some families never want to experience. In fact, a child from a family participating in the program Big family He was the victim of a terrible accident.

And we’re going to end the suspense that has been going on for years, but the victim was a boy from the Corduel family.

In fact, the latter was hit by a car, which greatly shocked the family and Internet users.

You should know that this is a family that has been participating in the show for some time Big family. It was on February 22, 2021, that visitors first saw Justin and Steve’s family.

A family of Justin and Steve and their six children: Timeo, Tom, Chloe, Twain, Lilas-Rose and Lubin. And despite his disability towards Tom, he has significantly posted a picture of a very happy family. The latter has autism, which does not ruin the daily happiness of this large family.

The father of this family is taking part in it Big family Specifically mentioned are: How hard that day was when we got the letter that Tom Cordell was disabled

But this family especially wanted to exclude from the television program where it was developed. In fact, after finishing the third season of the show, he announced to his fans that he would no longer be appearing on the show. Thus ending this adventure, which greatly deepened his fans.

But recently, there was another news that fans of this beloved family were greatly saddened. In fact, their son Tom was hit by a car on June 14, 2022!

Terrible accident!

Such an event that the fans of the Cordul family were afraid! Indeed, next, from his appearance on the show Big family, Be active on social media. The bad news is that it highlights various aspects of their daily lives.

And as of June 14, 2022, subscribers have not seen any messages on these family-related social networks. Fearing the worst, they were unfortunately right.

Really, bad news came in the evening. Their son Tom was hit by a car On the way to school. Fortunately, eyewitnesses to the accident quickly called emergency services, allowing them to work fairly quickly. They also call the mother who was able to come to the scene of the accident and the driver is also behind.

He clarified the following: It’s just an accident that can happen to anyone. He was on the crosswalk

Little Tom has a big bump in his head and nothing serious. And they are not mad at the driver, because it is a common accident that can happen to anyone.

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