Top 10 free educational sites for kids

To complete teaching and learning concepts in the classroom, parents must offer fun and educational activities to their children. These are especially effective in boosting the intelligence and skills of school children.

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In this sense, today you will find many platforms that provide you with rich and diverse educational resources. Here we give you Top 10 best free education sites.

10 – Lumini

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This free educational site belongs to the public audiovisual sector (Art, France TV, INA, Radio France, etc.). Reserved for children to learn, it is a Resources for teaching more than 12,000 games, revision aids and educational videos. Everything has been adapted to school level and age for better monitoring. Similarly, On the Lumni platform, kids can be busy solving puzzles and learning clever techniques. So instead of spending all the time in front of the TV, they can further strengthen their academic skills through games, videos, stories and activities. This site is an excellent solution with the knowledge gained in class.

9 – Gulli

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The Gulli site remains a major resource for children to become true champions. It represents an extension of the Gulli TV channel And offers content aimed at the youngest. On its platform, you will discover, among other things Fun activities and tutorials for practical work. Children will be able to connect with colors, follow shows or cartoons, learn cooking recipes, correct lessons. In short, this completely free educational site has a bit of everything and allows you To nurture the curiosity of children. They may even run tests and quizzes to develop their memory and retention capacity.

8 – Halokids

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The main assets of this educational site are its activities and entertainment for young children. It contains special More than 1000 coloring pages (Must be colored or printed online) Students will also learn about Halokids Drawing letters, even with very simple tutorials, they can perform all kinds of manual activities (origami, making doll clothes, salt flour, etc.). And to increase their intelligence, The platform offers videos for learning English, DIY or performing magic tricks. Completely complemented by stories, poems, stories and journalistic articles.

7 – Basic

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Dedicated to elementary school students, this educational site will be suitable for parents who are looking for a solution to complement their children’s school lessons. Effective, ” Basic Forms a rich platform, including a very diverse field of action. Among other things, it offers Lessons and games in mathematics, French, science, moral and civic education, music, foreign languages, etc. You will also discover animated films and images. These help kids to revise their lessons more easily and gain new ideas. Also, parents will be able to observe their children through learning An accompanying sheet available on the platform.

6 – YouTitou

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This free educational site has over 900 educational videos dedicated to teaching schoolchildren. They are accessible to children from 2 to 8 years old. This platform also exists An application that you can download to a tablet or smartphone. This makes it easier to use and makes the exercises more attractive. On the site you will find cartoons for every age. These are the most effective To improve children’s thinking ability and skills.And for a progressive and effective learning, the platform offers a diverse program, starting with learning the alphabet, the days of the week and the names of animals.

5 – Alloprof

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This is a site Quebec Homework Help Agency Alloprof. She specializes in elementary education and school education. It was published especially during captivity and allowed parents to ensure the training of their children. With Alloprof, they will be able to access educational content related to the main subjects of the school. . And to top it off, they’ll also find review sheets, video lessons, and practical exercises. Similarly, to reward their efforts, The platform also offers interactive educational games. They can even modify multiplication tables or additions and learn new words.

4 – Themouse-web

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This site represents a portal to many other educational sites. From ” Web-mouse ”, You will be able to access Educational platforms and resources for your children. These are typically targeted at preschool and kindergarten, primary and secondary school children. Thanks to them, School children will be able to exercise online, perform educational games and follow educational activities. Children will also be able to listen to stories and benefit from the help of homework. This allows them to significantly improve their level in math, science or English from home.

3 – Educational software

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The motto of this free educational site is “Games in the service of education”. It simply means that he attaches great importance to it Fun activities to educate children well. Indeed, the platform offers ways Improving student learning in school. This is done through Free online educational games.Similarly, from kindergarten to college, children can access math (counting, numbers, geometry, measurement, etc.) and French (grammar, reading, spelling, vocabulary, etc.) games. In short, Educational software goes from a very active site, Useful for improving children’s level in subjects.

2 – My manual

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This educational site appeared during captivity and it quickly overcame the parents. In fact, before the coronavirus epidemic broke out, it was still called My e-learning space , And it provides access to all textbooks. But it stopped because the children could no longer go to school. However, it did give way to other educational sites, My manual It provides students and parents Some dematerialized textbooks With reference ” Free student access “Thus, from their home, Schoolchildren can exercise and learn new lessons.

1 – Eighteen pieces

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Find fun and educational activities for your kids,Bout de Gomme websiteRepresents an excellent solution. Managed by a CP concubine and a CM2 master,This site contains a variety of lessons, exercises and educational sheets.So, as soon as your school kids come home, if you don’t want to make fun of them unnecessarily, you can suggest that they connect to the Bout de Gomme site.They will find games that will allow them to work together and learn new knowledge.For example, they might try their hand at crosswords, word searches, card games, and so on.

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