Threats to school: Parents are concerned about their children

Since the end of May, there have been significant cases listed in Toronto, Brampton, Exeter, Kenora and Petroleum, according to various police forces.

In all cases, the police had to arrest the minors. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

We keep our fingers crossed, nothing has happened, no disaster has happened yetLoose president of parental partners in education (EPP), Paul Barrel.

However, he is concerned about the spread of threats against schools and their impact on students.

debrief à faire à la maison, les parents doivent rassurer leurs enfants, doivent leur expliquer ce qui s’est passé”,”text”:”Je suis convaincu qu’il y a du debrief à faire à la maison, les parents doivent rassurer leurs enfants, doivent leur expliquer ce qui s’est passé”}}”>I’m sure there is Overview To do this at home, parents must reassure their children, explain to them what happenedShe laments.

Barrell thinks such threats are a cry for help for some young people struggling with mental health problems after two years in prison and homeschooling due to the epidemic.

Is this the beginning, the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to our children’s mental health problems? A

A quote from Paul Barrell, President of Parent Partners in Education

Its president EPP He also hinted that he would ask the provincial government to invest more in schools to provide better support to students.

Diane Packom, an emeritus professor at the University of Ottawa, also believes the epidemic has been a determining factor.

That said, he is rather of the opinion that these threats represent the frustration of some students who are unable to attend school, a place of adaptation and socialization.

It’s like a mental discharge, a discharge that captures the frustration they’ve had over the past two and a half years.He explains.

The effect of imitation after killing Uvalade?

Criminologist and sociologist Maria Murani is also wondering if this is the effect of imitation after the May 24 shooting in Uvalade, USA.

If so, such threats would not be a new long-term trend, he believes.

The effect of imitation is never uninterrupted, i.e. it is like a pinnacle, then it goes silent. A

A quote from Maria Murani, criminologist and sociologist

The criminologist explains, however, that it is difficult to predict the duration of the imitation wave, as other factors, including the author’s mental state of threat or his media use, are effective.

He added that there is still not enough data to determine whether it is, on the contrary, the beginning of a New events on growth or which will continue over time.

Police response

A spokesman for the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) indicated it was unable to disclose the number of calls received about threats against the school.

Through email, he explained that it is difficult to identify the different types of threats that could affect schools.

“Threats” can mean a threat to a student who has been investigated but ultimately not considered a threat to public safety, his spokesman explained. Another threat could lead to a school lockdown for out-of-school events.

The spokesman added that the police force could not be proactive about the reasons which could explain the increase or decrease in the number of cases of one type of incident.

For its part, the Toronto Police Service also did not provide statistics on the number of calls received, but added that there were several. Both in written form and by telephone.

A Toronto Police spokesman said the department declined to comment Why is the threat But said he accepted such incidents Very seriously.

Peel Regional Police has been able to release some statistics on the number of threat cases in recent years.

His spokesman said the police department had compiled a list of calls involving high school addresses. He added that the service Unable to specifically track threats directed at a school. Thus, the following statistics therefore include all threats that are related by one person to another or to a school.

Call for threats made by the school year

  • 2018-2019: 61
  • 2019-2020: 34
  • 2020-2021: 0
  • 2021-2022: 23

Source: Peel Regional Police

Peel Regional Police added that they are taking such calls Very seriously And that public safety is guaranteed His priority.

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